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Lovely, lovely trinkets, Nina.
Have a happy day with your friend.

xo dusan


Play is essential for creativity, your work will be better for the days outside!! Go play!!! How can you not with these blissful spring days?!

vickie very lovely. And now a much-needed play-day. I so hope you enjoy!
vickie in kc

Mary G.

Oh! One of my sisters introduced me to this poem -- I love it, and I love your new creations.Just beautiful!

Diana B

So, so, so pretty!


Your fairy wing necklace nearly broke my heart .... and you posted it just as I am beginning to work on plans for the fairy tea room


Lovely poem, beautiful jewelry.
There are some of us who are called by the brown birds and butterflies of life.
You are special.


Haven't been "here" for have a beautiful way, Nina, matches your spirit and your heart...With love, Judy


Sometimes, Nina, you lead a very poetic life. The photos and jewellry show this. I know some of life is trudging, difficult and all, but you've got the poetry, too.

Bonnie Moench

Great idea, and I too meant to do my work today....but


Judy H.

I love that poem. Beautiful photos too. :)




Do you believe in reincarnation? I hope so because I've died three times...


As always, I am struck by the poetic beauty of your photos! Immersing yourself in nature's beauty seems essential for you, if I am to take your beautiful creations as proof of what happens when nature communicates with your soul. Perhaps not work as such but definitely a vital step in your creation love love your necklaces!


beautiful art work (jewelry) to go with such lovely words...

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