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Cheryl Simpson time passes...has it been that long since I first walked into A Little Bizaar and ask who Nina (Nee-na) Bagley is. I was quickly told that is not how you say her name...tee hee! It's Ni(long i)na Bagley. Of course I went home and googled your name. Lo and behold all the beautiful things that you created espcially this book touched my heart so. Thank you, Nina for all that you have shared with us. I have learn so very much from you. Your creations are a mirror into your heart and soul. I love how it those feelings that travel down to your fingers and expresses itself in all that you do. Thank you, my are truly one of my blessings.


How lovely that you should repost your WaterBabies book for it was this treasure that introduced me to Nina Bagley upon its publication in Somerset. And how my heart thumped when I actually got to fondle this jewel of wonders, in all its worn glory, in my own hands - in your class that my sister Lorri and I attended at Asilomar. Thank you for showing this to us once again. I never tire of viewing it.


sigh...i am one of the few that has yet to read your "pocketbook of dreams" article. but I am very much looking forward to making the trip to b & n this weekend, just to see it in print and to read your words.
your work inspires me to no end, your words encourage me, your photos grab hold of me so tightly, and your heart teaches me every single day about life. thank you. i heart you. ;-) xo


Further evidence, what a pioneer you were, and are! This skillful way you have of blending art, life, energy and memories in your creations... so they are not only visually beautiful, but rich with your humanity. From the very first, your spirit and your work have so inspired me, and now to have this pleasure of your frequenting your blog...easing those long, long waits for wonderful published articles!

Your lovely necklace "and so we wait" (which apparently came and went so quickly, the other morning) is a perfect example. Art, life, poetic prose, all so sweetly interwoven. You continue to amaze with your work and your words.


Okay, so THAT's cool - the NCCAT seminar thang. What's the "education" angle? Other than of course the coolness factor of having y'all teach'em. :)

Cindy In Carolina

It's so beautiful.


Gorgeous ! It makes me want to fill up the blank pages of the books I made ... I love making covers but I get lost once I have to fill the pages ..

Jen Crossley

TOTALLY AWESOME as always Nina


How lovely to make this trip again with you -- I have pictures of all of your books tucked here and there in my studio. Your work inspired me to become a book artist - beginning in 2002. Once in awhile, when looking for something I'll come upon pictures of your books and just sit and drink in your creativity and their beauty. Thanks for this trip down memory lane and just think how 'timeless' your art is!

anna maria

Oh my goodness, I love that book. The cover just grabs me tight. I hope I can stay on my toes, and that the stars are aligned, so I will find out in time to sign up for one of those classes next year! (Terribly constructed sentence, but who cares, i'm commenting from work, and have no time to deal with the finer points of syntax...I just have time to daydream!)

Nancy K

oh nina, that's the book i remember, i saw it glimmering in the light and was mesmerized.
i had to work hard focusing while you were talking because we, meaning me and the book , were on an amazing adventure.
i thought it was, and still is the most poetic work
of three dimensional art/book arts i have ever seen.
because you dear nina bear your truth and your life.
and that is how you continue to teach us with each work of art and each post, and we search you out daily.
my heart to yours, x00x00x0x0x0 nk


I fell in love with that book the moment I saw it because I AM a water baby and have my bedroom covered in all of my beach art, like torso's that resemble mermaids, my shell collection, etc. Everything I do is related to the beach..... and birds. I adore them both so that MUST be the sort of art that I am supposed to be doing because I know nothing about things like, let's say.... Shakespeare or the Circus and other subjects I am seeing a lot of out there. Also, you are the reason I now look for bits of this and that to add to my books and art. (You Nina!!) What an inspiration you have been to me and everyone else that comes here to just "hang". :o)


That original article in Somerset, was my first introduction to you, my friend! And it's a book that I've always wanted to see in person, to touch and turn the pages, I've been in love with it from the very beginning. There have been many times that I've wanted to give it a try on my own and construct one, but am just not sure I'd get it "right". Maybe one of these days I'll try it, and can only hope it would turn out to be a tiny bit as wonderful as this one.

Linda Manning Findley

Nina this "Water Babies" is awesome ... just LOVE it ... the others are great to but I am just blown away with "Water Babies" .... Linda F


you never cease to amaze me....


After reading this post and seeing it's photos, I'm a bit disappointed I didn't get into the Wee Book class at artfest. I've never made a book, and the supply list looked a bit foreign to me, but boy o boy, does it look like fun now! Instead, I have Misty's class that day, where I'm sure I will learn so much...Besides, missing you at Artfest will just give me a reason to catch up with you at some other spot on this globe :)I am looking forward to it.


Absolutely I remember it so very vividly! I was re-reading Water Babies at the time - - found an beautiful old one at a used book store and my daughter and I were reading it together - - when I saw yours in Somerset. It was my fond introduction to you and your work! Can't wait to get Artists' Cafe and take a peek - - no, not a "peek", a long, deep look, savoring every minute and re-visiting it often.


Ohhhhhh....I am SOOOO jealous!!! I was one of those educators a few years back, and I know exactly what wonderful things you have in store for them! Lucky, lucky folks, they are! And I still have the book we made, Nina, with my Grandmother's pictures and recipes, made from the cover of one of my mom's favorite childhood books, sitting on a shelf so I can see it every makes me smile. Enjoy your week frolicking by the sea!

ro bruhn

WOW Nina I love it. I hope you bring it to Australia again in May, I missed it on your last trip, it's divine


YOUR pocket book of dream is what got me started in mixed media. I was and still am blown away every time I see your books. Thanks for sharing all that you do, for it continues to lighten up my life. I miss you Nina!
Miami, FL


It's like a modern Book of Kells or Lindisfarne Gospel . . . in this case, the Gospel of Nina.


Nina your amazing book looks so mysterious and magical. Have you ever thought about writing a book for we poor deprived souls who live at the opposite end of the world and can't attend your workshops?You write so beautifully and create art with magic fingers, I would treasure such a book.


this is so gorgeous. I almost bought that somerset magazine yesterday when I ordered the winter 08 gallery. I wish I'd gotten it. This is ART. I love all your work, and this is a pinnacle.


Oh Nina, I remember the first time you taught this for me at the Creative Block and how thrilled I was to finally meet you and actually see your work in person. Thsi os a beautiful book and a lovely post, as always.

Jenny Rebecca

Hey Lynn Whipple is a local here in Orlando. Love, love, love her and her husband's artwork. And her mother-in-law's. It's really neat to go to see their studios at the McCrae studios open house each december.


Love all your books that you have designed Nina each and everyone is so special. Cant wait to do the Book of Trees in Dwellingup, Australia. Also the two books you are teaching in Melbourne, Australia. Anyone interested in doing these workshop there are still some places left. Check our website
to a special soul in my heart.

Denise Fontaine

wow stunning ! Denise


Oh my gosh! The imagination you have. This is soooo cool. I don't think I would ever have considered altering a book. Especially to this magnitude. (All those years of teaching: "we take care of our books, don't fold down the corners, etc.") Gorgeous!


The very first time I saw one of your books, I was was just in awe of it's beauty...they are just beautiful, like everything you touch with those hands....


Deeply felt piece of art as alway, Nina. I wonder how many out there arent' aware that the 12 1/2 hour journey to Okracoke is totally worth it?! Such a tiny island, with such a lot of beauty. I will hope for good weather for you, especially for the ferry ride (I didn't realize that I would be out of sight of land and it terrified me! Interesting experience.
Wish I could join you....



I just found your blog and I'm in loveeeee!!!! Your art is so beautiful! I went today to see if Artists Cafe was already on sale but not luck. I have now one more reason to look for it!


This book is absolutely beautiful. You have such talent. I only wish I could see this book up close and personal and hold it in my very own hands. It's fabulous! Very, very, very inspirational. Your blog is so enjoyable to read. I'm glad I stumbled across it. Have a wonderful day!!!! ~Kristen


I wish i was going to that NCCAT seminar. I don't know if you remember or not, but Megan and I went to Ocracoke not having a clue that we were supposed to be at Trinity Center. (Not that the information hadn't been given to us, but we just didn't read it carefully.) It was an adventure we will never forget. Every time something comes up about the Outer Banks, we just look at each other, chuckle, and say, "Yes, we've been there." That was an amazing week. I hope you can walk on the beach for hours, find one of a kind treasures, and experience the magic that comes in on the wind from the Atlantic.

nita  from red tin heart

Could you e-mail me information on when those classes will be? I would love to attend some. I love your altered book!! I love the metal heart. xoxo Nita


YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION! a GODDESS of creativity. you get my juices flowing, mama! thanks for sharing your process in the generous tao of the NINA.


You are so talented in your creativity; I don't think there is anything you couldn't do. I so enjoy looking at what flows from your mind, heart and hands!


i have taught a pocket book workshop for years...only mine is a small book that fits in your pocket for good this one has been to you...and how beautiful it is...i was in your beautiful state this saluda...thought of you while there...have a grand trip to ocracoke and safe travels...blessings, rebecca


BEAUTIFUL...just beautiful. This art leaves me breathless.

When I first read of an "alchemist", as a child, I was
aching to meet one and converse and watch the magic happen. And now I have, Nina. Your
work is extraordinary.



This has always been one of my favorite pieces you made.
It is a treasure, for sure.


I am so envious of those teachers and their upcoming time with you, it sounds fabulous! I have admired your work for a long time, and someday I hope to experience your 'gifts' first hand. As always, beautiful work just seems to pour out of you!

Eileen Terwilliger

Just stumbled onto your lovely blog. Your artwork captures me and inspired. Have just begun blogging myself and am enjoying this form of art expression much more that web site maintenance. Will return to your site regularly. Blessings ~

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