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amazing colors...i just love fall, the crispness is finally in the it!! safe travels, we'll miss you!!!

Tina in McLeansville words can describe....almost like north carolina's version of the northern lights! aspen may be upset with you now, but think how happy he'll be to be lying on the floor behind you sighing contentedly as you work all winter. that's the time he'll be happiest to be with you, when it's warm and cozy within and winter rages without. interesting, your choice of the phrase "flying high above the earth." you are, you know...literally and figuratively. enjoy! can't wait to hear of your latest adventure. hugs to aspen. xo


I'm not sure how you do all the traveling you do....and with such style and grace...I hope you know are amazingly admired !!

have a great trip...I'll be thinking of all the fun you'll be having and about the memories that yet another trip will bring you.....

Kim V

Absolutely gorgeous - I was stopping in to whine about missing your sisters eggs lol , and lo and behold a post that hadn't shown on Google yet. I haven't seen a sunset like that in years - you are truly blessed! Give Aspen a love from us , and have a safe trip.
And eat your veggies.

diane cook

Aspen looks so sad. They really know our EVERY move....
May God speed dear Nina~

Patricia Eaton

A safe and happy trip to you, dear Nina! The sunset photos are so beautiful......beyond description, really. And, thanks for sharing your sister in the previous post...I will visit her etsy and wish her the best of luck. You two look dear together!!! pat


What gorgeous sunset shots! So so pretty.

I wish I was able to go with you to your next destination. I would dearly love to attend one of your wonderful workshops.

Have a safe and happy trip.


oh the glorious skies of nights in september... so beautiful, and the Aspen face, so sad, even while keeping company with such awesome shoes. I love that poem, it was one of my grandmother's favourites, thank you for reminding me of it, I am off to dig up her old book of Frost...
"To go with the drift of things,
To yield with a grace to reason..."
such amazing words... have a wonderful trip...


Have safe and happy travels...your posts are always as warm and glorious as those sunsets!


Thank you so much for that poem, nina...a lovely tribute for the passing of the season and the passing of paul newman, a man for all seasons and a favorite of mine for over 40 years.


gorgeous sweet Nina
and you and Ellen
I too have only one sister
these eggs are lovely
as are the both of you
and the sunsets
and the Frost
he - you know -
was from VT...

happy traveling

xox - eb.


Oh, My Heaven, that IS a sight to behold! Your photos truly are, the southern version of the 'Northern Lights'. I am so delighted that you were home to see that spectacular vision, as your journey begins. Kisses to Aspen, Ma, Pa , & U
OX Hol


Thank you for the beautiful sunset!! You know that Aspen will be spoiled rotten by your folks! Who knows he might be putting the forlorn face on so you'll give him special attention before you leave and then it will be off to visit 'grandma and grandpa'! Travel safely and have a wonderful artful journey.

Heather Bradley

airplane sunsets are wonderful, so i hope you are treated to a beautiful one. i took some photos from the window of my plane on the way home from squam and it is as thought you can see the layers and curve of the atmosphere. a lens wrapped around the earth magnifying the beauty of this one wondrous place. xo ~ blessings for safe travels...heather

Ellen Bagley Ingram

I wish we could have shared that sunset together. I wish that I was going with you. I wish you a safe and wonderful trip! I love you little sister.

nelda ream

Love your photos, thanks for sharing your sunset with us. And thanks for the reminder of that "dead leaf" smell that is Autumn. How I miss it living in Florida.

lori ann

i caught that sunset too so glad you snaped a picture of it.
the sky looked like it was on fire & just seemed to wrap you in its warm colors.....watching the clouds makes me feel like a little girl all over again.
toes pointed up to the sky, layed back in the grass and watching the colors flow back and forth.


Thank you for the inspiration.

Sheila dart

Thanks for the sunset, dear Nina--traveling mercies to Portland!

Erin Gergen Halls

just came in from sitting on the porch, listening to a soft rain fall on the roof, the wet stones, and the leaves that lay heavy on the ground. fall is here, and i am welcoming her.
bidding you farewell, and i mean fare well.
i'll tell the geese to wave as they pass you....

Judy Merrill-Smith

Thank you for the gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Happy trails to you....

Elise B.

that photo of Aspen says it poor things...bless your hearts...all that traveling...ugh!!




Girl, you know I LOVE Robert, back to my morning cup o'joe...njw


"the sun is a beautiful artist" - satch (age 3)

and, i might add, that he also said, "i was shy of nina, but i love nina". to which i responded, "we all love her".

enjoy your trip and thank you for sharing such beauty..


Amazing, beautiful, photos and poem!!

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