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Let me be the first to say, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!What a marvelous, splendid, and brilliant accomplishment. You are just beaming. Think ahead to the coziness of your space in winter as the snow falls outside. Ah, bliss!!

Mary G.

It looks beautiful. You look so happy. And you will create many beautiful things in your re-arranged studio. Congratulations!

lindy mcclellan

I am standing and cheering and doing a happy dance for you! Congratulations and well done. It is beautiful and charming and so you. Be very very proud. I can't wait to see what comes next.

Lesley Riley

You are very welcome my dear friend. And YES! Let all good things begin~ There's magic in them thar heart and hands.


You look so happy and pleased with yourself-as you should be. What a lot of work you have done. I can't wait to see what goodies come out of this space, let the adventure begin!!!!

Katherine Langford

Just like your beloved Alice, there you are in the mirror -- an alternative universe full of possibilities and yes, oh yes, what a lovely grin you have - you are your own cheshire cat! Enjoy, create, grow and enjoy. Welcome home!


Proud you should be. It takes an act of courage to move through the mountain of things accumulated over years, sift through what belongs to now, and let go of what does not. Welcome home to your new lightness of studio. Indeed, I think, welcome home to a lightness of being.

Jamie V

I'm so happy to see you happy! What a terrific accomplishment. I am following your example - it feels great! Jamie V in MT

Barbara Lewis

I love the little white lights in your studio. Doesn't everything look more beautiful with twinkling lights? I am one of the lucky recipients of a box of your studio treasures. What a great idea! I love the stuff you sent and have already used some of it as a background in photos. Your studio looks stupendous! Good job!


I want a bag! My friend Sharon just got one and wowsa!! Please email me if you are still selling stuff, I am


I wish you joy and happiness in your new and improved work space. IT LOOKS GREAT!!
I love all the twinkling lights... because this is where the magic begins.
Remember what Rilke said:
"If the angel deigns to come it will be because you have convinced her, not by tears, but by your humble resolve... to be always beginning... to be a beginner."
Love ya Nina.

gina armfield

Oh you must feel sooo good! You look so happy and renewed! Maybe it will cause me to get in there and clean up my own ;)

mary jane dodd

congratulations nina on completing this herculean effort - so many small decisions having to be made along the way is exhausting... how nice that the energy can now be channeled the way you want it to be...

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig

Good looks wonderful! What a blessing to have such an amazing and cozy space to spill your heart into wonderful works of art...xoxo

Kathy VK

This would be me giving you a resounding standing ovation complete with roaring cheers and exuberant applause. Well done my friend, exceedingly well done!


Congratulations!! What an amazing job! It's a beautiful studio space. You will create many more gorgeous pieces there.

Judy H.

Yay! Excellent! Congratulations! High Five! I'm still in the process of purging/sorting/hanging/storing in my cluttered studio. I hope I can make the excellent progress, and finally have the success you've had! :D


I'm sopping wet and trying to keep the tears off my keyboard. It's so beautiful Nina. OMG...

I can hardly wait to see what ornaments emerge from this.

Lynn in Tucson

It is a thing of beauty and inspiration (and you look so pleased with yourself)!


Congratulations Nina! I'm delighted to see you looking so happy and oh my - what wonders will come out the ends of your fingers next in your newly freshened space? I can hardly wait to see!!


Oh Nina! I am so happy for you! I know how hard it is to make that first step towards creating calm out of chaos. I too have the magpie mind. But now, look at this area ready for your creative mind. No hassles of finding what you know is there, just the pure joy of creating. Enjoy!!!

ro bruhn

Ah Nina, what a beautiful wonderland you've now created, it oozes atmosphere and inspiration, well done. xo


Well done you! You have inspired me t get out to my studio and have a good clear out. Now my shoulder is healing, I am ready to start working again.

You look very happy and relaxed dear one.


Diane Dainis

I hope you are as proud of yourself as I am of you. That was an amazing hurtle and you did it! You also gave the rest of us the idea that if you can accomplish that in 2 weeks we can accomplish anything too.
Thank you Nina.




What a cozy nest you've unearthed!!! My heart rejoices at that radiant smile upon your lovely face. My wish for you is that it returns day after day.


the room is beautiful and so is that smile on your happy face!!!
missy from the bayou

Vicki in Michigan

Wow. What an inspiration.

I SO need to do this. I hope I can draw strength and purpose and motivation from your example!

Thank you for sharing your victory!

Bonnie Moench

Yeah Nina.....let the creativity begin!



WOW!!!!!!!! Warm congratulations, dear Nina, on your most wondrous, most amazing accomplishment! way to go, girl! I'm looking forward to seeing what magic will be birthed from your "clearing the nest". As always, many thanks for sharing your heart and soul with all of us. xo, Karen

Hope Amen

A job well done! You are glowing, as you should be. What awaits you now will be magic!


I love your art and your studio!!! Congratulations for clrearing out and making it look beautiful! I really like the lights is all got your signature.


well done Nina!!! you so proudly present your studio for us, like you should. you have sooo many treasure boxes stacked there. it is such a wonderful feeling after studio clean up. i am so glad to be in my studio now and feel the peace of just creating and not wondering i should start clean instead. and i try to reflect that feeling; doing things on time etc. with other areas in my life. thanks to your inspiration.


WOW! Wow! I have not met you in person, yet I'm full of pride for you in your accomplishment. Tears of pride and joy for you. I cannot wait to see what you are able to create with this weight lifted and such new freedom.

I LOVE my small treasure box and I find myself wanting to ask you questions about the treasures but I know you are busy. Instead I will imagine you finding the treasures with the passion and care you do and know that they are very special. I'm already wearing a bracelet today that I made with beads from your studio of love. It's the first time I've worn something that's not even finished.

Thank you, Heather


You look blissfully content! How wonderful. Thanks for sharing your Nina magic with all of us.

And, the box was fantastic! Glad I could help by taking a few treasures off your hands.


yay!!! it looks great, worth every last minute of work you put in, very proud!! xo

Erin Perry

Simply beautiful. I believe my dear, that you have stumbled on your word for the coming year, spelled out in those worn type letters - NEST. A place of joy, comfort, surrounded by things you love. What an immense task and lovely to be here on the other side and relishing the result. You go girl!
Erin in Morro Bay


I'm going home tonight and taking a before picture of my space and hope I can achieve such a wonderful "after". Your smile says it all. Order has a pleasant ring to it!

Tina in McLeansville

oh. my. goodness. i stand amazed and in awe! how incredibly empowering to conquer "the black hole" and turn it into a shining star! ;) you have taken such a step here...jumped right off and flew, you did! i think there are other spaces that will soon see the light of day as well...i am envisioning one for myself, to be sure!! well done!! success multiplied! xoxo


OMG, your studio looks nearly as tidy as mine now!! ;-)
It is so liberating to have a clear workspace...although I am not disciplined enough to tidy at the end of every day, I do it at the end of each project.

I can't wait to see the gorgeous things you create from your revitalised studio - have fun!


Lisa B.

Squueeeee!!! Congrats Nina ~ Looks gorgeous! I know how we Libras can get so comfortable, in being...well just plain comfortable in our daily lives and surroundings. I also know how we need to have balance and when one side outweighs the other it creates chaos. So so happy for you in your *new studio :). Creations abound.


Yay! Your workspace looks amazing and you look soooo happy! Congrats on not only making the area aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well.

I'm in the midst of cleaning my sorely neglected (6 months or so), 1 room studio apartment. Your space gives me great hope and inspiration! Perfect timing. : )

sue in melbourne

oh!!! it's fantastic!!!

Kim White

I'm so proud for you Nina!!
I love that you look so happy too!
Well done! (and thanks for sharing :)
Kim (TExas)

Sharon W

you are an inspiration. First you had the courage to show us your disorder. And then you were able to face the problem and bring it to resolution. I have been working to do a similar cleanup in my studio, and NOW I can encourage myself by saying "Nina did it facing grief and confusion and sorrow, and still brought it together." I CAN TOO.


I love your magickal studio!


Beautiful Nina, you must be so excited to get organized. Enjoy it!


Congratulations, Nina!!!
A huge achievement. Enjoy your renewed space.

Jeff G.

What an awesome and usable space! It looks very homey!


Sparkling & cozy. Wonderful. I always find a good "cleaning" very therapeutic.


Thanks for leading the way, Nina. I'm going to start tackling my disaster area right now.


Congratulations! You look beautiful and so does your studio. Wishing you wonderful creative days ahead.


WOW! WOW! and yet another WOW!!!

Your studio looks AMAZING Nina and it is SO INSPIRING to see just what you have accomplished in just a two weeks - I think it will take me a month to get my creative space cleaned and organized the way I'd like it to be, but you have inspired me to take action. Thank you for sharing your cleaning and project with us all =-)

PS: I love my box of goodies!!! =-D

Carola Slagle

Lovely smile, fabulous place to create your magical art. I do believe this is the first time I remember seeing the "other" side of your desk. Nina, it all looks so nice. I told myself if you can do that, the least I can do is reveal my lurking self. I've been a (shy) follower for so long, and I admire you so much. Good to have you back. Hope Walter is fine, he's such a handsome tween!

Betsye Rose

Congratulations! It looks sooo good! I find that it's so much easier to unpack and put things away when they BELONG to one place and I'm not trying to figure out where to put ___.

Marilyn Weyman Kegg

Wonderful, Nina! Mine usually looks like the before photos, but I clean it off the first thing every year. I know. It isn't enough. But how I keep it that way - until I degenerate into my worse self and make and leave a mess - and what I do to find some workspace after the degeneration - is to clean off the space BEFORE I start to create. So don't do it last thing, do it first thing! It gives me such a good and virtuous feeling to have cleaned up that then I can get out what I need and start being creative!

Big HUGS to you and Walter!

Kathryn Stripling Byer

Nina, I wish I could say that I have my studio looking so welcoming! So many boxes of drafts, paper all over the place, books hither and yon! You've given me hope---and some ideas for arranging things.
Hope to see you soon. xxoo, Kay


Wow! Well done Nina. Your studio is a masterpiece!


BEAUTIFUL space!! what light you have!! Inside and out!

Lorri Scott

Congratulations!! The studio looks wonderful and I love that picture of you in it. May creativity begin now.



wanna come to El Paso and show me how you did this????? I'm such a sentimental ol' took everything I had to not order a box from you,but I have been trying(successfully I might add) to use what I already have, and nothing new comes in unless something goes out....I'm blown away with all the silver I found(well, it wasn't "lost" just stashed hehehe)
You look beautiful & HAPPY


The magical light that falls on the open spaces, from above and the snow beyond, speaks volumes.

As one who has danced the dance of small space living for 37 years, I am so tickled for your strength and determination in reclaiming your studio. To reach out unconsciously and find what is needed, without interrupting your creative flow, is a lovely gift.

Here’s to your sweet space, freedom for expression and forward motion, one day at a time.


May I add to the long list of congratulators? (Not a word? It is now! ;-)) You are truly amazing, girl! I hope this organized space will add to your already astounding creativity, Nina.

This week I had a major flood in my small house that destroyed my entire kitchen, the hall, and the basement. After the initial shock, I realized that this is an opportunity to purge down to the absolute I use it or do I love it? I look at it as a way to fill my life with time and peace not stuff. The unnecessary things are already being packed up and donated to the thrift store and the library. (I may have to repeat this process several times!)

You are an inspiration, Nina! I'll keep looking at the amazing transformation you've accomplished.

Hugs, Hazel

Christa H

I am very proud of you.
You inspired me to go hang some artwork that has been sitting in my studio for way too long. It is up and my husband is so happy with how it looks- go figure!
Now I need to finish the paintings I have half done.
I am hoping that you will eventually come out with a jewelry book. hint hint~oops no pressure though LOL
Anyway- congrats!

Brenda Bliss

Again!!! You have inspired me again!!! I just love you!!!


So beautiful! I am in the middle of reclaiming my studio after 2 years of construction in our house, and this is such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

Carol Weiler

Receiving your box was like an early Christmas present! And now I must go make room for my new treasures-your space is so inspirational.thankyou for sharing-enjoy!

ruth rae

You and your space look stunning!
aw the mind of a artist is never a tidy place so why would our space be neat!? I am a messy girl in my studio but very organized. you will find a new calm and soon find that you start to crave more order when things start to get out of hand in your space.

Congratulation on the cleansing!


I am envious of your tidy work area, mine looks at the moment like a bead bomb went off there. Maybe I need to follow suit.
(not likely) I was thrilled to see my all time favorite....Water babies, sitting grandly up there in "it's place". It would be lovely if you would consider giving it some blog time for old times sake? Happy for you in your new tidiness, off to grumble about my messiness...................


Oh Nina how wonderful it looks! I am hoping you will inspire me to clean up my untidy craft room, which has now spilled into my lounge and dinning room. :-(
Good thing there is only me and the cat LOL


I love the picture of you in that next to last photo. You are smiling all the way down to your toes!

You should be proud of your accomplishments. Your studio is lovely. Now you are ready to let your muse loose.

I want to thank you for the goody box from your destash. I thoroughly enjoyed going through the box, several times in fact, and finding something new each time. You gave me another glimpse into your studio with each treasure I pulled out of the box.

Enjoy your week!


Wow Nina. You must feel so free and unburdened now. I wish I could say the same for myself. Every year I keep making a resolution to clean out all stacks of stuff accumulated over the years here between myself, my husband and our four kids. But unfortunately I haven't accomplished it. There's always something that interferes with my plans. I'm not a candidate for the hoarding tv shows but I've definitely got too much stuff that needs to be thinned out. Care to give me any tips?


I'm always so interested to see other artist's spaces and your shots are lovely. It's been a while and I am catching up with favourite blogs. I really enjoy reorganising my working space, and over time it has shrunk and shrunk, so that now it really is hardly visible:) best wishes x


Been a while since I checked in...but I gotta say I love that photo of you. You look relaxed, happy. Yay!!

Elizabeth Woodford

WOW WOW WOW!!! Look at your space- Open and uncluttered and organized and then look at that fabulous Nina smile, so great to see!! Brava! Chica!!!

peggy gatto

A magical place for you!!!
think of you often!!!


Somehow I missed this post.
It is a freeing, light feeling, non?
Your space is magical!


I swear to God we are so alike. I hate moving the furniture around. I go to people's homes and see what they've done, admire it a lot, and I go home and sigh. AND just this morning I told someone not to come over. Me! I love people! I was too embarassed because I hate housework. With three sons and my husband, I've become overwhelmed. And I'm an addict too. I love the thrill of finding something no one else sees the potential in yet. I feel clever. Then I get home and add it to the toppling piles. I was just coming to the conclusion that I'd do it next year when youngest goes to kindy but then I thought why wait?! I can get on it right now. And then I come here and there you are shining in your pretty organised space. I have said I will embrace what I am, I am a collector but I will also learn to curate my bits better. I love what you've done. I love Lesley's awesome love and advice for you. We all need cheerleaders. So me too, I'm heading off on my journey too. To honour my space and myself in the process. I think some of my madness is often reflected in my space around me. I'd like to have peace in my home again. What a BIG effort. Again. Well done my beautiful friend. x


What an amazing space you have created for yourself. Being one that is notorious for stacking/piling/stashing I admire resolve to clear your space. Oh the fabulous pieces you will create there. Congratulations for you!

Sandy Navlyt

I LOVE your creative haven! Amazing space!!! Its perfect... May you have many enjoyable, creative hours. Thank you very much for sharing and inspiring me too!

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