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You may have missed me-things are dark, it is hard to see. But a faint light brews and today I saw "brewing hope" and knew things would be ok.


"brewing hope", just wonderful words to add in to a jewelry. tomorrow i am going in a town and will pick few of my favorites tea for you. hopefully squirrel have arrived safely in there...


You are such a wonderful storyteller, Nina I just so caught up in your words, how they weave in and out, here and there.
And, your beautiful necklace - brewing hope - the very words I need. It's been a very difficult year - and now I'm facing surgery in a couple weeks. Brewing hope - I'm going to keep those words close to my heart.
Thank you for adding something very special to my day. I think I will go have a cup of tea.

xo dusan

Lynn in Tucson

Quite simply, fabulous.

Kathy VK

ooooohhhhh, this is so special ... all so very special ... as are you my dear sweet friend. xoxo


I will never curse raking the leaves of the huge oak tree in my front yard again. Instead I will offer each stroke in communion with the prayers at my feet. Thank you....


Touched by tea. I love it all.

sue in melbourne

just gorgeous!


Beautiful photo of the storm moving in... Looks like it was a lovely birthday, at least I hope it was!


Nina, your obvious contentment is so heart-warming. At long last your trials and travels are over and you are home. Snuggle in and enjoy!

"Life takes us on adventures. Love brings us home."


Again, thanks for sharing everything!... I lovethe idea of taking a photo of the same thing, same time, everyday. I wonder if i could be disciplined enough to do just that!?...........hope you had a wonderful birthday!


This piece of jewelry is inspired.
Thank you for the story, your wonderful writing, the photos and a lovely work of art.

Tina in McLeansville

what a gift you are unwrapping for yourself. so very looking forward to how the year ripens for you. hugs, as always...xo

vickie long

As always.....I can breathe easier, rest easier when I "come visit" you. Brewing hope-that's what you do-for all of us. Thank you. Peace.
Vickie in kc


Happy birthday my dear soul You are just a baby in the grand scheme, with a world of friends that love you. I hope your long list of dreams come to life. Xxoo


"me and my arrow, straighter than narrow, everywhere we go everyone knows it's me and my arrow." wow - that's a trip back in time. i thought i was probably the only one in the universe who remembers "the point."


Lovely, lovely post, dear Nina. And an amazing necklace that has sweetly touched my tea lovin soul. Happy birthday, my friend. Enjoy the embrace of your home once again. xo, Karen

Teri Mahl

Nina...I feel the same as you I think at this very moment. Since moving to this new house, it is hard to get a feel for what the season's hold here. What will "that" tree look like? Will it turn wonderful colors or...? Living in a place as long as we did (38 years) you get used to seeing things each year, each season, as they change and rearrange. Some of them remain the same but some actually change right in front of your eyes. It becomes comforting somehow to be in that safe place. But here, in the new house, things are different and there are things I miss. I see something in a magazine that reminds me of my "old" house and it hits my heart in a way that is hard to describe. "I used to have a bathtub just like that" or "That looks just like what my kitchen looked like". Now...getting to become familiar with the "new" house is a process. I sit by the window typing this and look out at the landscape and wonder about it. I see new things and some things that are becoming familiar. In some ways I am envious of your time now...the fact that it is all yours to do with the way that you want to use it. I still have obligations (husband, children, grandchildren) that take up every moment of almost every day. In some ways that is good but in other ways, I miss some "me" time. I guess a good class or retreat is in order. But still, there will be people around. You, on the other hand, sit on Firefly Road, alone, contemplating, reading, making jewelry. I guess we are never completely happy with every aspect of our lives. The key is be happy with them "at that moment". It sounds as if you are!!

Judy H.



the movie and song are also favorites of mine.jim also loved the movie and one year he gave me the dvd for christmas.


Wow- wonderful. Every little piece. The song, the movie, the necklace. The leaves, the trees, the changing of the guard. Perfect.


How are you liking your iphone?


I love how you see, how you think, how you write. Thank you.


Alone is ok. I like alone. Company is good too. I envy you living there, that view is to die for. My husband and I were just talking today about where we are gonna go when we retire, Carolina came up.


So glad to have you back! Happy belated birthday Nina!!! Your new creations are just beautiful!!!!


Thank you for sharing the images and story of how this necklace came into being - both are wonderful!


just excellent!!

Anita Van Hal

Hi Nina! As I read this post, I immediately thought of the movie Smoke too...I love that movie! You are a great story teller! Thanks for sharing your heartfelt thoughts! Hugs!


Nina, I'd love a large box. Please invoice me. Thank you and Lesley for this wonderful idea. I may use this to clear my yarn stash. Katrina

Erin McDonald

I covet that teapot necklace and the magic it promises. I absolutely love your posts, your pictures, and most of all your jewelry. I found my way to you through a list of favorite blogs on Knitters Review. I wish you peace and warmth and quiet solitude. When that is enough, crank up Edith Piaf and dance til the floors creak!

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