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Cindy Dean

My favorite number is 4. Maybe because me and my daughter were born on the 4th. My daughter also loves the number 4. Every time we pass this billboard in town that has the phone number 444-4444 she says she wants that phone number. LOL I so love this necklace! I was thinking about buying it yesterday but then saw someone is selling classes to ArtFest, one of yours and I decided I wanted to do that! I will have to see what you are selling there at ArtFest if I get to buy these classes!

Cindy In CArolina

Cool. I took a picture of the moon thru my bedroom window this morning too, about 6:ooam ish while hubby was still asleep. Haven't looked to see how they turned out.

Stephanie T.

my littles pick flower petals and gather seed pods...they put them in the bowls from their tea sets and hide them under garden plants to feed the fairies...I never know when I might find one of these special gifts, but when I do, I make sure to add a few petals...


That's wonderful. I used to dig very long, elaborate "rivers" in the dirt of my school playground, then turn on the water fountain so that the river actually filled up, (you can imagine I got in trouble for that!) and then race leaves down the river, believing the fairies took advantage of my river to go swimming.


I'm a four! Fourth of March! Wheeee ... I don't have fairies. Or pixies. But definitely angels. Yup. Ask Marcus. Although I hope they don't come to visit me.


bella!!! i love the fairy dust story with your boys - what a magical mama!!


We definitely have fairies here. Now in late summer the first mushrooms are starting to appear, We (my children and I) harvest the field mushrooms of course, but nothing is quite like spotting the first of the big red ones with the white dots, a sure sign that fairies live here.
Corrine in NZ


The moon has long been my talisman. As a young child I was very near sighted and finally got glasses. I had heard the phrase "the man in the moon" but had no idea what people were talking about. The first night I had my glasses, I was awakened by a full moon shining in on my bed. I quickly grabbed my glasses, put them on and saw the moon fully. As a much older adult, the full moon often shines in my studio window -- what bliss to stop everything, go outside and celebrate moonbeams.


Oh, Nina, you've done it again! First you took my mind and heart back to my mother's favorite childhood book, Water Babies. . . . and now you have created a path back to my own childhood, with your memory of Elves and Fairies. I still have my copy. . . . what a treasure. . . . not long now, till my six-month-old granddaughter is ready to share the enchantment. Thank you for helping me remember. . . . . .

Samantha Marshall

Hi Nina,
What a divine necklace- so delicate and absolutely beautiful.


Oh, my favorite book! Our copy was worn to shreds and literally fell apart—my brother has one which he will let me borrow on occasion. I loved—and still do—Garth Williams' exquisite illustrations; that's what fairies will always look like for me. A used copy is beyond my means now, but I read somewhere that it's supposed to republished in . . . 2009, perhaps? We can only hope!

Cindy McDannold

I have always been told that the number 444 signifies the presence of angels. Cindy


Move over girlie---I'm coming...clapping as I dance with you...beneath the spring moon.

Lift a cup of tea to the little people!!


always 4:44
i look at the clock
it's 4:44
i couldn't believe it happens to someone else


multiple 4's are everywhere for me as well...why am i not surprised? i wake to them in the early morning also...i laugh when my change from the store clerk is exactly $4.44...sitting in traffic...the license plates strut their 4's with the cars directly infront of kids even call me when they show up for them now...i've had delayed flights that have departed at 4:44 with the flight number being 444...this is such a strange and wonder in my life...something that i sit up and take notice with. i was told once that 4's will create a solid the four corners of a home...or will urge me to get grounded! and that it also represents creative expression...especially in sharing & teaching! like i said...why am i not surprised that we share in this too? xo sweet friend.


aww this post is baeautiful! I love it when you post things about the moon and the makes me dream..and reminds me how magical this world is!


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