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love seeing the shots around firefly and, of course, wtb is going to gobble the moss right up. why not?

Tina in McLeansville

you must have the rain to bring the green later patient....beautiful things like spring take time. there is an explosion of pinks and purples and yellows at the bottom of my steps that is the hyacinths and daffodils...the colors are on their way. 'til then, what other colors are speaking...and for today, gray is not allowed. :)hugs to you...xo


Green traces of life...thankyou for this post.

MaggieD (Dianne)

What a wonderful post! I am sitting here on the very gray Oregon coast, drinking my coffee...... and was hoping for a bit of sweetness and inspiration for this morning..... thank you, Nina..... A gift.

Lori Burek

I love the sound of moving water also - yesterday I sat by a fountain and just enjoyed the hearing the drops of water falling. Spring may be here in Chapel Hill flowers are starting to pop up and bloom. Loved you moss heart I could smell and feel it from here.

Denise S.

Moss thats something we see very little of here in the dry,high mountains.
I am so ready for some green,but alas we had snow yesterday.
Don't our dogs consume the most bizarre things,my grandpup who lives with us loves sticks and empty peanut shells. We feed the squirrels peanuts and she won't leave them alone.
Wonderful share today Nina.


We had a warm sunny day yesterday here in the NC piedmont, and today is grey and drizzly. An odd back and forth kind of winter. I try to go with the flow of it. Your mountain view must be lovely either way. Oh, I think dogs will eat almost anything!


Hey Nina, you just need a little scooter to get you around.... :)

Your photos are just gorgeous. I can almost smell that wonderful moss. Tuesday there were tornadoes. Yesterday it was sunny and warm, today--snow. Go figure. It seems Mother Nature is having fun at our expense.

Enjoy your weekend!


thank you Nina for dedicating this post to me. this truly was one of my favorite posts here in Ornamental and even more special after i read the last words.
there is a little acorn nestled between the moss in one of Julie's cups. when i water the moss i can imagine that i am in the woods. Hopefully there will be a little tree in the cup soon.
i can not wait to see jewelries from you with green shades, inspired by the woods, moss and ferns.

Carol Weiler

Even though our Midwest winter has been graciously mild, I too long for the sights, sounds, and smells of spring. Funny, I rarely use greens in my art but adore seeing it in nature. Loved the moss. Thank you. CW

kathy dorfer

you put a smile on my face with the story of walter and the green fern . my dog rowan does the same thing . too funny .


Before reading your post I looked at the photos and said to myself "Ooh. I can smell that moss." It smelled fantastic. Thanks for sharing.


The rains will bring the green...and it sounds like you will too! ;-) You do find the creative in everything, Nina.

Kelly Jeanette

A lovely post, Nina. I can smell the moss and envision a wonderful walk in the woods as Spring begins. Such beautiful photos.


Love the green. And the funny story about Walter. We still have white here.
Thank you for this very inspiring post.

xo dusan


I live in the desert area of the Evergreen State. I miss the moss covered trees and rocks on the wet side. My heart opens wider when I am there among the green. Others do not understand this. I pacify my craving for green by growing the ferns and woodland fairies from my Gram's garden here. I water and amend the soil, trying to create a touch of her here. Wishing you long walks among the green fairies.


You made my day with your post, your photos, your art, ... Thanks!

diana giambrone

I really love you and Walter too!


You can get a small electric scooter for around $150. It goes no faster than Walter could run, I'm guessing. I wouldn't want to ride it on the highway, but I'm not familiar with your route to tell you whether it is appropriate. Mine loves dirt roads, country roads with little traffic, and even sidewalks sometimes.


Hey Nina, love that beautiful piece and just the right words for your header ... looks truly lovely.

Ramona Gordy

Hi Nina
I wonder, are you planning on writing a book in the not so distant future? A compilation of your favorite posts? I know you are busy now, but prehaps?
I am always looking out for heart shaped rocks, but then I think you have to be like the person who always finds the 4-leaf clovers.
Thank you for your time shared with us.

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