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i came to look at your blog at the same time you where posting something new. somehow i felt i must go to see the world of Nina's. i do love these needle work Nina, so wonderful. i do love to work with needles as well, making simple branches with leaves on to bracelets. working with a needle and a thread reminds me of older days and Bright Star. I do do love Downton Abbey also. when i received the first season (i ordered the dvd without knowing nothing much about it) last summer i watched it three times. there was something so wonderful about this series.

Lorri Scott

I love hearing how you work and your embroidery piece is very sweet. I too need to learn how to clean up after myself. lol! I pull out this and that and pretty soon there are piles all over my studio. At this moment I just went up to turn the heat up and warm my studio so I can work and I looked around and sighed ........ I need to clean up a bit before I can work in there. How does one train to be neat? Is there a method to my madness? Probably not but if everything is tucked away I can't see what I have to choose from. I wish someone could organize myself for me that worked.

Molly Vollmer

Perhaps your friend, and the rest of us, would like (accept, be in touch with) our work if we didn't bring home bags of stuff from stores and, instead, searched our homes for things that had meaning for us.

Diana B

When we begin to create a piece, we have often have in mind what it should look like when finished. It's the nature of the creative process that it usually doesn't look like the image we had in our brains. I find it useful to put things away for a week or two, which gives the image in my head a chance to fade away; then I can look at and appreciate the piece for what it really is. Somehow, that process always redeems it for me!

Tina in McLeansville

..."indecision of which way to go. of waiting. of searching for a sunny spot..." i love those words. a very good description of traveling though life, don't you think? ;)
this peek into the workings is quite motivating for me...i especially love the blue skies...and how you just seem to be able to pour all the pieces of the puzzle out of the box and fit them together like magic and have it look so perfect. amazing, as always. hugs to you...xo


Nina, I love how you have described your creative process here...from seeing a beautiful sky to the vignettes of objects you may or may not use and I'm sure we all look forward to seeing the final product however long it takes to create it!

It can be hard to describe our process of inspiration and production and they are all individual to each artist and to each mode of work created whether it's jewelry, painting, collage or sculpture.

BTW: I think your embroidery work looks wonderful! I hope the 'blue skies' piece is going to be part of the necklace, though it would make a wonderful embellishment for one of your art books =-)


Nina, thank you for giving us this peek into how you work your magic. I loved following along as you created something unique and wonderful from bits of this and that. The blue skies embroidery piece is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see where it goes from here!

xo dusan

Katherine Langford

Ah, but the missing magic - the muse that clicks around on high heels or trots in from the fields with wet boots and a happy dog. I think, for artists, the muse sings forth and pushes and prods. That, dear Nina, is your special relationship with your art. You never compromise that union, that dialogue. Each artist can help others, but, in the end, there has to be that dance of shoes and moments, that mystical moment where it is either working or it isn't and then. . . if you take a break, take a walk, sometimes you discover the muse smiling in the corner hiding behind cloud-like lace or in the shadow of trees or nested in your hand as a heart-shaped rock! Thank you so much for the open-hearted share, or perhaps, photo into your heart of hearts. Cheers!


I woke this morning to blustery skies and a breeze sweeping through the gum trees. I wrote about it my little Moleskine note book so that I would remember. This week the hot summer nights have gone and we sleep well.
I opened up my computor and after checking the weather updates, I came here. What an inspiration, what a treasury of images and words!
Thankyou for taking the time (with your slow connection) to create this post Nina.

Nelda Ream

Thank you for this, Nina. Can hardly wait to see the piece you create from these bits.

Judy H.



I was floating on clouds as I read this. I needed that little trip-thank you.
Vickie in kc


tears are falling this evening...thanks for this post. it touches me in ways you can't imagine...
thank you <3


i am pretending we are tucked side by side on a couch in a cabin drinking tea and i am listening to you share these pieces of you...

love this post.


Your Opening Photograph, quite simply stole my breath away, and I couldn't even read your words past that!
If you might think of it, I would like to purchase a copy of this photo, in an 8x10 or 17x11 format.
I'm loving the simple magic of image transformation, real or not, this photograph stopped me in my thoughts & tracks. XOXO


Nina, this post you have shared touched a nerve with me. I am new to jewelry making although I tried to take classes a few lifetimes ago in college. Never being satisfied with cookie cutter mentalities and designs, I have always tried to break the mold. Designing has been in fits and starts, and the work table is cluttered mercilessly. When I have the urge to start a piece, I often get overwhelmed. Thank you for clarifying how important it is to have a clear space to bring inspiration and ideas to.


VERY important!!! a lesson that took me 55 years to learn!!! good luck, Mardi - I know youll succeed! nina

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Art is always more interesting to me when I know the story of how it came to be, just as stories are more interesting to me when there are beautiful pictures.
As I read your words I could feel a calm stillness come over me and it was like you were speaking softly, telling me how words have colours, and objects have words, and together they make the story. I love this post...

Erin Perry

What a joy to sit in spirit by your elbow as you weave your magic. A beautiful post - I could almost feel the textures of your various materials.
Erin in Morro Bay


Wow. Thank you! I loved this insight into your creative process. Some of it resonated with me and made me realize that maybe there's hope for me. Sometimes I seriously worry that I have some kind of disorder that will not allow me to find my own way when I create -- things. I have difficulty finding focus and often start about three projects at once. Sadly, I often finish none of them. But sometimes I finish one of them!

Mystic Blue Creations

Thank you for the beautiful post. It is very inspirational,although now I feel the urge to go clean up my space(not a small task).Your photograph is beautiful and your embroidery is also an inspiration!


Since you wrote "Thoughts" and "Process of Inspiration" I have read them many times. Your words are poetry and transport me. Thank you for gift to your readers.

Bonnie Moench

What insight into the mind of an have helped me more than you will know. When I start working I toss those bits of inspiration aside, and try to make something beautiful. Well never again, from now on I will create with my heart.



Never comment on your blog before, but your blog is slowly becoming one of my favorites. I live in a jungle on an island so your blog is important to me. I think you got your talent from your grandmother mimi and your love from your Dad.....lisa


This is so incredibly helpful right now. I have been trying to find 'my way' too, so this post is such a great inspiration. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so beautifully!

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