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and heartwarming
two extraordinary people
a conversation...

love it,

xox - eb.

Congratulations, Nina! and thank you for a new, lovely link...


Is he something? I love him. He never seems too busy to talk. He always says the best about people. He's realistic and willing to dream. He laughs and can be deeply serious. He seems always ready to try something new, and always open. He hasn't even turned me down yet on my proposal of marriage. I expect my ring any day, now.

Frankly, I fear he's imaginary.

As for you: You do know how to rock the hearts! Beautiful!


Lovely to see how much everyone appreciates Seth. And now I have found your beautiful blog and feel enriched by reading your words and soaking up your photographs of your jewellry. You've made my day.

Robyn Ayaz

Hello Nina, how wonderful for you and Seth; I have been meaning to check out his blog for ages and his comments were so thoughtful and TRUE! It was True Colors where I first saw your work too and I was struck dumb with the sheer beauty and feeling in your work. You must be flying high right now and I have just ordered the book - we have to help each other, right?


What a nice thing to wake up to this morning, these beautiful photos! I loved your question to Seth. Many years ago, I went to a therapist for ACOA issues. The therapist was also a child of an alcoholic and she spent my entire session telling me her problems. I seem to bring that out in people. I often think I should have been a therapist instead of an artist :)
Can't wait to see this book, thanks for the link to the blog, I'm heading right over there now!

Jill Zaheer

Wonderful post Nina and so glad to be sharing in the 31/31 with you. Terrific questions to Seth. Just love the photos of your work. Absolutely gorgeous!

Barbara I.

I love your work, Nina, and have been following you for quite awhile now. I am a book artist and love the inspiration other artist's work gives me. Thanks for your post today. I also follow Seth and all he is up to so your post was very enjoyable to read. So exciting to see that you are a featured artist in his new book! I love reading about all the artists that are involved. 133 is a huge undertaking! Hoping to win one of the giveaways as well! That would be awesome.

Tina in McLeansville

outstanding....and yay! something new, as i am just taking baby steps....i look forward to finding this book and the blog! thank you....both! hugs...xo


I knew I wouldn't be disappointed in this post. LOVE your beautiful book pieces! I enjoyed your question to Seth and his reply very much. We are very lucky that Seth decided to go ahead and create his blog.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

I've just spent the last two days reading Seth's book and found myself instantly drawn to your piece. It's textures, it's color, it's beauty, the incorporation of something that held such meaning for you. Simply beautiful.


Congratulations. You made my day.

Maureen E. Doallas

Great question you asked of Seth and a great answer.

Your work is wonderful. It's delightful to find it through Seth.

Shari Adkisson

Somehow I lost my connection to you, glad to get it back.

MaggieD (Dianne)

I just checked out Seth's blog.. wonderful photos of you and your work... then purchased the book on amazon. I am really looking forward to receiving it. Speaking of therapy... thank you for the lovely in cold, rainy Oregon... a cup of coffee.. your beautiful photos and heartfelt words.


I am so excited and pleased for you. And very proud of you. What a marvelous idea for a book.
vickie in kc


Thank you, Nina.
For introducing me to Seth and his art.
And now I am very excited to get his book! And, I am so happy that you are included in it - your art pieces are beyond beautiful.

xo dusan


Congratulations from me, too! Can't wait to read Seth's blog and his book!


Dearest Nina,
I am so excited about Seth's new book! Thank you for sharing the info and your conversation with him. Gentle kindred spirits I love it .


Congrats on being one of the 31 artists profiled in Seth's wonderful book. Seth did a much larger job than you even realize apparently, as there are a total of 100 artists in his book all of whom he had to stay on top of to get their words and art to him in a timely manner so this awesome book could be published.

Your art is stupendous, full of symbolism it seems, interesting parts, textures, lots to mull over and enjoy.

karen cole

I am so jealous of Seth's heart. It is perfect. It has seen so much love and has obviously lived a wonderful life.

I am so happy to have shared some space in a book with you. Always an inspiration, even though I am not a jeweler, but appreciate the feel of metal and even though I am not a book artist, but appreciate the life that goes into the story.

Lisa Hoffman

So many people have been inspired by your work that they probably don't even realize that YOU are the font from which it all flows. But WE know.....yes, we DO. And we'll pointing to you, Miz B, to YOU.


How exciting! You deserve this recognition. Heading over to Seth's site now!


Firefly Road! Fireflys,now they are here, no; now they are there. I see the connection to creativity. But I wouldn't like to keep them in a jar. Wonderful blog. congratulations


Fabulous book with fabulous artist - YOU!

Beth Hemmila

Wow what a neat book! Congratulations on being part of this project and thanks for asking Seth this question. His answer has me thinking on a lot of things :) xoxo Beth

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

How great that you were able to get Set to open up so freely. You have a wonderful blog. I was mesmerized by the photos as well as the art.

bev langby

Popped over from Seth's blog , must say your work is not new to me i have admired it for quite a while ,great to see u in the group ..

hugz bev


Your recent posts have been so inspiring, I will certainly look forward to seeing this book, and as always look forward to each new post.


Thank you once again Nina for a poetically beautiful post. You are so kind and generous with your words here. Thanks to for such a thought provoking and real life question. You had me thinking deeply, something that is always good to do. The book wouldn't be the same without you!


How exciting for you and every artist included in this project. Can't wait to peek at the book.

donna joy

Enjoyed your question to seth-and look forward to actually seeing this book!


It's great that you've given us an insight to the man Seth is! Patsy


Nina this is a great question. Really fabulous and what an insightful view in to Seth's philosophy. I enjoyed this post very much, *smiles* Norma


Hi Nina. I was awarded the
Liebster Blog Award , and now I offer it on to you, as one my favourite inspirational artists
that I follow.
I know you are waaaay past the follower criteria but I think the more the merrier who know about you :)
Check my post out at

Regards Phillipa


Congratulations on being invited to be part of the book Nina! I guess I will have to get a copy since I now know TWO favorite artists being featured in Seth's book - you and Orly Avineri =-) I can't wait to see more pictures of your beautiful art in Seth's book!

I'm glad you thought of asking Seth a question and I really like the question you put to him. Having been in therapy myself and having considered becoming a therapist in the past, I really like the information he imparted in his answer and it's always interesting to see how other bloggers choose to approach their blog, if they share only their work, share their lives or a mix of both.

I certainly do love how YOU approach your blog here Nina! It is always a place of beauty I love to visit time and again =-)

Darlene K Campbell


Your jewelry art tells stories that we all can find a place in. Your photos and musings about each piece is lovely and I found myself wanting to come to Firefly Road and walk along side you for inspiration.


Sue in Melbourne

hi Nina
thanks for sharing Seth's blog - fantastic artwork; but I was disappointed to find that he was using the lure of a book giveaway to solicit my friends' email addresses. I suppose needs must, but it does make me less inclined to share his blog with others, as it seems a bit pushy.
oh well, I'll just have to pay out to buy it since I can't win it.
Hope life is good with you. cheers, Sue in melbourne

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