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You are one talented lady! I'm always in awe of how you can take a little discarded something and turn it into gold, Nina.

Jen Crossley

These look awesome Nina very cool

sepia art studio

absolutely beautiful Nina!! <3
...there is an heart aching beauty within your creations.


rachelle t

I love your blog. It's inspiring. I feel like I've visited with you each time a new entry comes in. Thanks for visiting mine and leaving a response. It's so fitting considering I was inspired with the whole idea of creating a blog right here at Ornamental. Don't stop doing what you are doing - it's authentic and feels really good (and I'm only observing).


Isn't it fun when you find a new use for something in your stash! I love it, and it makes 'collecting' worthwhile! These are lovely as was your reverie of yesterday.

Eileen Weigand

This is such a thoughtful and inventive idea- I love the little heart charm. Lovely! Little hidden surprises make my day. :)


Hearts and boxes and still my beating heart!!!!
Love these, A LOT.
To quote Sergio Mendes-"Love never goes out of style."


Adrienne Berry

Although I'm not in a position right now to purchase, I just wanted to compliment on how beautiful and unique your jewelry is. I've never seen anything like it. I was raised Catholic and had seen my share of rosaries, but yours is breathtaking!


oh, yes! 'be here' is going to be here, soon! many thanks, wise lady...


what little treasures


nina very's my word for 2008 - "fearless." it keeps popping up throughout my week, and a ceramic artist friend even made me a small bowl for my birthday that has "Fearless" imprinted on it. just felt like you needed "my" word today for some reason. if not, you can borrow it anytime! Linda


Those little boxes are so beautiful.

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