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Chris Meissner

Hi Nina,
It looks so peaceful there. What a wonderful place to be able to return to again and again. Safe travels!


Why did I never think to cut the spider lilies until now? Why did I never think to hang my old handkerchief collection across the top of my window? Why did I never think to plant zinnias in a pot? It all seems so new to me.

I think I'll call my dad (in Alabama) and talk about what I planted in the garden. Thanks for that gentle reminder.


How wonderful it is to be able to go home again. Savour it (you are) because when it is gone, it is gone. And miss it I do.


Gorgeous images N. And you have used your 'word' camera again to sum up beautifully the great gift of moments with loved ones.

Tina in McLeansville

this brought tears to my precious. the calls will be made, but since this place is my "jumping off point", i'll begin by asking you to give your folks a hug from me, if you don't mind. they don't know me from adam, but it seems a good idea at the moment. with my folks, it's no hearing (dad) and cancer (mom). and since i'm the only sibling who didn't fly far away, it's today i ironed for mom and helped dad plant bulbs. then i came home and in the silence, remembered...and stitched to my heart's content (my "therapy"). tell your dad the photo he wanted to share is perfect. xoxo


Ohhh SUCH a beautiful post. Brought tears to my eyes. What I would give to have my daddy back to tell me stories of days gone by and how " used to be".

I spent part of my summer in Alabama at a family reunion. It was such a treat to meet up with people I hadn't seen in years and was very fortunate to spend some of my Aunt's last days with her, she parted shortly after.

My mother lives here in Washington with me, she moved here from Florida a couple years after I did. I couldn't be luckier to have my mother here with me, she's really more of a friend now than a mother... it's what she always wanted but the MANY years between us never allowed it until now.

Thank you for posting this. Your pictures are lovely and you have an amazing way of weaving your tales.


Your words expand the heart and open us to all the moments life has to offer, especially to those when, like you do with your father, I listen to my grandma repeat herself over and over again, and I realize how lucky I am that she is still here. Like your father, grandma has developed this child-like personality, sweet and playful, clinging to family and the familiar. I truly think they feel safe in our presence, feel home. And we are all patience and tenderness, even when she asks us our name for the twentieth time. xox, Isabel


This is so sweet and wonderful. As I read I was reminded of spending time with my grandparents and listening to them tell me their stories. I wish I had a better relationship with my parents, but at least I have the memories of my grandparents. I miss them and you have made me appreciate them even more. thank you... have a wonderful trip and I look forward to reading about it and seeing more of your beautiful photos...
love, ~*~


sweet home alabama.....

liz elayne

thank you for these beautiful words...for sharing yourself here. for sharing this part of your journey with your parents...for reminding us all to love more.

blessings and love to dear one...

Erin Gergen Halls

my dad comes to my house every day.
every day.
sometimes more than once.
he never stays long, rarely even sits down.
but he stops in.
people sometimes ask whether or not i feel its an intrusion.
admittedly, some years ago, i kinda did.
then one day i realized, he isnt stopping to check up on me, he's stopping to see my kids.
he's taking the time to be a solid presence in their lives.
recently, though, as he and i sat together on my porch, talking, i realized that he is also coming to see me. his daughter. i'd like to think one of his closest friends. i am glad he does.

i dont know that i would ever be able to move too far from this place. i wouldnt want to leave him without us...
and i certainly would miss our very close connection.

daughters and dads.


hold them close to your soul, nina, for they are as fragile as a candle's flame in the night breeze. i sit with my mom two or three times a week......listening to the rantings of the demon alzheimer's most times...but occasionally catching a brief glimpse of the woman she once was....recognize an flash of a smile....sometimes i'm her husband's husband, sometimes i'm a name snatched from the air......but once in a rare while...she sees me as her daughter. she doesn't always know me.....but i always know her. i hope you have many more years with yours.


Lovely photos and hey...I'm ahead of you for once...I called my mama last night and we chatted and laughed for a bit before saying good night. The last thing we always say is..I love each other.


oh nina....I need to go see my parents this weekend, after reading your words. they only live an hour away, yet I don't get there often enough to see them. You have inspired me.... like you always do....and now you're also teaching me to love.... more than I already do.....xoxxoo

Regina, St. Maarten (DWI)

Hi Nina,

This is why I love your blog! Besides the very beautiful jewellery you make and show, your words and philosophy reach our hearts in a very tender way and make us want to get better. Maybe I should not speak of our/us, but seeing the reactions I think it is justified..
Thank you once again!

Cindy In Carolina

What a good daughter you are !! Give your Dad a hug from me and tell him thanks for sharing his tree with us.

Denise S

Hmmm could you have gotten your love for trees from this special man in your life?
You are doing it right for those of us who can't anymore and your caring for them speaks volumes sweet woman.Hug both of them and Aspen for me.


someday, yes, that day will come and i will have you to thank for all the gentle nudges.


Oh Nina, what a sentimental sap you are... and now we know from where this tendency comes. (Grin) What a sweet story you have shared with us here, both in words and pictures. You have reminded me of my grandparents also. I never had a father like you, of which to be proud of and to feel safe with. But my grandfather and Uncles, they nurtured that part of me that my father did not. I miss my grandfathers stories and his big smile. I have an Uncle who's smile is exactly like his father's. I see him, grandpa, every now and then when I look at my Uncle. Such a warm feeling! I envy how you are able to capture these small creatures in nature with your camera's eye. To think I tried and tried this past weekend to capture a rather large spiser web to no avail. I gave up while walking at a scout camp, too many things to see to spend all my time on that one beautiful spider web (ADD maybe). Those hankerchiefs hanging on the curtian rod reminded me of my grandmothers many wonderful aprons. Many were of necessity, useful and some were just to pretty up a plain dress. I should get the ones I have out and look at them again, the memories to revisit.
Thank you so much for sharing your father and his/your wonderful porch and scenery with us. Maybe, just maybe, your mother might let you share photos of her studio some time. Hugs and Kisses to all of you from Tess in Kansas.

Diane Cook

The spider lillies are so beautiful. We had some every year about this time growing up~miss them dearly.
I love the meditation flags~so cool and delicate~blowing softly in the breeze =)
What a wonderful testimony to the love you have for your parents~beautiful.

Carrie West

Looks so relaxing there!!!

The flags are great!


This reminds me of summer mornings in Arkansas, sitting on the porch swing behind the screened windows, watching the sun rise and listening to the bird calls, with my parents somewhere nearby. Pop never took time to must sit with me nor did mom though maybe it was my fault for not recognizing that cherising the moments while you still have people around is the most important thing. Now it's too late and I'm the parent and grandma wishing that my loved ones were closer. Thank you for this gift today.


I so love your family Miss Nina!!!! You dad sounds so daggon cute!!!!! And those photos are just gorgeous!!!! I see my mom in this weekend. We have a wedding in Maryland.... And last I spoke to her she didn't know who I was. But I love her!!!!!


I love the stories of your Daddy. I miss mine so. Listen to a few more for me and give him a hug from me, too.


there really is "no place like home." give your folks a hug from me, as mine are both gone and I miss them so. Carol

Cindy Ericsson

I do love the meditation flags, and the lilies, and your daddy's pet magnolia tree. When I was a child, we would visit an older couple that my dad worked for when he was just out of high school. They had a great old magnolia in the front yard with long branches bending to touch the ground. We would go underneath and inside a secret room, lined with the brown velvet of the backs of the leaves.


oh nina
such tenderness
it makes me weep

i see daddy in the red winged black birds
especially their song
and momma with her beloved sunflowers
so they are never gone

you are so very lucky to have and hold them
give them a little hold from me


Your post brought tears to my eyes this morning, but they are coming easily these past two days as I lost a very dear friend over the weekend. She and I met through the Elder Neighbor program. She was housebound, on oxygen and I started visiting her once a week. Oh the treasure that our visits were. I often just sat and listened, we would do projects together or share a meal and we became soul sisters quite early on. Your words today helped me to cope with her death because I had given time to her in life and she gave herself to me also -- it was a good bargain we made with each other that friendship and companionship and I will miss her with all my heart.

carol m

what a beautiful post. i should have known better than to read it at work - it brought tears to my eyes. how wonderful that you are able to spend precious time with your parents and that you treasure and appreciate it for the blessing it is. you will have those memories to bring you comfort forever. xoxo carol

Jen Crossley

Beautiful photos and memories,I treasure my dad everyday

heather bradley

on the same path...called my mom last night to ask her to help me decorate the boys football lockers today! *grin* while i never will have the relationship with my parents that you have with yours, i can create pockets of space where i just let go of the past and live in the now. give that daddy and momma a hug for me and would you ask them to give you a hug back from me?


Oh girlfriend~
This one made me weep.
Hug them for me


Nina, I cannot create new ways to say the same thing over and over again, so forgive my repetitious fawnings - I love visiting you here, I love the way you describe your world via word, photography and artwork in your blog. I have been following for a couple of years now and it never wanes. I have said it before and I say it again, I continue to be inspired by your way of looking at the simple things in life and it does refresh me and inspire me to appreciate my own world and find the delight in my here and now. You are such a surprising gift, the friend I have not met yet and yet feel so connected with. (Forgive the use of using the word 'yet' twice in one sentence). Ramble on dear friend, I for one am always keen to sit awhile and enjoy your company.


They are such lovely photos. I especially like the frogs. I never see a wild frog anymore. Alas.
The handkerchief banner is great too. I might look up the source.

ro bruhn

Beautiful photos and story Nina. I visited my parents yesterday, I too receive the same story over and over from my Dad.He became very excited when he remembered the name of a flower he'd forgotten, 'see' he said, 'my mind's not gone yet'. Enjoy art and soul.

NotSoccer Mom

oh just one more thing we have in common. i relish the time i have with my 85yo dad. i learned this lesson before my mom died, so thank god i relished my time with her too, when i had it. my sister and i completely disagree on this. we're different that way. she would not want to sit on the porch!

Julia Rose

Hi Nina,
I love your photos and words that are always so heartfelt about your feelings and your life...I was so struck with the photo of the teatowel curtains (home) at your mum's house?...I am wondering if it's okay for me to have used as part of a collage about feeling safe and at home, in one of my journals...see my blog..
I feel that it is so meaningful for you that you might be offended by my using it?
I do hope it's alright...Best wishes intended.If not, I will take it off.

Julia Rose

Hi again...That last message I sent sounds awful...sort of like, the cart before the horse..I assure you I always try to act with integrity and sensitivity towards others, and have found myself getting all excited about a project and doing it, and then sitting back and are so generous with your life and art to others, and it should not be taken advantage of. I hope you don't feel I have.

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