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Sweet Nina....a very Happy Birthday! I wish I was there to make you a nice dinner and a carrot cake! Hope

Susan U

Very cool! I love the comments within comments... wishing you a happy birthday to a dear creative soul! My "here" is on my night table & "grace" is in my studio... I shall wear them when the appropriate time calls, but for now, they are my private treasures... you are special ~


444 Happy Birthdays for you...

Joyce Resnik

Monday, Oct 18, 2010
Communications, conversations, sending and receiving messages, and taking care of routine tasks that require mental clarity are important activities now. It is a good time to present your ideas and point of view to others, as you express your thoughts clearly, though you are not apt to listen as well. Buying, selling, or negotiating is likely to go well now.

WooHoo! Today's horoscope for Libra

Susan S.

splain #9?

Cindy Ericsson

Oh how you would enjoy you if you could know yourself as a person outside of yourself!


finally i am able to respond on your posts when i am using another computer.

I should have remembered your birthday Nina. It was on my mind, but then i forgot to check the date.
I will send to you warm belated birthday hugs Nina!! <3 You are such a enchanting soul.

love you,


~~ Waving~~ Happy Birthday to you from the land of "Oz" xxo Marie


Happy birthday Nina !

And Australia ? Oh my word...where?

Please say sydney or even better the blue mountains !


:(. WA. Couldn't be further away.

adriana nelson

happiest of birthdays to a sweet soul!!!


Happy Birthday! Yes, you would like yourself outside of yourself. That is one reason, including your openess that keeps me coming back to your blog. I can't wait until Artfest as I am in your Affirmation necklace class. If I could I would bake you a carrot cake and bring it to WA.


Have a very, very Happy Birthday dear lady.


Glad to see you are doing it too. My list at 51 helped clarify a few things.

Happy Birhtday Nina.

diane cook

Happy Birthday my dear Nina! I hope you have the most wonderful day doing all the things you love to do....seeing all the things you love to see....and being all the things you love to be =)


What a beautiful list. Happy Birthday, Nina!
Thanks for all that you do and share in this precious world.

Lindy McClellan

Happy Birthday dear Nina! I hope for you all your hearts desires.

I turned 53 on the 13th. I think I will make a list of 53!


Denise Morrison

I hope you have 444 more wonderful birthdays Nina. I love to cook and wish I could ask you what your favorite dinner is and then make it for you-and eat it with you!


Happy Birthday, you share the day with my Dad. It is how I woke this morning, thinking how much I miss him. Happy alone, yes I understand. A great 54 list. Hugs to you on this day. xox Corrine

Tina in McLeansville

dear nina b....happy happy birthday to you! to one who has been blessed with a heaping helping of the finest fairy dust in order to make and do and see magical things...have the happiest of days and the most enchanting of years.
i wasn't going to pry for more info, but i am a curious one, so...if you could have your choice of wonderful meals, what would it be...? 54 is great by the way....i'm lovin' it so far! xoxo


Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Nina!
I love your list. I think I'll make a list of 58 things next month.

xo dusan

Susan Sewell

Happy Birthday-the world glitters a bit more with you in it. I make my own bithday cake every year (Italian Cream Cake) so that I can pile extra icing on one side and then serve MYSELF from that side until the cake is gobbled up. Ha ha -jokes on them.


Happy Birthday, simple and sweet.


Happy Birthday! xxoo


happy happy happy 54, dear heart!


happy happy birthday sweet nina! (i always thought hawks were a sign of love sent from my dear grandpa bill)


Happy Birthday! And if you knew you outside of yourself you would definitely like you! Almost as much as I like you! :)

I've been inspired to make a list of things for myself...I don't like overhead lights, either. At all. xox


Happy Birthday! That's quite a picture frame surrounding your childhood self! Also am intrigued by the glimpse of ruffles on your dress (?)in the background.

leighanna light

Happy birthday sweetie- hope you have a beautiful day!


happy, happy birthday to someone who brings great joy to others! it looks like you've inspired a libra or two to make similar lists, so today i'll jot down 56 (yipe!) things to ponder about myself. what is it about lists that make them so appealing? enjoy your day to the fullest!


Blessings dear one and a happy year. xoxoxo


~you are a gift~
Blessings on this day of your Birth


happy birthday nina....what a beautiful month to have been born.


i opened, i closed and i opened this post once more
and still there is a list of fifty four
i slept, i dreamt and i awoke at 444
just out of a dream featuring your list of fifty four

enough rhyming – i don’t know where that came from - pure craziness. have a wonderful birthday my friend...xx

Lori B

Happy Birthday! I hope you get your carrot cake and have the best day ever!
(I am sure you would like yourself)
Lori B


happy happy birthday to you my dear dear friend!!!

i hope it is wonderful!

if i were there i would try my hand at making you a carrot cake, i don't like card games either, and yes! you would not only like you, you would LOVE you!! no doubt about that.

oh, and my number is 8. it is weird how it comes up over and over again.

love and hugs to you on this special day! sending light and blessings your way...


Happy Birthday Nina!


Love your list. Sending kisses!


Happy Birthday, Nina! I hate that you are a few years younger than me... but also wishing you live a long and happy life. :)
Sending a virtual carrot cake your way.


happiest birthday, nina!!

wishing you a year filled with wonder, success, and filled with all the things you love most!!

Judy Wise

Happy Birthday Nina. Many many returns; you are amazing and wonderful and if you saw yourself from someone else's eyes you would be entranced. xo

ps I'm wearing earrings you made; pure coincidence but makes me smile.


Blessings to you on your day!

Peggy R

Happy Birthday Nina! Beautiful list. Thank you for your open heart and the way you share it with us.

Jamie V

I am thinking of you on your birthday - with glorious wishes for your new year! I'm so glad you got to spend some time with your boys recently in some pretty terrific places! Good for you! Jamie V in MT


I love the way you wrote your age! Happy birthday to you dear Nina. I hope you continue to have many, many happy years. In fact, I hope the happiest day that you've had so far is the saddest day you'll have in the future. That is my wish for you.

Much love,

PS Your list is wonderful!

Mary G.

Happy Birthday, dear Nina! It is hard to believed that it's been over a year since you've been off antidepressants -- but then, time does start to really fly the older I get (also in my 50s but a little older than you). I remember when you finally got off those meds like it was yesterday. Some of your items really made me smile. I have to remember to do a list when I next a have birthday. Why? With a b'day in January shared with a non-identical twin sister and with another sister just a year younger a week earlier -- and in January, yet, just when my parents were getting over Christmas -- I've pretty much spent my whole life making my birthday special for/by myself, lost in the hubbub of a large family (oldest of 8 sibs!). So any way I can find to give myself a birthday treat, I am going to do it. That includes making my own lists, birthday dinners, etc. But I do hope someone will someday cook you that fab dinner with carrot cake for dessert! Best wishes for year #54.


Happy Birthday, gracious lady. I enjoyed seeing and visiting with you at A&S. And Michael enjoyed meeting you for the first time. Have a lovely day!


Great list Nina. Have a very happy birthday full of carrot cake. (lol My birthday has just passed too. October 4th!)


Wishing you a beautiful birthday and hopefully a surprise carrot cake! Hugs.


Happy, happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ms. Nina~~

And I repeat an earlier wish for you:" May the wind be ever at your back (as you travel from place to place) and NEVER, EVER in your face."

And may every place you roam feel somewhat like home.
Hugs , kisses and a tall virtual carrot cake (do you like icing on it?)


OH--I DO love your list!!

cindy o'leary

Happy happy birthday, sweetie! There's a bakery here with the BEST carrot cake ever--we'll get one when you're here in FEb. and eat the whole dang thing. It's worth waiting for! Wishing you a really fabulous year; can't wait to see you again. xoxoxo


A lovely post.

Happy Birthday to a very dear person whom I hope to meet in person someday.

Birthday hugs,


Hope your birthday is magical.


Happiest of birthdays Nina - I remember 54 as I married my lovely J when I was that age. I was so surprised that I found love again having lost my first husband after 29 years of marriage so this is to say - you never know whats round the corner.

Hugs to Walter - I love him as well but don't tell Martha as she will be jealous. And my favourite cake is carrot cake as well.

Much much love from a very damp and cold UK


sue in melbourne

Happy happy birthday Nina! I can take care of numbers 6, 11 and 20 for you, but you'll have to come back to Melbourne to get them!!! and my house number is 44, so that should work for you.........
thanks so much for all your delightful posts - you brighten my days. cheers.


Happy Birthday Dear Nina!! May your day be filled with laughter, kisses from Walter and cake! Hugs


Happy Birthday!!! My husband sees the same numbers all the time.

sally k

Happy, gentle, laugh filled birthday to you, my friend.

Kelly Jeanette

Happy birthday, Nina! This is a cool list.

kathy dorfer

Happy Birthday Nina !
I hope you have had a wonderful day !


Happy birthday Nina! I'm so glad you were born. You give me and so many others glimpses into a poetic and brave life. You inspire us to try things and always to create with honesty and love.
Bless you!~~!!!!!


Stellar happiest to you dear Nina! I will join you at 54 in December. Monkey year that 1956 was. Got some wild skills didn't we !!

Marylin Huskamp

Dear Nina, You ARE blessed.....Friends who love you, Students who cherish you, Fellow artists who admire you! Hope your day was a precious as you!

Big Hugs!


I hope you've had the happiest of birthdays. I love your list and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Regarding Linda McCartney's comment. Isn't it amazing/peculiar/intriguing how we'll remember things like that? Our words are powerful, and we never know the impact they'll have.

Warm regards,



Belinda Stec

Dearest Nina, Your writing and your art have sustained me in dry tough times. Thanks you for the gift of you, open and honest, your writing brings me to tears and makes me so happy. I read your words and it is a wonder to share some similarities of life with you. My favorite years were ones where I lived in a little cabin on a river, away from people. And your life in your house in the mountains sings to me of all i loved there. And although I could not afford to join you at Art and Soul in Portland Oregon, I was so happy that you were able to visit of one of my favorite magical places in the city, the Chinese Garden. It was a treasure to see the Garden throught the lens of your camera. Happy Birthday, thank you for living your life and giving so much to the universe.


Happy birthday dear friend, to think I first met you in Cortona just after your 50th birthday, a magical time for me


What they all said! Happy day!

I am a lover of number 5. Alone or in multiples.

I think of you often. I appreciate you sharing so much of yourself.

The list is a great idea. I will definitely do that, probably before my next birthday.



Happy birthday dear Nina!


Happy Birthday Lovely Soul!

ruth rae

we have 8 in common... my eyes and hands are my full exasperation.

Happy 54 Nina! wish I were closer I would cook you a lovely dinner and bake you that carrot cake with loads of cream cheese frosting and clean up that mess!

carol mayer

happy birthday!

Diana B

I hope, one way or another, you get all your wishes, but most of all, I wish you number 54.


Happy Belated Birthday Nina! Fabulous 54!

Thank you for sharing your 54 things!

Happy Days! :-) Ally


Happy birthday to you.....
love the post and the pictures.
Love to Walter as well

linda esterley

wishing you the very best abundance of the very best of all things...happy birthday! Linda E

Rosemary Stamm

Dearest Nina,
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear Nina Happy Birthday to you.. Enjoy your day..hugs Rm


Happy Birtday, can't believe that time has gone by so quickly, love your list, enjoy your day


Happy, happy birthday. Ah, to be 54 years young.

I am grateful for your sharing the intimate thoughts and feelings that you lay down on this page. Even though we have never been in the same physical space, I feel as if I know you so well.

Thank for the the time past and for the time future...until you write the post for 55 years and beyond.



A belated Happy Birthday to you dear Nina! Congratulations on No.3. That is one major accomplishment. Yes to 20, 21 and 22!


Happy Birthday Nina! Since I started reading your blog, so many experiences you have shared with me....I am proud of your accomplishments, you are an inspiration to us....

Bonnie Moench

Wishing that most wonderful, loving and talented person I know a Happy Birthday....



happy bday nina bagley :-)


I'm late, but my wishes for your happy birthday are just as strong! I hope you had a great day and that you have a fabulous year!


Belated birthday greetings Nina - hope someone did cook for you......or will soon!

Mine is coming up very soon.......goodness I'm getting so old in years but in my heart and head I still feel so young......I think that's a good thing, don't you?

Many happy returns.
Hugs - Mary

Jenevieve Hubbard

I am in love with you.

robin dudley howes

Ah that was such a heartfelt post, as all yours are. Happy belated birthday Nina.


Happy happy birthday week 4 x 4 x 4!!!!

Elizabeth Woodford

Fabulous post!!! At hard times in my life when I was not happya bout being alone I kept telling meyself that it was MUCH better to be alone and comfy with that, than to Want to be alone!!!!!!! I wish that I lived closer! I make a truely awesome carrot cake!!! My husband and son are allergic to carrots- I kid you not!!!! i NEVER MAKE IT ANYMORE AND i MISS IT SO! We had it as our wedding cake and Tom was sick that night- and I thought it was because he was sik about having married me!!! HA!!! But now I don't make carot cake and I would love to make one for you and share a piece with you out on your deck no matter what the season. So if Someone ever shows upa tyour door bearing a homemade carrot cake it will be me!!!!!
You so inspire me Nina. Thank YOU for that!!!!!

barbara karr

Nina, may the things at hand always make you happy and may you live and love many more amazing days. love, barbara


My mother has also always been fond of 4's, and they pop up in her life frequently as well.
"3. It has been over a year since I’ve been free of anti-depression medication, and that makes me very very proud." This is a wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations! Depression is an awful beast.
Lucky you for a trip to Australia and New Zealand. i was lucky enough to spend a week in New Zealand (in an RV, no less) when i was 16. That place has had a hold on me ever since. i swear, i'd move there if my entire family would follow. It still haunts me, in a good, but longing, way.

nelda ream

Happy belated birthday, Nina! I have been out of town and without a computer for a couple of weeks so just now found your post.

Your list of 54 things was wonderful. If I were doing a list of 61 today I would have to add you to it. I am so glad that God had our paths intersect in this journey. You have been a gift from Him where a point of light shines through.


happy belated birthday!


I'm behind on blog reading and see I've missed your birthday...sending belated wishes for a grand day tomorrow since I missed the real day! And, I hope your day was wonderful!


am resurfacing... to find that i've missed so much yet again. i missed your birthday but since you are 54 all year long, i'll still say happy birthday!
and again your words are so powerful, so full of life, so meaningful to me. i envy your ease at arranging all of your words in such a way!
still so glad that i found your blog so long ago. and i hope to one day be able to afford to come to one of your workshops. or at least buy something from your shop! (your booklover's necklace is PERFECT.)

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