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what a gorgeous piece of art.....and such an inspirational post......things we all need to hear.....we all share so much, and especially the expectations we put on ourselves......and you so brilliantly can put it in words!!!! And, what a treasure of a jacket you so beautiful.....


you can wear the sky next to your heart. now that's what i call ornamental...


and...wear beautiful gardens on your back...denim blue skies,flowers, bees and so much more.

I get it.


this jewelry piece is a beauty and so is the jacket! when i go to London i so long for a visit in the Tate museum filled with beautiful painting from the Pre-Raphaelite era. Your jewelries are art pieces, admired with awe.

Erin Perry

"Remembering and honouring" - what a wonderful phrase and what a perfect 3 word description of your art.
Erin in Morro Bay

Marie Harcleroad

This post has brought joy to my heart today.
Everything - your words and your photos - are so beautiful. Thank you.


Tina in McLeansville

there is so much beauty here i don't even know where to start! first of all...that jacket is leaps and bounds beyond awesome. it well may be one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen. "blue skies" is gorgeous....the embroidery on the page makes me smile and want to touch it. what treasures, what gifts have come to you through the ages...thank you for sharing.
seriously...that jacket...i just keep staring at it, shaking my head with my jaw dropped. whoo. hugs to you...xo

Molly Vollmer

Beautiful embroiderie in itself, but to do it so wonderfully on Denim!! What a treasure, including the secret message in the pocket. The necklace turned out perfect. I've always tried to design something in total, never thinking to do the focal points and letting it come together on it's own. Control freak - my worst enemy.

kathy dorfer

this is truly wonderful . the jacket is amazing . it makes me wish i had saved all my work from the 60's & 70's . and of course the necklace tells a story . thank you for a great post today .


Your blue skies necklace is just beautiful - so very special. I can't believe how it all came together so quickly, so perfectly - but then, you have such a unique and creative talent, Nina!
And your grandmother's jacket is amazing (and how thrilling to find that treasure in the pocket!).
Yes, talent does indeed run deep in your family. Thanks for sharing this.

xo dusan


And what a precious memory of your brother Ben, to hold close to your heart.

xo dusan again

julie whitmore

Nina, do you ever wear the jacket? I hope you do....
absolutely gorgeous splendiferous necklace!


now that is a pure treasure!!!


i do mean this in the best reference....i see this stitching that took place so many years ago in it's elegance and probably had little or no pattern....that's all.


Your 'blue skies' necklace encompasses a whole 'Nina Moment'. A story that will live on and on. It truely is a beautiful work. xo

Kathy VK

sweet sweet gift.
thanks for sharing your process, your story, your self and for including me along the way.
love and blessings - kvk


You are magic.

Mary G.

Nina -- Your posts yesterday and today are very inspirational. Such beauty. Reminds me of the William Morris quote: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.


Oh Nina, you are so much more beautiful than you will ever know. Your heart is pure and your words calm the hunger in souls. Blue Skies turned out beautifully- perfection thank you for sharing. Thank you for just being you

Jolene Hardy

Beautiful and such talent in your family. I am finding that as well in my family, it is a cool thing to discover :)

Funky Monkey Girls,


This necklace is really beautiful. I think it is because you let go of a bit of yourself when you gave someone some of your artistic process in a recent post.
When you give... it turns into beautiful... and that's what comes through in the necklace.
That a girl...

Linda Byrd

That jacket is unbelievably beautiful. I still long for my old jeans on which I embroidered daisies back in the early 70's, but my work was nothing compared to your grandmother's. What a treasure that jacket is!


What a beautiful treasure you have in that jacket! Amazing! I love the stitched sentiment on the journal cover... It really struck a cord with me. Your new piece is incredible and I can't wait to see more! Lovely post.

Nancy Krampf

sweet nina,
you gave an amazing lesson in creativity which can be expressed yet so hard to comprehend, but you gave a map ,directions and turn signals and longitude and latitude , and you gave insight into your world.
you gifted one who was brave enough to ask. and is this not what we are about, our herstory.

Ailsa Willis

Thankyou for showing us the beauty of your grandmother's and your own creativity and for sharing the process that results in such treasures. You're a treasure yourself and we appreciate your life enhancing posts!
Love and hugs.

Robin Nowak

hola mama!!!
you're talking about birds a lot these days.
the swallows returned today! their sweet bodies jetting through the air, a spiritual play day!! I have one tattooed on each shoulder, on my back. And old school one, and a new lifelike one. My son Niles read their meaning (for sailors) to me today. Amazing kismet.
you are so incredibly blessed to have that jacket. and the notes... what a gift!!
and your necklace--a breath of the skies...

Carol Weiler

Oh the necklace and the jacket- both so beautiful. Inspiration is truly everywhere. You teach us how to look for it. Thank you. CW


Such beauty in your words, in the world you describe and the jewelery you create! Thank you for sharing all this poetry with us.

Bonnie Moench

Oh that jacket...I remember you showing it before and you are right, what a wonderful piece of art. I do remember the grasshopper it was glorious. I do think that your new necklace is one of my favourite pieces you have ever made. What a treasure.



The jacket made my heart skip a beat! What a wonderful gift! And, I love your necklace too! I have the first dress my garandmother made me. Blue and white gingham, empire waist, short sleeved. Around the waist she hand stitched smocking. The stitches are beautiful. I, too, bring the dress out..smell it, touch it, remember.


I loved the necklace in the first image and largely because it was only a whisper of blue. But when the next image was of the back with "remembered" it became absolutely perfect because that was how my mind saw it first, as a whisper and a promise. In the tea room, I spend so many hours imagining those blue skies [and up to my elbows in chocolate and sugar] that it was pleasant to reminded that a "whisper and a promise" of them is still beautiful.

Jamie V

Beautiful jacket, beautiful stitching, beautiful necklace, beautiful treasures! Oh, my goodness!

xo Jamie V in MT


Love that index card -- validation that the one's we love are always with us.

A small gift from beyond the veil.


oops... should be "ones"


I loved reading about the history of creativity and talent that threads thru your family. And what a wonderful treasure you plucked from that jacket pocket!
vickie in kc


oooh, lucky, lucky you, this is a wonderful find on top of a piece that happened in the right way. it's very beautiful, and to find your grandmother's key! this is what it's all about, when it all comes together!


this is, perhaps, the best gift ever. The connection, the "red thread", we are sooooo lucky. I would have to consider sleeping with the jacket under my pillow just to see where it might lead.

Robyn Ayaz

Nina, I have looked at your work for years with awe and today I found your blog! What a wonderful treat - the jacket, the necklace, your generosity in sharing yourself> Perfect!

Jacky Mcfarlane

Just beautiful Nina, love the colours in your necklace and your small snippet of embroidery just says nina. What a treasure in you gorgeous jacket and finding that little note of her workings in her handwriting, priceless. xoxoxo


Ahhhhh the divine magic always finds you.......and you share it with us.......your embroidered jacket, the blue sky, and the jewels that dance around your being somehow always find their way to our hearts.....

Chris in WA

Thank you Nina for sharing the treasured work of your Mimi with us. And always, for sharing yours. That jacket took my breath when clicking on the pictures so these aging eyes of mine could get a closer look. Simply beautiful.
The generation of our grandmothers carried such a strong needlework tradition and so many examples have been lost along the way. This treasure and its new found pocketed paper surprise are amazing examples of the love that created the piece and the loving path it has taken since. My grandmother began her career in the late 1800's as a seamstress, later working with furs and then into a retail business. However she never lost her love of needlework and precision. In her 90's she repaired a fur coat whose pelts had torn. Those tiny, perfect stitches were magic.
Thanks for the sharing and reminding.
Hugs, Chris


Such wonderful history and such powerful writing. I'm awestruck.


OH! What a wonderful gift to have found that scrap of paper describing the flowers your grandmother amazingly gorgeously embroidered onto that wonderful denim jacket!! This whole post is one beautiful work of art from one generation to another =-)


That jacket is spectacular! What a gift your grandmother made and what a gift to have you share it. It brings a smile and and represents life and all it's blessings!

Mary Eva

that jacket is AMAZING
what a treasure!

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