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Don't berate yourself for something that is out of your control. You have every right to post your feelings no matter what else is happening in the world. All we can do is pray and send relief funds, and that is exactly what you're doing! Peace be with you!

Erin Prais-Hintz

Thank you for doing what you can.

I will post of bid of $100

Anyone care to go higher?

Enjoy the day!

Tina in McLeansville

absolutely...what a wonderful thing!
$125 from here...
who's next?
thanks be to you, dear nina....


i will bid $150
from cold florida

not so very far away from haitii.

how did we miss feeling
even one little shudder?

mary jane dodd

what a lovely piece for such a generous gesture... that is what artists do... if we all do what we can, the job will get done...


You are doing more than I did. All you can do is do what you can, you blogged and are offering something, all I could do is blog due to a huge bill....prayer helps too I think.

Joanie Hoffman

you can enter this giveaway also. PW is giving 2 winners $500 each to give to the charity of their choice helping Haiti, and also donating .10 for each person who enters.

Teri Mahl

I will bid $175 from California. Love your generosity and thought, Nina! Here is California, we are always on the edge, so to speak, and my heart goes out to those who have bit hit.

Teri Mahl

Whoops...many typos. Here 'in' California and have 'been' hit. Sorry...typing too fast!

Joanie Hoffman

sorry, forgot the link...


Nina, I just blogged about your giveaway. I hope that helps, even a little bit :-)


I bid $300.00 Nina, you are amazing to offer your time, talent and $$. Every group I am involved with has started "something" this week to help Haiti. It's so good to see our creative community reach out as well. Nilene

Tina in McLeansville go Nilene!

Janet McDonald

I can't over bid the highest bid but I can go to the Highest and pray for all of Haiti! Thats a very big faultline there and it is said to maybe shift again in another 20 to 40 years. What tragety I hope and pray they can continue to rescue many many more people!

Deborah VanDetta

Now you know and you're doing what you can. Beautiful necklace, wish I could bid, but I can do my own little part. is another place accepting donations.

I am having a sale at my artfire shop and donating 50% of my proceeds on February 26.

Your "bliss" post should remind us all that we have so, SO many things to be grateful for.


I second what Sharon said. You do not need to apologize or berate yourself at all. While I would love nothing more than to own a piece of your jewelry, I cannot afford to make a bid for it. I am splitting what money I can between Doctors without Borders and a private fund to go to a special friend who lives in Haiti. I found out late this afternoon that he is okay and that brought a wonderful moment of relief to me. I so admire what you are doing. I know that the money you make from your art is how you support yourself and giving it so generously is just one example of why so many admire your beautiful soul.
love and blessings


Dang! Got here too late to enter a low bid which is what I could afford.
Blessings on you, Nina and blessings on your readers with your/their generous hearts.
Your kindnesses will be appreciated.
PS: Absolutely love this necklace, girl! ;))))))))))))xoxoxo

Susan greene

Hi Nina I love this igea and I will bid $325.00.

Kelly Jeanette

I can't make a bid, but just wanted to say... bless you, Nina, for doing what you are doing for Haiti. All I can send is many heartfelt prayers.


i've contributed already; but I think what you're doing is commendable. i know you did not mean to be insensitive. what has happened has been a shock to the world...thank you and what a beautiful necklace for a great cause and i love the words

Sherry Ford

Nina, gratitude is never, ever a bad thing, never ignorant or self-centered. Blessings to you and prayers for the people of Haiti.

Sherry in Little Rock

Nancy Prawdzik-Steinbach

It was a nice break to read your post--a moment away from the cable news and constant updates, the feelings of helplessness, overwhemled by the destruction and level of human suffering. At times like this I wish I were a doctor or some kind of miracle worker.
The only thing I have of value is my prayers.

in Iowa


I love that you are offering this piece (which is fabulous!!!!) to help in Haiti. We have all been devastated by the news, whenever it reached us. xo


You "feel" what happens to you.... AND you have feelings for what happens to others. That is being sensitive, not self centered. It is about you, and is ALSO about the rest of the world. You are putting your talents to work and making a difference. How admirable !


I bid $395.00. The posts have been so touching to read. This globe of ours is so very small. The ripple affect of a Katrina or of an entire country being flattened by an earthquake feels as though it's in my back yard and I MUST help... Nilene


don't feel so bad, i too don't watch, hear or read the news too much for personal and health reasons.
what you are doing now is wonderful and generous. my hope and prayers are with Haiti.

Michele R. Unger

I bid $450. XO

Melissa Meman

I wish I could bid on this absolutely gorgeous necklace...may I link this post to my blog?


I bid $500.


Wow Gena!'re aces with me! Nilene


You all ROCK!

Nina I'm so proud of you. See what you've done? It's amazing to me. I don't watch the news or read newspapers either. I was shocked to learn how devastating this earthquake was, a couple of days after it happened.

I was very tempted to bid on this necklace. My husband had been laid off work since November 2nd, but just got a job on Wednesday. So, I almost did bid. Then I realized that I really do need to pay on back bills. So, I donated what little I could at this time myself. I hope that everyone else who is inspired by your generousity will do the same. Every dollar helps.

Thank you, for once again inspiring me.

Tina in McLeansville

well...since it is apparent i won't be able to outbid the wonderful ladies with the deep pockets (although i do think a bidding war would be fun to watch!) :) i will take the bid i made earlier and apply that to one of the relief organizations....i won't have one of nina's necklaces to wear, but, oh well...someday....
this was a tremendously cool idea! xo


Hi ((((Nina)))
Can't bid - but bless you for doing this. I can't believe what we are seeing and reading about what has happened. I have made a donation. I just hope that the international aid starts flowing through soon for these poor people.

The necklace is gorgeous. Of course.

Sara xxxx

Mary K

Thank you for the link The Livesay (Haiti) Weblog


Your generosity, Nina, as well as all the comments and thoughts from your wonderful readers, is just amazing! What a tremendous community of caring souls.

I'm so inspired by your idea -- do you mind it I take it and "pay it forward"? Maybe gather some like-minded neighbors and have a multi-yard sale, or perhaps collect a group of talented friends who're willing to sell or auction off selected works, w/ proceeds going to the relief efforts?

Bless you for opening your heart and your talent to help where it matters most ..

Andrew Thornton

Nina, you're amazing. Thank you for doing this. You give so much to the world with your beautiful sentiments, creative outputs and your heartfelt outreaching.

Thanks also for mentioning my shop. You're a dear!


So very generous of you...your necklace is incredible. I'm so happy to see the generosity of so many here.




WOW, one whine fest of 151 comments on your 'life throws rocks' post and 30 some comments on real life tragedy.
Again - Wow
Bloggers priorities I guess.


WOW - hits home I guess.

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