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Teri Mahl

Nine--I love these and would be interested to hear how much they will be sold for. I think that I need either the "mend" or the "mending" like before. Let me know. Love these!

Teri Mahl

Whoops...didn't mean to say "Nine" but "Nina". At least you know that I know how to pronounce it!!!

Tina Gilmore

Oooh i love these Nina, will keep checking back. I so love cala lillies too, i'm getting married in April and have found some gorgeous tiny cream and purple ones, definitely having those in my bouquet! xxxx


What to say? I must say something, because your words and creativity really do brighten up a grey day. And it's a grey day here in many ways. That's why I checked your blog -- in hopes that you'd written. Many thanks, my heart feels warmed up.

julie whitmore

Here's another Julie who says
a tiny little yipee cuz Nina is using pink.
something I don't think i've seen you use alot before.
so glowing and tender! love them


What is it about your work? it makes my mouth water. These are just luscious.


Oh my gosh.....mending.......I love it! I love the colors also!!!


pure. gentle. romantic.


they are beautiful, full of love! i love that rosaline color too. yes, vintage and romantic!

carol mayer

so beautiful. and i love my new "wings" pendant.


These beautiful things, mend a tender heart and give hope....Thank you for the glimpse into your beautiful art.


These are absolutely beautiful....and that word, "mending" good. I think I am mending right's not the easiest process...but it's good nonetheless.


Stephanie Lee

So lovely...and pinkish rose? a heart color indeed. :)

Laurie Giberson


peggy mcdevitt

so soft and pretty, your creations are simply beautiful.

Jane W.

Will that be EST? If so, I'll be up at midnight!

Tina in McLeansville

oohhhhh....GOTTA get my computer working...!!! aaah! such glories!! :)


~still trying...~ (mending) it will soon be a year and I feel like it was yesterday...
Love to you my friend!!!!


so pretty in pink...xox


oh dear nina--i want one. erin


Just gorgeous! Love them!

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