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Tina in McLeansville

"good morning" she says with a smile...and with a sigh.."thank you!" :) welcome back. hugs...xoxo

Molly Vollmer

The photos are ok. It's just a little foggy:)) Brighter colors must be reflecting the thrill of getting two Springs this year. We're hoping to get just one. It's snowing here.


i like the photos. they are perfect.

Robyn Ayaz

Welcome back! What a lovely treasure trove of soft colour of new life.


You know it's the person behind the camera who 'sees' the world and captures the images. Beautiful, restful post dear one. xo


Beautiful, both the scenery and the magical creations. Happy Spring!

Diana B

Actually, I think the photos are terrific - very atmospheric, soft and vintage.

Carol Weiler

I loved the pictures. Spring is by far my favorite time of year- renewal, growth, hope.


cord or no cord...these pictures captured the essence of spring...that heart deep in the bark is something else...

barbara karr

So nice to hear from you...glad you are home safe and to the wonderful softness of spring...I think even the air feels soft!


i wish i could take a walk with you Nina on that forest path where flowers bloom! do i notice Podophyllum leaves, those plants with a large leaves?
your magic tree looks beautiful!! it must be very inspiring to see all those beautiful plants and walk in a woods.


Me too. I want to walk with you one day. In the meantime, its a blessing to just sit here and rest, and look at your amazing photos. I love that photo of your mum below. May I retain some of that zest. Its funny to read of you going into Spring as we have started Autumn here. strange because I feel cold as you talk about walking around outside, when all i want to do is hunker down somewhere cosy with the chilluns. love you nina. dear heart. x


Nina your photos are nourishment for the eyes and soul. I so appreciate everything that you share. I long for the day I can once again visit the mountains of Pennsylvania and feel the magic of nature healing all the stress that life has been heaping on us all.

cynthia regan

Oh my my, that glorious tree! Welcome Home, dear Nina. Enjoy these sweet days and as always, thank you for sharing with us.


Absolutely heart-achingly beautiful photos. The heart tree is amazing. Where-ever there is a heart, you are sure to find it!
vickie in kc


Gorgeous pieces-all of them, but my favorite is the first one with the little bowl of 'eggs'.

Spring is here too, though sometimes I wonder if it will stop raining, and other times I wonder if we have moved right on to summer. Such is the weather in Kansas.

I tend to reach for the same blues and greens when I create too. I have to force myself to use other colors, and when I do I find them pleasing.

Have a wonderful Easter!

Kathy Pennekamp

The pictures you paint with words are every bit as beautiful as the pictures themselves Thank you!


How pretty. That mossy tree is too beautiful. I hope you get back there when the violets are blooming.

Cindy Ericsson

"every little thing she does is magic"


These pictures do more than "do". They are work of art in their own right, as are your words! They allow us to share your world with you and reflect your creative take on what you see. I love that your walks provide such soul food and inspiration, and that you translate spring in unique works of art. Such beauty in your world. Thank you so much for sharing.

Robin Nowak

so I've watched the garden awaken here at home and at another place I garden. the native grapevine whose 'trunks' are almost as big around as my wrist have made good time of the early season. the passion vine is waking up, slim green tendrils reaching for anything to grasp.
the swallows returned very early this year with the martins several weeks behind. only this weekend i spied the scissortails pairing up in the country and today, just today, the kingbird made his presence known.
there's a mourning dove nesting in the juisach tree out back, the sparrows and starlings are nesting in the martin house, and the red shoulder hawks have paired, nested and have been eerily quiet the last few weeks.
I would love to walk through your world with you--what joys!

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