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Tina in McLeansville

wow....really beautiful! :) only you could do a piece like that justice. xoxo


Love this!

Cindy O'Leary

This post reminded me of the 'spotlight' in your bedroom at the AAJ! You'll be happy to know they hung blinds on that window...just for you. ;) Can't wait to see you again! xoxo

Erin Perry

If there had not been clouds, I would imagine that the moonlight through the lace would have been exquisite. I love moonlight - maybe because mine comes in through a window across the room from the bed and is reflected off the ocean instead of bright, bright snow.
Erin in Morro Bay

Mary G.

The lace at your window caught me eye even before I read the story . . . what a lovely post!

Diana B

What a lovely essay, not to mention a cute picture of Walter. May I say how nice it is to see you posting so much lately? I know it's PITA with your internet connection, but we're just lovin' it out here at the other end of the pixels.


We ARE lovin' it. What a lovely idea for a vintage crocheted tablecloth. The room looks charming and Walter certainly is a nice touch!
vickie in kc


Your bedroom is beautiful--and I love the crocheted table cloth as a window covering. And Walter--he looks so sweet.

My calendar says yesterday/last night was the 'snow moon', a full moon so called because, and I quote:

"Since the heaviest snow usually falls during this month, native tribes of the north and east most often called February’s full Moon the Full Snow Moon. Some tribes also referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon, since harsh weather conditions in their areas made hunting very difficult."

kathy dorfer

Full snow moon ... i like that .i willhave to make me one of those .


Lace and moonlight, so very Nina!


Such a pretty photo of your cozy room...

Judy H.

Pretty, pretty!

Linda B.

What a beautiful window! The full moon always keeps me awake, whether it's hiding behind clouds or washing the earth in silver.


Nina..the full moon woke me up too at midnight here on the Delaware beach! I thought surely I had overslept! Love your solution to the bright moon...the crochet is beautiful - it must look beautiful with the afternoon sun shining through!


The full moon almost always gets me! No sleep last night... but that lace would be nice to look at all night.


hi nina, i'm here from julie whitmore. it's just as beautiful here as she says. i have met that moon too. it's nice to meet you.


sweet dreams to you and your cuddle bunny pooch :)


Beautiful. I love that tablecloth!
I shared that moon with you last night Nina, wasn't it spectacular?
I would love to be able to leave my bedroom blinds open at night to sleep in the moonlight...however I am overlooked by too-close neightbours and I think it would severely traumatise them to see me in my bedtime attire!! Ahhh, we are never happy with what we've got are we? :-)


I don't know how many times I've read your last posts. You are so inspiring! All my gratitude!


Love your creative window covering - so beautiful. I, too, hate to spoil the view, but sometimes we need to sleep.

xo dusan


oooohh. Love this

Aunt Jenny

What a great idea!! just lovely!! Your room looks perfectly what I would love to are an inspiration for sure!

Lorri Scott

LOL! The crochet cover is so much better for a window covering than what we once came up with for a different window in the past! Of course we didn't have much choice. xo

Robin Nowak

The moon and I have a tenuous relationship at best. While I love her and all she reveals, she also comes bearing a bad ass migraine.
Beyond that, february full moon is always Skunk full moon. This time of year (at least down here in south central Texas) the male skunks are making their rounds, looking for hot mama skunks to make babies with. Lots of them end up as asphalt sacrifices due to the area they feel they should cover. It makes me sad, these dear little skunks trying to live their lives and it being cut short due to roads, highways, and man made cars...
I digress!
Love the spontaneity of your window covering. Looks as if it's always lived there, over your head, telling you its secrets and what it sees....

Jennnifer Thornton

Hi Nina, just saying I enjoy your blog would be saying far too little. I often print out your blogs, I have an ornamental file. I print the ones that help me and read and re-read may of them. Your jewellery is so special. Please continue to be you, you are an inspiration. By the way I'm 56 going on 57. I love reading, making statement jewellery, painting, gardening, sewing, knitting, cooking and my dear children and husband. You are so often in my thoughts. When you don't blog I understand. Luv Jenny


Nina- you have such a stunning blog-- I've stumbled here by way of a haphazard path--
I love your beautiful words and style. I could stay here for hours on end-- and will return to do so for sure. Your photos are visions of all that makes me peaceful and happy.

I also want to say tgat your jewelry designs are amazingly beautiful. I also visited your sisters shop- her glass eggs leave me breathless-- I can just see them in my little crafted nests--

Have a wonderful weekend-


your bedroom looks beautiful!

sometimes i think that what happens in my life goes hand in hand with phases of the moon. i am believer that phases of the moon affects in different ways. i try to also follow it while gardening. hugs.

Donna Joy

love the texture of the tablecloth~who needs curtains when you live so remote? i would probably have everything open if i didn't live in suburbia!

gloria martin

As always....resplendent!


It is lovely jewelry for your window! Like Mary G., the lace in your top photo caught my eye before you even mentioned it!


stunningly comforting...

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