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Tina in McLeansville

and here as well....three tables full of various and sundry parts and pieces of this and that in assorted states of unfinished-ness....and what do i do? take the day to myself and try to find MORE...?! however...
this post resonates with plans and vision of what may, onward! hugs to you...xo


It's all about how we find our way from point A to point B, isn't it? - and the journey inbetween.
I,too, am scattered every which way - restless, like the weather. Somehow things always fall perfectly into place in the end, though.
But, you know that.

xo dusan

Denise S.

I have a small table overflowing with beads and leather cord and needles and line for jewelry making. Must work on a bracelet for my daughters friend now that all supplies have arrived.
Soon though must get ready and go pick up Ernest and enjoy some alone time with him for a belated birthday dinner for me.
Just enjoy your thoughts and that wonderful pup of yours for the now and the rset will follow.xxxooo


it's like the ornaments just come to you for're a magnet for the beautiful.

Donna Joy

Ironic-i was catching up on blog posts and started thinking back to when we first "saw" you-your book art and wondering if you ever do art like that anymore of if you concentrate on jewelry. Obviously you make a living w/your work so that would take front seat. Then i scroll down to read the older posts and there you mention a journal and working in it~enjoy!

Mary G.

That is a beautiful photograph. Something is beginning, finding its way to fruition.


stirred not shaken, cheers (refering to the objects in the photo LOL)


Oh Ya, I get the movement! XOXOXOXO


It is good sometimes to let things go out of focus a little, give them time to grow and expand in the silence of the mind, amidst the thousand thoughts that are fleeting through. Thank you for sharing this with us, for reminding us that pregnant moments like this are worth enjoying to the full. You paint beautiful pictures with words, Nina, and make awesome photos too. Your post is a real gift.


I must agree with are a real gift. Thank you again for sharing.


I read a quote at the Mint museum in Charlotte yesterday that seems appropriate for this post:
“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Piccasso


When I read this, for some reason the Celtic Woman song, "I am the Sky and the Dawn and the Sun" popped into my mind. It is lovely and full of life and makes me think of you!
vickie in kc

Robin Nowak

the kittens are wrestling in the background--one will travel to her new home this evening and the other will mourn her leaving in between wrestling with the other calico in our home...
this week I finished several projects that have been on my table in disarray. It was freeing not having them sitting there looking at me as I worked on other, more exciting pieces.
it seems I find myself in these projects, if only a discovery of a new color that calms... lots of distress and dis-ease in the world today that I am having a hard time shaking off. I hate that I get caught up in the tide, it's never pretty.
But my projects always are. So I will roll with that--the beauty in creating.
So I will now finish the book I began making yesterday. A gift for a friend. A gift made with love. Beauty at it's finest!!!


You are a pot ready to boil. I can't wait to see the results when you are "done". When I think of your pieces, the word "dreamy" comes to mind.


"a magnet for the beautiful" they say; like attracts like....

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