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This photo I would name "happiness"
You exude Joy!

Sue Tunney

Nina, that is such a beautiful image!!!

I envy you your temporary solitude...wanna swap lives for a while?!!!

Sue x


You are so beautiful! This photo is alive!

My email has been "error"ed for days. It is amazing how dependent upon it I've become...anyway, I wanted to say thanks for the DVD recommendation. It is coming to a mailbox near me any minute!! (excitment) As soon as I can I'm going to post a Prague post on my blog. Hopefully my NEW blog will be ready today (excitment).

In the meantime, I'll be dancing madly!
Alex {x0}


As soon as the image finished uploading I just started to smile, it's such a merry picture, so full of life.


Great shot! I happen to love the hibernation of February. Slightly maddening, but in a fun way. Guilt free!


oh, this says utter and absolute joy! love the horizontal stripes you're wearing against the vertically striped wall...and then the diagonal shadow...wonderful!!!


Nina, I absolutely love this photo of you! At least you're smiling during your February hibernation, I think I do more growling than smiling this time of year:)


Nice pic Nina!!!! I miss you!!!


why would you want to leave if you didnt have to, if you are surrounded with your loves?? nature, art and the love of a furry friend(hehehe)..sounds like heaven...


Those tights are the BOMB. I LOVE IT.


i just adore this photo of you so much. i love how it makes me feel. i love that you are laughing...and I long to hear that laughter, but seeing it is so wonderful. xo


I love this!!!
The energy is amazing!

tracie Lyn Huskamp

my dearest nina...

seeing this photo... i can imagine you gracefully rising from the chair and standing en pointe....performing a pirouette in the radiant sunlight


Sharon at Norah'S

"winter madness" is amazing. I adore the pointed toe that is in the limelight.


This is a wonderful portrait -- I could almost hear the laughter. If this is how you feel while hibernating -- then keep on doing it girl!


I love this photo. it makes me happy!


this is so lovely. so infused with positive energy. love your tights, too. who says black and white is boring?


Fantastic pic.

Carla Sonheim

Great photo, Nina!


vibrant and youthful. i felt your "madness" last night. not due to winter hibernation, rather an overindulgence in all things chocolate and way too many coffees... that amazing feeling of slight craziness, enough to make you sing a silly ditty at the top of your voice and dance a crazy dance, knowing that it may all end in tears, as your father always warned! be thankful though my friend that it is only mr aspen who witnesses such hilarity and not two dogs, a cat and a very hungry husband who waits and watches as his dinner makes no further progress towards the table!!! xo gorgeous


*THAT* is one amazing photo Nina!!
It just radiates and glows from the screen.
Some times we have to "nest" and just turn's ok...Spring will be here soon..


wonderful....their coming to take you away...ha..ha..ha..hee...hheee...ho...ho...ho...i have been wanting to do this spc...seeing this photo of you actually makes me want to join in this fun! i laughed thinking what aspen was thinking...probably watching you with a big smile. i just love this picture! xo...annie


Love love love this self portrait!

anna maria

I'm adding my voice to the clamor of "Love that Photo!"


i love this picture. it radiates how you can laugh at yourself.


That photo...well words fail me. It yells "life is awesome" and "Joy". I can't stop smiling.

Ursula Clamer

FABULOUS photo. It captures so much. It looks like one of those Hollywood Starlet photos... only so much better. All your SP portraits have been really great, I hope you are pleased with yourself. Ux


Beautiful, alive photo...just gorgeous!


This is an AMAZING photo! Love it!


I love this photo too and don't see madness at all! Maybe you feel mad with this wintery weather but this actually looks like it borders on the side of joyous rather than crazy.


Thank you for your sweet note. And I loved the quote by Mary Oliver. Thoughts along those lines have been on my mind a lot recently.


This is a wonderful self image and I can see the glee! You look like I did last night at at a Rod Stewart concert..come see!


Hi just wanted to let you know your self portrait is beautiful, I love your blog it is truelly inspirational and when I secretly have lurked in the past it has made me feel like I've entered inti something truelly creative. You are poetic! Beth


FaBulOUs self portrait nina! it looks like it belongs on a record album cover....
i just broke my 10 day record of not leaving the house yesterday - had to drive into town for groceries :-)


This is a fabuolous photo.


It is a great great shot.

You captured a great moment and it makes me smile.

I wish I could take a self photo this great.



Nina - this is crazy BEAUTIFUL! I love it and it made me smile really big :)


The contrast, light/dark, the line down your neck, the pointed toe, the tights, the tilt of your head, the contrast of laugh and clenched fists ~ all contributions to such an amazing portrait. A study of your life as it is at this moment ~ noticing you are reclusive and a wee bit crazy at this time, and accepting it with grace and good humor.


Gorgeous, gorgeous photo.


What a great picture. It's priceless!
kathy mc


Oh, wow, so beautiful. My little guy & I worked out our winter madness today by blasting Paul Simon and shaking look like you're having just as much fun!

tongue in cheek

The light on your foot the light on your face the light shining from your heart
You are a gift of light!
Beautiful photo!!


Nina, this is just a fabulous photo of you! I can feel your joy just looking at are such a special person...

Jeremy Stockwell

It's all already been said -- "this photo is alive" - "makes me happy" - etc. Incredible light really makes this a wonderful shot -- that, plus your expression and posture of absolute abandon. Awesome work!!


spectacular photo
and wonderful to see you so joyful.


Wow. The joy in this is like the sunlight you've captured. This reminds me of Lesley Caron.

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