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ooohh. I love the mast head on your blog, I love this blog post and wishing you much en"light"enment to keep your creativity alive...

Lovely pictures...I like Walter's ornament.

Joyce Bank

thank you for allowing me to sit at your desk and look out your window, too beautiful for words really...

Jamie V

Any time you want to go on a magical winter sleighride - come to Montana and I'll take you to Lone Mountain Ranch - you would love it! You have painted a wonderful scene with your breathtaking photos and words today! I have to watch Dr. Zivago again! And I would love to hug that luxurious doggy coat! Jamie V in MT

Tina in McLeansville

i have always wanted to ride in a horse-drawn sleigh through the night with a full moon. i'm loving the creams you have chosen...beautiful! where have i been? here...and my dreams and right now. hugs...xo

Lorri Scott

I love that you always share your work space with us. No doubt we see where your inspiration comes from. (You know where I am.)



The light in that first image is gorgeous. I understand the frustration of power cuts, indeed I do.

Where have I been? More mosaics accepted for the local gallery, so opening night and gazing at all the stunning work by local artists. More ideas forming for my next project (white and pale colours too).

Julie L. Holleran

Nina--I thank you for your lovely images--both actual and verbal. Your necklaces are simply beautiful. They recall to my mind the Bach I play; intricate and complicated simultaneouly. Echoing the past --frozen moments--Simply stunning!! Thank you...


i was thinking about you recently, wondering if you were at home working in your studio or maybe with your parents. i was looking at the weather forecast for junaluska and thinking i needed to go up for the snow they were calling for, but then i had the lovely surprise when the dusting the forecasters called for here turned into several inches. winter is good. your creations are beautiful.


Those images from Dr. Zhivago have stayed in my memory since I was a child watching the film in the back seat of the station wagon at the drive-in. I was curled up with a blanket, trying to stay awake to watch. And the candle in the frosted window I also love. I hadn't watched the film in over 25 years but did again last year with a friend who had never seen it. I had forgotten soooo much, but the scenes in the frozen house and the sound of the sleigh bells.

I LOVE winter and also have numerous power outages. Last year I bought a few LED lanterns, very useful for getting around!




at a table much like that ..making much like you as well your winter muse

Ah! You paint such a wonderful picture Nina, your gorgeous table setting looks so inviting. We are going through tropical steamy times with more rain than we can handle at the moment, our ten year drought is definitely over.

julie whitmore

Beautiful post Nina, I expected to hear the soundtrack from Dr. Zhivago descend on me while I read, I could hear it in my mind clearly enough!
Delicious shadow box and necklace.

Kelly Jeanette

Love this post, Nina. All those calm shades of white. That lovely imperial Russia gown look.
I need to see Dr. Zhivago again. It has been years.
Have a great week, Nina, and I hope you don't have any more power outages.


The view of your place of work and inspiration is magical. And the bird's winter home is so delightful. Hope you can stay warm and don't have many more power outages.
Sending snowflake kisses.

E makes art

wow. beautiful. beautiful photos.. beautiful words. and now beautiful, inspiring images dancing in my head. thank you for the inspiration.


Denise Petersen

Your winter scenes a are absolutely wonderful. It takes me back to a simplier time when life was much easier and not so busy and hectic. I guess for me it is calming and relaxing, not the rush many of us deal with in our everyday lives. I would love to live in the mountains and be able to look out the windows into nature on an everday basis. What an inspiration you have been to me. I cannot wait to see/read your posts and see what magic you have captured.


You just knock me out!


Thanks for surfacing!

Hope Amen

Thank-you Nina for once again taking me away with you....I cherish these trips!

kathy vk

Hey you! Been thinking about you lots. Love the necklace, so soft and lush, but I'm lusting after that tiara! Sorry, it's the magpie in me. I gave mine to my mom for her 80th birthday.
Check your mailbox today - a wee bit of something will be there.
hugs all round


The tranquility of your surroundings bring a sense of peace in a sometimes stressful day. I look out your windows with such an eagerness to be in a snowglobe world!


Really a Wonderful Post Nina, thanks so much for sharing it with us.
I have to watch Dr. Zivago again too!

missy bendiksen

Jess's comment: Thanks for surfacing!

made me think of a whale are swimming below the water in the darkness of winter tinkering away and suddenly you come to the surface with art to show us. and then you go back down to continue your life's work.
glorious winter.
missy in houston


oh. my. goodness! i am so in love with your little box of wintry goodness! funny...i've been playing with boxes too...maybe something about the wanting to be cozy and nestled in? i don't know, but that's certainly what i think when i see yours! absolutely gorgeous!! hope you are well, my dear friend. i think of you more than you know and send thoughts of light and goodness your way...just as you send to all of us here...
big hugs!


What a beautiful post Nina. I see a familiar "Winter" piece hanging from your beautiful header collage. That header is inspired. I love it.

Lori Burek

I was one of those secretly wondering if something happened. During the same time my computer got a virus and was being redone. I love that necklace you had in the post!
Hugs...Lori B.

sharon curtis

What beautiful photos, and I just adore that stunning necklace, truly wonderful x


The palette of your work table is so inspiring this time of year.

diane cook

What a beautiful necklace Nina. Simply gorgeous =)

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