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susan greene

"art is that which, despite all gives hope"
Frederick Franck
I love your blog and the hope it inspires.
I am so impressed by your re-decorated studio and I look at mine every day and wonder is today the day.

Erin Perry

What a lovely Thanksgiving blessing Nina. Your words are so often a loving thankfulness for the life that surrounds us, the peace of a twlight sky and the miracle of one small leaf lit by an autumn sun. Thank you for your sharing, your caring and the beauty you give to all of us.
Erin in Morro Bay

Adrienne Berry

I send Thanksgiving blessings back to you. May you and yours have a wonderful holiday together!

Denise S.

Greetings sweet Nina.
Hope your holidays are spent enjoying your loved ones. Looks like a full house here this year.

Pure joy ;)


Ah yes, gratitude. It's the only way I know how to pray. I never ask for more, I only give thanks. Took me years to learn this, and I teach it to my kids everyday. I have so many things to be thankful for, including finding you and having the honor to read your beautiful words each week. Thank you, Nina!!

Erin Gergen Halls

I am reminded of the words from that song,"'s only life, afterall", and how in truth there IS only life, afterall, and we are all blessed to be living it! My home is small, and tomorrow it will be filled to capacity and I intend to let all my senses revel and rejoice in the chaos! I want to be caught up in the moment! Then on friday I can reflect in the calm of the aftermath, my heart bigger from the experience. All the things that made my house crazy, and all the things that make my house calm, for these things I give Thanks. I am sure you, too, will revel in the commotion of your boys' return, and reflect in the peace later, and for all of it give Thanks.That common thread is what connects us all, much like your words are connective threads for so many. This is Life, afterall! Happy Thanksgiving, and Bright Blessings,Nina!


words cannot express how thankful i am that our paths have crossed....your wonderful creations, your blog entries and simply you being you make me smile day after day...

sepia art studio

I am ever so greatfull, that i can read about your writings and admire your creations almost every day!
There is so many days when i wander in a woods ro by the sea, and think of you my friend. I wish i could show you "my" bird-forest and the island i sometimes go and just sit and admire the farther islands and the sound of the softest waves.
To you Nina, i clap my hands for the glorious person who you are and enchantment, which you have brought in my life.
Thank you Nina!! Have a beautiful thanksgiving...



Thanks, Nina. Everything you write and the pictures you post go straight to my heart. You do make me think about and see beauty in surprising places. I have much to be thankful for, including having come to know you.

dede warren

and I my dear am thankful for your writing, and teaching, and sharing. I am thankful that you give to those of us checking in to see what new little treasure you will share with us...e it a rock, or a butterfly that lands on your hand, or perhaps some of your wonderful art.

happy turkey day, you turkey!!


we are so blessed to have these eyes, and we are so blessed to have you share yours with all of us.
i am most thankful for you, yours, and all the others who make this world a kinder, more beautiful place.

x0x00x0x0x0xx0x0x0x0x nk


how blessed i am to have you in my life....xo

Joanie Hoffman

Hi Nina,
Happy Thanksgiving to you.
I am writing to tell you how especially thankful my family is today: my nephew's little twins, who were at one point given little hope of life-only the doctors really believed this-were born last night. They are tiny but healthy!
My best to you,
Joanie Hoffman
North Beach, MD.


I am thankful to have had the opportunity to see your work and read your thoughts...interesting world..this blogworld. It has opened many doors to "meet" so many that I would otherwise have never known about.
Happy Thanksgiving, Nina.


I am thankful you are still here, sharing with all of us, bits and pieces of your life, and your photos! Oh how i love all the photos.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family



thy name is GRACE.
Have a warm and fulfilling Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving, darlin'.

Give my best to those strapping lads of yours and know you are missed much.

We must get ourselves to the mountains this coming year.

Hugs and stuff.


how lovely. Happy Thanksgiving, Nina. I love your photos from yesterday's post. Lovely jewelry and I love the view through your window. Great idea!

Leslie M

And we are so thankful that you are here. What a perfect message for this time of year.

Thanks for inspiring.


And thank you, dear Nina, for all that you have shared of yourself, your magical creations and your beautiful mountain home.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of warmth and light and love and laughter.
-Karen {{{{xoxo}}}}}


thank you for being here...

wishing you a happy thanksgiving from a distance!!

Frankie Kins

Nina, you are the dearest person that I never met. Happy, happy, happy thanksgiving.


ro bruhn

Thank you for sharing your life with us Nina.
Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving Nina and thanks for being you! :)



Everyone has already said it to you so poetically, but I just want to add my thanks to you for sharing your life and helping me to see things in another, more fundamental way. I feel truly enriched by your writing and photos and hope to one day meet you at one of your classes and tell you that in person.

Happy Thanksgiving. God Bless.


Thank you for all the loveliness you share here, Nina. Blessings to you and your family on Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving to you ! And thank you for sharing and caring !


Nina, I wish you a warm, fulfilling Thanksgiving. Don't know whether you will have your boys with you or if you are going to your folks but I know you will be thinking wonderful thoughts throughout the holiday season and that you will be enlightening us with them soon.
This is my 'happy place' and I never miss your words and photos.
I simply adore coming here......
It truly calms me down....I look at everything in a different way nowadays. I know where every chipmunk entrance/exit is in my yard. I fattened them up all summer and now they are having their winters rest with full tummies! It pleases me to know that...........

Laurie G. (morningk)

Envisioning you smiling and gathered in a circle of women around a glowing bonfire at the beach. Gratitude and thanks for sharing yourself with us. Happy Thanksgiving. --Laurie G.

Deb G

Just wanted to add my thanks too, for all that you share!

All the best...


Nina matter what, there is always reason to give thanks. When I think of how rich I am with family and friends, and how the beauty that surrounds me every day keeps unfolding itself, I realize just how blessed I truly am. At our age, if one can say they are content and at peace, it is saying much. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, dearie.

Tina (in Seattle)

I'm sending you wishes for peace a joy this Thanksgiving. I hope you have a most fabulous day. I'm grateful you're here in cyberspace and even more grateful that I'll get to see you in the spring.


Happy Thanksgiving, Nina. Thank you for your blog; it is a refuge. Yes, you've prompted me to notice how the shadows are long, how some trees have held onto the last of their leaves, how quickly and quietly the darkness falls each day over the Northwest this time of year.

Life is good. So much to be thankful for.

alex s

No dear. Thank YOU!! For reminding us that life is a beautiful journey...a world of wonders, a gift to behold.

And thank you for giving us a twig to light upon, and for inviting us inside the sugar egg.



Often, there comes the dawn...then the teeny rays of light on the magnolia leaves... a cardinal flees across the wooden fence...the fluffed up tail of a squirrel quivers.. warmth radiates from the heater...the teapot favored tea...the honey...the delicate computer Indian lap blanket...tap 1st on Ornamental...and... there You are...Blessings...all blessed am I!!
Very, very blessed. Thank you Nina for being a part of my life. xoxoxo Sassi
"Thank God for life", my mom used to say. Yeah!


happy thanksgiving darling! i am so thankful for you and all that we have shared. xo


Thank you for being you and sharing your world! How amazing it must be to inspire so many people Nina.

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving, whatever you do.

Sue xxx


And thanks to you, as well, Nina, for the joy and inspiration you bring.


Thank you dear sweet Nina for sharing your thoughts and work with us. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.


I learned long ago I am thankful for each day but it's always hard to practice when the hustle and bustle gets in the way. Your posts help me stop and look if not in my world then in yours.
Thank and everyday for your beautiful words and pictures.
Rhode Island


Thak you too, i love comming on your blog, with your poesy and beautyful photos even it is difficult to me to read en english, so merci pour le bonheur que je re├žois!

Judy Merrill-Smith

Thank you, Nina, for sharing a piece of yourself with us. Blessings to you on this Thanksgiving day!


Happy Thanksgiving, Nina...your words always brighten my day and make me think, really think, about all that is going on around me...I still don't have your gift of seeing the world and expressing what I see the way you do, but I take joy in your words and the pictures they create...barbara


thanks for staying...happy thanksgiving my friend...rebecca

Robin Walker

Reading your words always makes me feel peaceful. Thank you.


And I thank you for all the wonderful visits I have to your blog. I always love coming here. Yours is a wonderful are an artist in all you do and give.

Sandy Clowes

Thank you, Nina, for such an inspiring blog. Love the new look to your studio.


I haven't looked at your blog in a few weeks but got there yesterday. Wow the images were singing to me and your jewelry was just beautiful-as usual. Every image you captured by camera was stunning. You have such an eye. It inspired me to think of the beauty found in the simple (and made me ponder how I am ever going to be one of those people that manages to get to your web site within the first five minutes that you place your art pieces for sale.)
Thanks for showing the beauty in the simple


Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! Your posts always inspire me. You write so well and your artwork is gorgeous!


Thank you Nina for brightening my days with your wonderful blog. You are unique and a beatiful person, inside and out.

Cheryl Simpson

Thank you Nina for being one of my many blesssings.
May the Lord give you...
For every storm, a rainbow,
For every tear, a smile,
For every care, a promise,
And a blessing in each trial.
For every problem life sends,
A faithful friend to share,
For every sigh, a sweet song,
And an answer for each prayer.

Linda Harre

Congrats on the wonderful article in the new Somerset Studio Blogging Magazine! I really enjoyed it even though I already visit most of those artists:D It is so great to see artists getting the credit and recognition they deserve for their talent and hard work!!!! I ALWAYS enjoy visiting:D hugs, Linda


Hey Nina

I dropped by to see if there were any photos of you and the boys and thanksgiving. It's funny how I keep a track of whats going on in your life. Hahaha, mine is so random and disorganised and busy. I love that I come here and for a moment, its still and calm and you are here. Kind of like popping in for a cuppa and chat. Thanks for keeping the door open. It's just plain inspirational.

Karen Cole

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, Nina.

anna maria

Your beautiful writing reminded me of Thich Nhat Hanh, who in in his book "Touching Peace" quotes these words of the Zen Master Lin Chi: "The Miracle is to walk on Earth".
I believe it is also TNH who somewhere reminds us to be grateful for the blood that runs warm in our veins.
It's too easy to forget what a miracle and a wondrous thing life is.

annie lockhart

no...thank you dear one! i cherish you. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Mama Jo

My daughter, Erin Halls, first showed me your site. Oh, how I love reading your words. The entire site is a work of art - the words, the photography, the art you make. I love it all. I can really relate to much of what you say. My kids are all grown, some with kids of their own. Our country home is so peaceful and beautiful. There are many days in the summer (when I am fortunate enough not to have to work) that I do nothing but sit on my deck, reading and watching the nature around me. It's truly paradise. Aren't we lucky? I look forward to your next entry, and your next, and your next and.....


And Thank you again and again for you beautiful bring peace to my heart



You have a beautiful blog, and lovely works of art you display. Thank you for this post, most timely for me to read. I have been a blogger for two years, having recently moved over to a new space and started over, many times in the past the frustrations and moods have also caused me to want to throw up my hands. Whether it is the self critic for my writing, or my artwork, or just a mood. So this post is written so beautifully from the heart, as it appears all of your posts are. Thank you for hanging in there, so that I may have had the wonderful opportunity to have clicked through and "met" you.

I wish you a belated Happy Thanksgiving, and a very Merry Christmas.

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