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misty's been awhile since i beat the crowd here to comment...ahh, it's nice. ;-)
that red is so wonderful, i love that you didn't notice the doors until yesterday...they fell perfectly into your day and art work.
the shadows must be so thrilled to have your company...i sure would be. is a perfect day for us to be working together painting, collecting, sipping tea, reading, ...isn't it?! xoxo swak


Ah--Misty said it so well! What can I add to that, except it is so brave of you to talk so openly about your life. I would have to be so terribly guarded were I to blog, which I just do not have time to do. Thank you for sharing.


you just never know the roads that life take us down and i wouldnt change the route i have taken eitther......xoxox

ro bruhn

Lovely post Nina and such a creative journal page, lucky person who owns that book.

Jen Crossley

Beautiful Page Nina, You have come such a long way a single mum,who has survived,Struggled and become the person you are today Stronger than you realise,Loving,caring,and a Artist whom is admired and respected the world over.


I always come away from reading your blog feeling so very peaceful...

Jo Stables

I was always fascinated by that photo in True Colors, I thought you looked so exotic!!
Now that I have had the pleasure of meeting you in person, I can truly say you are even more beautiful now!!
Those red doors are fantastic.
It is so nice to think of being snuggled away in your lovely home with the cold and snow at your door. Here in Oz, the days are long and hot... I am starting to feel weary and unmotivated. It is so nice to visit your words and escape for just a little while!
Love Jo xoxo

andra hepler

I didn't know you had a sister...are you close? Maybe that is a strange question but I don't find being siblings means you are friends. Losing someone is terrible isn't it? never really goes away...i miss "someone" and sometimes it hits me at the weirdest moments. I hope today brings happy memories and comfort. Your friend andra


Another post with beautiful thoughts and images . . .love to drop by to see your art and read your inspiring words.


Loved this post and beautiful pictures.
So timely for me. Times change, we change and we make changes.
But in the end we would not change a thing because those changes made us who we are.
Thank you

Elizabeth Parsons

I like what you said 'hell no' to going back! This week I've been thinking of my life in decades- and the 90's were the hardest so far- lost both of my parents, got divorced, both children moved out, one child had a serious accident...I see now that it was a hard decade...and that I am tired. thanks for sharing...
Elizabeth, who is very gentle with herself these days...

Cindy Ericsson

So much better to wear one's heart on one's sleeve than to hide it behind walls covered with thorns. I love how you share parts of your heart in this blog.

"All is possible, all is well." Amen.


what a wonderful entry. The journey to where you now are must have served you well.

Frankie Kins

I remember that picture of you in Somerset! Yes, I do! What a lovely picture it is, too. And Hell, no describes my feeling about going back, too. hehe

Even when you talk about things that are hard, you make life sound so sweet. I admire you, friend.


peaceful and beautiful !
my heart is also my sleeve....exactly where God wanted it to be !

Erin Gergen Halls

time marches on...time flows along...time runs away from you...time dances, twirls and slips away...its wonderful to look back, but to go back? Why? Been there done that. The mystery is in what lies ahead! Mercurial time movement is always best, but isnt it interesting how the actual passage of time is the constant we can all hold on to? Rely on? How fun that we all seem to be moving through time together...

liz elayne

i love the wise strength that whispers throughout these words...
thank you for sharing pieces of yourself...
sending you light and joy,


Great outlook! There are places i never want to visit again, even if i was skinny then.
Beautiful picture of you, and i love the heart on your sleeve.
my brother always told me i wore my heart on my sleeve. i miss him... xoxo nita


What an amazing post, Nina! I could find a series of self-portraits in the images you posted and in your written words!
[I think I will order that raven/crow for my studio after all (I found one on ebay, as you suggested!) white lights burned out yesteday...but more are available!]


Much prefer you with your heart on your sleeve, brightening up all the rooms of the world. Those who can really lay their heart bare are the ones who have the most space for joy in it. Don't forget that, lovely girl.


There are a lot of things that I'd like to say about the wisdom and beauty in this post, but it also reminds me of the fortune cookie fortune that I laminated in scotch tape and carried in my wallet for years (and wish I could FIND!) "The stars appear every night in the sky. All is well."


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