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Nina, your mama is beautiful. Sending love to both of you.

xo dusan

Robyn Ayaz

My mother also hated having her photo taken and we had to do the same thing - it came out beautifully, BIG smile, so lovely. And what a sweet man, to do that for you both - that shows a lot of caring! Going to have a look at your new treasures I hope. Glad you had such a sweet, warm time with your mama.

Molly Vollmer

How unbelievably kind of the rector to give that kind of comfort. Tell your Mom she has a lot of support from a lot of people she's never met.
PS. I watch Larkrise too:) What tangled webs we weave no matter what century.

Jamie V

What a joy you are to your shows in her radiant smile! My goodness. So happy you have had a wonderful visit with her! Jamie V in MT


Your mother is a thing of beauty and grace. I really love that photo and only hope that I might one day at her stage of life express from time to time such a wonderful joy of life.

Rest well Isaac. I know how much you are missed. It is beautiful that Rector David was there to bless your passing.


Your mom and your creations are gorgeous! Rector David must be a very special, caring soul.

Sue chesley

What a very sweet post, Nina. Your mother is beautiful, love the smile and her arms up like she is enjoying life. My mom passed a couple of years ago, and she is so missed. You already know...treasure each moment. They pass all to quickly, and before you know it...well, the older we get, the faster time passes. I so love it that you share this love and relationship with all. What a true gem you are. /and how very kind of Rector David to take the time to give Isaac a proper funeral. Don't you think that having people like this in our lives are what makes us rich rather than silver and gold? By those standards, I am wealthy indeed. By the worlds standards - not so much. Thank you for sharing this day with us. Oh...and your jewelry...swoon! I LOVE those faceted pearls! I do not have that color, they are fabulous.


Give 'Mom' my love, she'll know.

Nancy Krampf

oh lsweet nina, larkrise to candleford with your mom. how precious.

it was as if she knew
to open her arms wide
gift a smile
and take in all love and light
sent to her from the universe

xx0x00x0xxxxxx0x0x0 nk


it is so good that you where able to spend this time with your mother. do i notice that your mother has another dog friend or is it yours?

i do do love Larkrise to Candleford. i have all the dvd's and have been watching them many times when i long to be in England.



you touched my heart. beautiful post.

Erin  Perry

What a lovely picture of your mom and what a joy to spend this precious time with her, a blessing for you both.
Erin in Morro Bay


The absolute sweetest post. Your mother is just beautiful. I so remember visiting my mom before she passed - the very same way. I would bring my projects and we would sit together and watch her shows. Such simple times provide the best memories. Enjoy.

Tina in McLeansville

this is an immensely powerful post...about healing...and the things that bind us all together....and full to the brim with love. my guess is...your mom isn't the only one smiling. the stars are twinkling down on you both, the sun is smiling with you. hugs and love to you and the mom...xoxo


dear nina, you might guess how much i love this post. i do.


Thank you for sharing at such a tender time as this...


Wow--I can really see you in your mom! How lovely. What a wonderful parting ceremony for Isaac and in the most perfect, loving, peaceful place. All my best to you all.
vickie in kc

Carol Weiler

You said it- "bitter and sweet"..... Like the herbs your mama planted that gave her so much joy after so much sorrow. Beautiful picture. CW

donna joy



I agree with you Nina, on the bitter and the sweet going hand in hand, side by side, in Life...

What a wonderful rector your mother has! David has a truly good soul and I'm glad you and your mother have him in your lives =-)


Your mom is FULL of life! Though the pain of death is all around her, she wants to LIVE. I can see it in her face. I am in Taos this weekend with my mom, we came up for an exhibit of Melissa Zinc and also to see Millicent Roger's museum. I'm so happy to spend this time with her, though we both live in Albuquerque we talked non-stop on the way up and through dinner and the evening. I'm mightily aware she won't be here forever. Then again, maybe she will. She's 82, my grandmother is 102 and in good shape.

Katherine Langford

Lovely, just lovely. Endings and beginnings and Spring. Pastor David is a treasure and your mother's smile in the midst of these endings and beginnings speaks of her spirit and faith. This transmits so beautifully in her daughter's thoughtful renderings in the jewels. Oh Nina, you have such a gift to translate your life through your art. I am sure your mother and, yes, your father are proud of your spunk and thoughtful ways. May you find all the secret twists and turns in life that become the joinings and Muse's greening in your life and work this Spring. Please hug your mother for me as her smile made my day. Cheers!


What a beautiful post this was...and how sweet Rector David was to come and do this ceremony...What a wonderful man he is...(((Hugs))) for your Mom...I know how hard it is to lose such a beloved pet...The rock & Herbs are so perfect..and her picture is beautiful!

Peace, Linda

carol nice to see your mom smiling and happy......

Mystic Blue Creations

Beautiful photo of your lovely mom!


Hug your Mom for me. She looks so much like my Gram and has the same feelings about photos.;) The photo could have been taken by me 40 years ago in Snohomish. Gram would swing her arms wide and smile, as though incanting a spell over her garden. Thanks Nina.xoxo


In this post, there are more things we share that I thought there would be ;) You write beautifully.

bev b

So sorry to hear of your mom's pet passing, but it's nice to see her smile and being funny. Thanks for sharing her with us.

gloria martin

Dear Nina, a big, long hug to you and you Mama.
As always your work is outstanding, as are you!


Missed seeing you at ArtFest this year...hope you are well and that our paths will cross again.

Cindy In Carolina

I love Larkrise !! Did you watch Downton Abbey too?

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