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Teri Mahl

Wow--snow there already! We have only had some frosty mornings but cold too. No snow yet. And, in my opinion, it can stay alway all year and I will drive to it! Of course, it could be the fact that every time it snows here the power seems to go out. The power has been so "iffy" lately anyway. And I know what you mean about slow connections...I have the same here with just satellite. Any heavy cloud cover and I am toast! Love your ornaments, Nina. And I concur about Christmas coming way too fast. Thanksgiving is earlier this year so just 1 month from Tgiving it will be Christmas!


Nina, your ornaments are exquisitely beautiful just like you. Just looking at them filled me with a feeling of peace and contentment. I miss you darlin'. Hugs, bonarita

Tina in McLeansville

i can tell you, looking at these beautiful ornaments, that it was well worth the effort for you to post them, and well worth the wait for us to see them! absolutely beautiful...and i love the snow know i do! hugs...xo


~me encanta~


such beauty you always share with us. thank you for that. i hope you continue to enjoy your walks and continue to enjoy sharing your time with us


We have had a couple of frosty nights, but just now, it is extremely mild. This is alright with me - it will get cold soon enough and it will stay cold longer than I wish. Love your enchanting ornaments.


Nina, I have been reading your blog for a while and I love the way you make your world look. I too, used to live this close to nature, but chose love in the end.....doesn't mean I don't miss it....Used to have the mountains of Norway on my doorstep and have now traded it for love and a very flat Denmark.I love your way with words and your neighborhood.....Makes me miss it even more...'You are truly inspirational...

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