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Molly Vollmer

One of those good days. There's a weak sun here today. I can gather some seed heads from the grasses.

Tina in McLeansville

a perfect way to spend the day....deep gulps of life! enjoy. hugs....xo


such joy.
it's in the 50's here today - downright balmy for New England. think I'll take a long walk. no river :(
but we do have a huge field and woods beyond.
love to you, nina. and thank you for this happy post.

xo dusan


How wonderful to live near a river!


I am savoring this blog post as I savor the soup for my lunch made by my dear boyfriend - they are both warming my spirit on this cool day!

I will be sure to keep on the lookout for the sticks in a future post, no doubt transformed by your creative magic Nina =-)


I love your artistic creative ideas for using these beautiful sticks. I'd have never thought of this. You can be sure I will be looking at sticks and other objects of nature in a totally different way.

This is one of the many reasons I love reading the blogs of artistic creative people...there's a chance that some of their creativity will rub off on me.


If I go for a walk, a stick or a rock comes home with me. As you know from my experience last month, no more bird remains will come home with me though :)

Mary G.

What nice sticks -- I never knew beavers transformed branches with their teeth.

Today outside Washington DC was beautiful, with lush blue skies. A perfect day for a walk in suburbia for me, checking the early spring progress in yards as I pass.


sticks and got it goin on...


making every moment really do that........


Maybe you'll paint a couple of them with stripes of beautiful colors...


I just read this after I wrote you. I chuckle about the sticks.... All you née is string! :0)

gloria martin

Lovely treasure! xo


ah, i love that....listening to the quite.


lately the spring has been on my mind. the scents of it and earthy colors. but winter is good too.

there is such a wonderful gifts in a woodland.


I love the idea of hanging pearls from the branches. I'm covered in snow here. Not a stick to be found........


two hours at the river after rain, rain and more rain -- i am sure you found all sorts of treasures.

bev b

love the patterns on these twigs. i know you will use them to their potential!

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