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How beautiful we are no matter the season...

Golly, this is just incredible. Don't you just love nature? In all her guises, she's the winner when she goes to bat.

Have a great week, dear Nina!


my very first thought was "gee that tree is waving" hi" with all its limbs". .
soooooooo" hi" right back at ya you big beautiful life force.!!!

man that felt real good.

can I have another???

:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) xxxx00x0xx0000x0x0xxx0x0x

Cheryl Doran-Girard

Absolutely lovely...

Tina in McLeansville

strength. NO FEAR. weathering the storms. i can reach high and far and wide. i can be a safe harbor, a shelter. deep roots, helping me to stand tall. constant even in change.xo


i am having a rest now....but dont worry i am quietly preparing some more beautiful leaves for YOU xxoo with love Carole

Lori Reed

To me, it is saying, "Yes, it feels cold and bleak since my friend died last week, but things will change. This tree will weather the storms and sprout bright green leaves in spring. I too will weather the storm and feel the sun on my face and be nurtured by the love of friends and the joy of nature. The seasons of life are what make this all so very amazing."


I think it says- you are strong. You stand naked against the cold sky knowing that you will survive it all to green and grow when it weather turns warm again. So tuck in for the winter and sleep, dreaming of the warmth.


Will you be under my branches when you cannot see the full moon? I will cover you with a promise of blossoms, then leaves.., but now, look up and see the moon, for it is the knowledge of change that teaches us to look at the beauty of this world.

Lovely photo. Even more lovely..., the question.


I think it's telling us all to have roots and to reach out as far as we can.
It's so interesting that I, too, posted a picture of a naked tree today that I decided I had to paint for some reason. Coincidence? I wonder . . .

Lorraine W.

Hi Nina,
It's saying to me 'what a beautiful day .........' reach out and touch
Have a great day
Love Lorraine x


it's telling me to hold on....
hold on to the past and all it's loving faults, the present which can make me shed a tear almost daily and most importantly, the completely wild and unknown future...

it's saying, be brave beth and reminding me it's okay to feel....


Erin Gergen Halls

i feel she has just stood back tall after her deep dramatic bow.

i feel she has accomplished so much, she has put forth such amazing energy,
and now is that moment we have all experienced at one time or another (or many),
when you are spent yet full...
tired yet wired,
joyful yet teary.

i feel she is standing there,
glowing in the spotlight,
trembling slightly,
and we are her audience.

we are all, in all our observance,
standing in ovation.


Sway with breeze, so you bend and don't break.


I love to see the beautiful bare trees this time of the year. Remainds me of a lovely lacey silhouette against the sky. It's even more enchanting at dawn or dusk with the light behind it.


Shelly S.

in my winter silence
wrap your sorrows in my limbs
and leave them to the winds
where they will pass into the lighted bliss
of a new morning borne of a thousand springs

Cindy Ericsson

Reach to the light; let the crisp wind blow away everything that will not stay; rely on the sun's warmth to sustain you.


Now I rest...
I have shed my colorful coat, preparing for the winter of my bark is my defense against the harshness that might lay before roots are strong and will nourish me during this time...the ground beneath me, under the surface of the cold is warm and soft and it is where I will continue to is where I will be nurtured...allowing myself to be filled once again with life...but for now I rest...


Shabby Chic I wonder what a twig with a few branches would look like with white twine and floss? Happy happies.

Laurie G.("morningk")

First thought: "Possibility"

Toni Brown

See the darkened trunk?
Shadowed --
tired, today,
from all the hanging on,
from weathering the storms
of growth & change, &
more than a little grumpy being
below, one step removed from
the cherished light.
Yet witness the
silver-gold tipped reach,
the delicate filigree above,
impossible without this-my-
sturdy planting, my
determined roots, my
steady hand of waiting,

[the words are mine - definitely how I feel this morning: Nina, I love love love the photo]

nelda ream

In returning and rest shall you be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength. (Isa. 30:15

Holly - UK

it looks like a lace vail to me, cracks of light.... whats through it? whats it going to take to get through it? its exciting whats on the other side??


It is saying, Watch me a while and be patient for there is more to see.
Lovely, lovely tree, reaching to the heavens.

Vicki in Michigan

I love the frosty look of the little twigs. Nature decorates the trees all year 'round; just in more monochromatic way in the cold months.

Melissa McCobb Hubbell

I love the sculptural, skeletal structure of bare trees. It is like you can see their true selves, stripped of their fancy summer clothes - it's funny, humans strip down in the summer and bundle up in the winter - trees do the opposite.

Tho I love the summer and autumn trees, I think the winter ones are the most beautiful, graceful and moving.





sepia art studio

to me trees are not just trees.
they truly are living beings, with their own thoughts and soul. many times i have been under the tree branches and heard the answers to my questions. it is incredible how you can feel their love and care. we humans can not see all the magic which is hidden in a nature. so often we see just a pretty picture.
but i always watch behind the picture...there is this wild nature, which opens to us if we let and surrender.


This speaks to me...but not in words!

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