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ooooohhhhhhhhh, nice...things are "flowing" for sure.

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.
-- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Nina you have the light. Thank you.

Lindy McClellan

Your jewelry is beautiful as always and you are inspiring as always. I love the way you live your life and where you find inspiration. And I really want to know how you found the courage to sail across the forest of Ecuador on a zip line!


I have been on vacation and missed most of your new listings........ These earrings are beautiful.. I love your inspirations too. It is wonderful when things just flow without a hitch.............. xxoo


you are on some roll!! and just what do you think is going through my head looking at that last photo of the distant ridgelines?????

Janet McDonald

Nina your are Truly so Blessed!

kathy vk

These are so sweet and my aren't you just the busy bee.......

Tina in McLeansville

the earrings are incredible. the quote, wonderful...but the best part is being able to hear the whispers in the wind when they call your name and use it to make such beauties...THAT takes something special! hugs...xo


the earrings are beautiful, friend. and where you live is truly magical. wishing you well. xx s




Such lovely earrings. And the photography in this post is so so pretty. It is always wonderful but for some reason today it especially called to me, so thank you for that Nina and Happy Flowing to you. :)



such beautiful jewelry Nina! I love seeing your creations and reading your musings - you've created a wonderful oasis of peace here =-)

Yoga To Go

beautiful earrings! I tweeted this article xo!


The first picture is so beautiful. Lovely work. Warmly,Karen


nina, i just love your blog and read it everyday. the way you talk about things and express yourself is so warm like everyone is an old friend. you inspire me in so many ways. thank you for sharing your loves and your life. i love the way you displayed your beautiful earrings in this post.

Lori Anderson

Beautiful jewelry staging!


This necklace is truly stunning!!

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