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beautiful gift...

my heart is now open to read his books...

Thanks for sharing


What a beautiful gift ~ I'm sure he will treasure it. I will have to check out his books now as well! :)

Tina in McLeansville

his name has been on my "to read" list, but like you, others pushed their way more. how very special that you were able to hear him read in that grand and glorious old place! and i hope he knows how lucky he was, as well, to have you there! ;) hugs...xo


What a wonderful, giving thing you have done. And thanks for passing reading suggestions on to us.
vickie in kc


Oh, this made my heart sing! I just spent more than an hour talking on the phone about story, story, story with my oldest son - and now you introduce me to a new author! I'm headed to the library ... love ya! The field book is gorgeous, too ;0

Becca Valone

Thanks for sharing this about Ron Rash. I too have put off reading his books but will now have to check them out!

Mary G.

What a beautiful gift! And thanks for sharing an author with us . . . another set of books to place on my "to read" list.

Michele R. Unger

Your gift is lovely and I'm sure a true gentleman of the South will understand and treasure the thought of you gracious gesture. It is beautiful. Thanks for the suggestion to read Mr. Rash. Sadly, I'd never heard of him but will venture into these books on your recommendation. I love finding new writers through word of mouth.


Such a very special gift - how thoughtful and generous of you, Nina. I'm sure he will treasure your book, as you do his.
Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to begin one of his books.

xo dusan

Carol Weiler

Your gift is so beautiful and thoughtful. Will definitely add him to my booklist. Thanks for the reccomendation.



Thank you for sharing this author, I will see if the books are to had at our local library, if not, I will order one and begin to nibble upon it at your high praise. I do so love a great read.


You're so very generous, Nina - not only with your lovely gift, but your thoughtful heart that is willing to publicly praise and share the spotlight with another. I'm so glad you got to hear him in person; that is always such a treat. Thank you for sharing. (My library has Serena. Yahoo!!!) Jan


I am anxious to go this morning to find one of his books! Thank you! And, the gift you made for him is beautiful.


If I ever get this house ready to sell, maybe, MAYBE, I can read again... I've got a list started, and now I will add your suggestions! The little book is wonderful, I hope he enjoys it!

rusted wings

what an incredibly lovely gift! and thanks for sharing of his writings which i look forward to discovering. i'm sure ron's heart was so blessed to receive so much love from such an avid follower as you nina! you are such a giver!!!


Well - What can I say except that -- I WILL! Thanks for the recommendation.


Ron Rash is most fortunate to have that lyrical token of appreciation from your generous heart. You already know how much I admire his writing, so I love that you've created a little groundswell of interest in his books that may have librarians and bookstore clerks scratching their heads.... xoxsharron


Ron Rash is most fortunate to have that lyrical token of appreciation from your generous heart. You already know how much I admire his writing, so I love that you've created a little groundswell of interest in his books that may have librarians and bookstore clerks scratching their heads.... xox

Mary K McGraw

Thanks for sharing about this author. I am always on the lookout for good books. And I know he appreciated your gift.

Judy McGowan

What a gorgeous, thoughtful gift. He must be pleased and honored. My best friend in Salisbury gave me info early on about Ron Rash, and in turn I read Serena. Very good book, very good writer.

donna joy

Beautiful-and it should be something he treasures-knowing that his works inspired the book. Will have to look for his work.


Thanks Nina for the writer recommendation. He is so lucky to get some artwork from you!I put Serena on my booklist. I am in need of some more good writing, feel free to share your favorites, I'm sure a lot of us are interested.


Oh, I love your little book!
What a sweet gesture, from one artist to another; a thank you for the gift he gave to you.
I have read so many wonderful things thanks to tips from Bloggers - I trust your judgement and am off in search of Mr. Rash's pen-works.
Thanks again Nina!


I love a good author/book recommendation.
Thanks Nina!
And, your book is such a treasure. I'm sure Mr. Nash will feel lucky to have it. I especially love the little clip from your daddy's office.

Lori Burek

Thank you for recommending Ron Rash. I picked up a copy of Serena yesterday - can't wait to dive into it this weekend. I have a soft spot for NC writers. The book you gave Mr. Rash is wonderful - glad you shared that too. It makes me want to create something similar.
Hugs, Lori


So glad I made a stop here at your blog this morning Nina - the beauty of this altered art book will provide much needed sustenence and inspiration on what will be a challenging day for me...
OH! What a beatiful art book you have created here Nina! I'm sure Mr. Rash will treasure his lovely gift for years to come - I know I would!!
These images are truly transporting me to a world of grace and beauty as I'm sure Mr. Rash's books have done for you =-)
Thank you for sharing this gift you made - it inspires me to continue following my passion for books of ALL kinds: artful, art filled and written ones!

MaggieD (Dianne)

What a lovely gift of heart ! Being a southerner... I very much, and with no shame.... love the southern voice. The use of words and phrases .... so familiar to me.. and to many of my generation ( and i hope the younger generations as well). I will surely check out the books of Mr. Rash. Thank you, Nina. On a personal note to you.. if i may.. My admiration to you for living an authentic life and opening your heart for us... giving just a little peek into the grace AND passion of an artists life.


It was your books that first caught my eye all those years ago. I saw it today and my heart did a happy sigh. I love your ornamental expressions: jewellery, blog, photos, words, walks, family, and yes, books. So happy. Like seeing a old friend except its new. Love you dear Nina. x

Barb Karr

I love the book you made and will definitely check out Ron Rash's work.


The Nina Touch. What a fabulous work of art.


How thoughtful - I'm sure he was touched. I'm excited to check out his work.


Always on the look out for a new author, thanks for your recommendation. Your gift from your heart will bring him much pleasure as his books have to you.

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