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Tina in McLeansville

such absolutely stunning work here...the lovelies and the words. i want to reach out and let my fingertips lightly dance on "into the woods"....such intricate and loving work on all of these beauties. i can see and feel that your heart was wrapped in that as well.
i ache for your sweet mom and the loss of her buddy....hugs to all of you. safe travels sweet friend. xoxo

mary jane dodd

biggest hugs to you and your mama...
the work is beautiful and soulful... the wrapped twig is divine in its combination of age and sparkle...
have a safe trip tomorrow -

Mary G.

Such an achingly beautiful post, and then the heartbreaking mention of loss at the end. Losing a beloved animal companion is never easy; it must be doubly hard for your mother at this time.

But today, here, is cloudless blue and unseasonably warm. Spring is busting out all over, as if it were June, June, June. The day is full of wonderful promise, just as spring always is.


It's clear that Mercury Retrograde isn't affecting your communication here Nina! This post is filled with beauty and sorrow bumping against each other with a quiet grace that is a hallmark of your beautiful writing.

I admire all that you do to support your mother Nina - I have not always had a good relationship with my own mother but yours is an example I strive to achieve in the years to come.

Thank you for sharing ALL of yourself here in this beautiful space Nina - it is such a treat to visit this graceful space =-)


...such beauty against the sadness of your heart...
sometimes it hurts. go towards it and let it seep through the pores and cleanse you..


you are such a kind heart Nina! so sad that your mother is loosing her beloved dog. you are on my thoughts...

and that twig necklace is just beautiful. reminds me of walks in English woods, where trees where filled with ivy.

Katherine Langford

Your large kind heart is that embroidered twig in its heart-shaped splendor. Each twined green tendril, each small bead of viridian, each taproot reconnected is your life's experiences and yes, oh yes, you share so much with others. May you take light and love to your dear mother. You will be the candle for her in this time of passings and loving the circle of life that we must acknowledge and honor in its many guises. You are authentic and real like what you are discovering in the walks. Praise be to all life and greening - it renews us and gives us strength that all is, as Julian of Norwich says, "…All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well." I also send you these most lovely lines from T. S. Eliot as spirit clothes to wear upon this journey.

"Whatever we inherit from the fortunate
We have taken from the defeated
What they had to leave us—a symbol:
A symbol perfected in death.
And all shall be well and
All manner of thing shall be well
By the purification of the motive
In the ground of our beseeching"

Blessings to you --

Andrew Thornton

I can very much relate to the "busy-ness" of being self-employed. Some days... actually... most days... I dream of having someone take care of everything "ELSE" and be able to just create and make and have that as my sole preoccupation.

And I'm sorry to hear that your mom is having to put down her golden retriever. It must have been hard. A difficult act to ease the suffering of a creature loved.


As always, I find such a deep peace here. Strength for the days ahead, Nina. xo

Lori Burek

Amazing work! The pieces show a story with all their little treasures which you lovingly put into them -- they are works of art! Sorry about your mom's friend.I'm sure you can make your mom a piece of art to honor and remember her faithful friend. HUGS!


Amazing! I always feel inspired by your words and your beautiful works of art. I, too, am sorry about your mom's dog. Your presence will help her through.

Kathy VK

Goodness Nina ... so so sorry to hear about Isaac - I do know that sick feeling. Of course, the new work is gorgeous, especially loving the twig necklace - brilliant!

Travel safe and let me know when you return. love always ...


That's what makes for beautiful art though, I think - when there are layers and layers that you can't always quite see, or know all of, but they're there, adding something, doing their part. And their presence is as necessary to the whole as that which lies on top.
I love making things that look different at different distances - the little surprises and nuances that become clear as you move closer, the detail on the back that is only revealed if the viewer picks it up. The little gasp or "ooh" they utter is my favourite part of someone looking at something I've made.
I love how you describe it all, and the soft misty light is perfect - the pictures are beautiful!
My heart goes out to your mother; the loss of a faithful friend is a heavy one. Good journey.

Robyn Ayaz

Dear Nina, even in such sadness your lovely soul shines through! It is so sad to lose those dear companions who never ask much of us and are just there at our knee always and especially when they have also helped us through earlier grief. My heart goes out to your mother and you and it is wonderful that you have your "work" things to help you through. Even those non-blissful things can help. Love and hugs from Robyn.


your new pieces are exquisite.......and you are a very caring daughter......

Carol Weiler

Such beauty in your post and new pieces that tell such sweet stories. Such beauty in your kind and loving devotion to your mother. And such bittersweet beauty in the companionship and loss of a loyal friend. Real beauty everywhere. CW


I'm so sorry about your mom's dog. It is a pain-filled loss, I know. Our pets are such loveable and loving companions. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
vickie in kc


Hallo my Dear One,
as usual your work is magical. Such detail, such soul.
Kind thoughts to your Mama.


I love it when you document and share the process. It's a visible symbol of the way that memories, the immediate environment, the music we're hearing, thoughts we're having, the stories we're listening to (and lots more) are all invisible parts of the piece. I do believe that all of that is there in an intangible way.

Bonnie Moench

What a kind and loving daughter you are. You and your mom are so lucky to have each other....



Beautiful jewelry pieces, Nina.
Safe travels to be with your mom.
Much love.

xo dusan


Oh, moss in the woods! Is there anything better?! When I was a little girl we had lots of moss in the yard, I used to love to go out and lay down on the cool velvety greenness of it. I like the thought of the green velvet in this piece and the connection to moss :)
Beautiful pieces, as always!


ps: I forgot to say, my condolences to you and your mom.....


Great minds think alike. :) Funny how the world works. Over the last few days, between everything else, I have wrapped and stitched on a piece of driftwood that I gathered on a walk awhile back.
It doesnt look anywhere as artful as yours.But Im hoping that eventually I can work as inspiringly as you.
I also have little vignettes around the house of found natural objects :)
Regards Phillipa


Your new work is simply beautiful Nina! It really reflects your love of nature.
I am sorry to hear about your Mom's sweet dog. Sending her warm thoughts.


Wow...the 'into the woods' necklace looks like it is encrusted with all kinds of's an amazing piece. Sorry for your mom having to loose her dog so soon after losing her husband. A lot of this life is made up of loss isn't it.


Such beauty in your new are so in tune with winter's beauty and the tentative peeks of spring. Your words, your photos, your creations weave a picture of such inspirational, awesome beauty. I feel deeply for you and your mum. Losing a faithful furry companion is such a heartbreaking thing. Much love sent your way.

Diana Giambrone

Dear Nina,
As always I thank you for your beautiful blog, the amazing photos of your jewelry and your surroundings but most of all I thank you for your words -- it's like having a friend out there in the world who is so honest and so giving.
Hug yourself and kiss walter for me.

kathy dorfer

i love seeing the transition with the photos . it is nice to see how your necklace evolved .
love to your mom and her transition of losing a friend .

bev b

i just got a chance to sit and read...i've been uber busy with "stuff" these days that i haven't had a chance to stop by. i love what you have been creating lately...seems as though your mojo is flowing pretty good these days...must be the spring and sunshine i hope! i love the natural colors and incorporation of your nature walks in your work. i wish i had your creativity...i'm still working on the left brain. *wink* i feel bad for your mom..i know how difficult it is to put a beloved pet down...i had to be the strong one in a house full of men when my dog was at his end...give her a hug from me...


I like milky light, especially with cookies... aloha sweet pup.


I've so enjoyed meeting new people through Seth - but your blog has really amazed me. Your writing is absolutely beautiful, your jewellry equally so. I've spent a couple of hours reading your posts, thinking, trying to take in the scope of your life, your work, your love of the woods, and your love for Walter. I cried for your Mom, losing Isaac, and I know you and Walter will look after her. Blessings from faraway Australia.


I am always amazed by your jewelry, it takes twists and turns that I don't expect, and comes out beautifully on the other side!

I love Seth's blog and all the artists he clues me in to. One time I featured a quick note on my blog, and he acutally left me a message! Very sweet. I like your question too, ahving been to a therapist myself. Also, as a nurse, we often have this type of issue with patients- do we tell them anything about ourselves, or just listen to what they say? Often it is a judgement call.

Hugs to your mom. Losing an animal is such a terrible thing. I still miss my old beloved cat, gone these two years...

donna joy

beautiful, in so many ways...

Kathy Pennekamp

Beautiful work, beautiful words. I have always said that I believe that every mother needs a wonderful daughter and I am sure that you fit the bill. Hope your mom heals soon.


I don't have the eloquent words the other commenters have, but, I do want to let you know that you and your mother are in my heart.I look at your lovely necklace and wonder if it was laying against my throat if I would be able to smell the woods and river. How incredible that would be.

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