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the light, the pictures and the pottery all made me smile this morning!!

Kathy VK

your angels are always watching over you ... don't you love the little ways they send reminders?

Tina in McLeansville

quiet times, sunshine and angel wings...can't get much better than that. sometimes the most glory lies in the simplest of things. the light here revealed to me this morning that there are purple petunias blooming in the pots of thyme and oregano on the deck. :) hugs...xo


Here is Southern Oregon, I see the morning light spilling through the rosy fading saucer magnolia blossoms directly in front of my window ... so very different from the Tx city that I left mere weeks ago.


I love the light coming in your windows.
I love your precious souvenirs, especially the angel wing.
And I always, always love your words.
Thank you, Nina.

xo dusan

Carol Weiler

Beautiful light, Beautiful words, Beautiful collections. Thankyou.


light is all it takes to turn murky water into sparkling diamonds, into shimmering silk and casts reflections like glass mirrors...

light is all it takes to clear up misunderstandings, to create aha moments and to brighten a mood...

hurry up now, for the light changes as it leaves its temporal marks...

who knows what tomorrow may bring?


looking past my computer screen to the outside I see the sun filtering through so much green. the trees are almost full of leaves, the grass is high. so many highlights from rays making their way through so many shades of new, fresh green.

Molly Vollmer

I wish I could describe a similiar scene out my workroom window, but all I see is sky because our old box elder had to be cut down a few weeks ago. This room used to feel like part of a treehouse but now the sun beats down. I'm afraid it's going to be hot in here this summer. The garden is going to miss the shade too. I think I'll just pretend your window is in my house:D


Angels have left you a wing. Omg,


Sweet post-I'm sitting on my upstairs porch facing east with a cup of coffee and Swiffer competing for the computer in my lap. The desert sun here is bright, the light is clear and sparkling from sun up until that magic half hour before sunset when it mellows and even the air turns orange. This week, we've finally turned the corner toward spring and summer. The days are heating up and my garden is taking off. I don't think we'll have any more cold snaps (she said hopefully).
Have a great day!


As I recall, there is a highway marker east of Asheville in the area of Black Mountain which marks the Eastern Continental Divide. Therefore, I believe all streams east of that marker flow toward and into the Atlantic Ocean. West of that marker, which includes the mountain area where you live, streams flow west, into waterways that flow to the Mississippi, and on to the Gulf of Mexico.

Your pictures are lovely, the commentary as well.


At this time of reading your post, the screened open window reveals a still, velvety darkness, with the scent of lilies of the valley and peonies wafting thru; all of which combined with your post just make me feel so good.
vickie in kc

Robyn Ayaz

You find wings like you find hearts, miraculous! Nina, you really should write poetry - maybe you already do - you really have a beautiful way with words.

rusted wings

love how the light you've received is shining all the way into my heart in NW Montana on this balmy grey day, and filling my space with winged beauty.
thank you nina<3


Thank you for sharing your light, your words and your creations with us. Am as always absolutely in awe of your photos and the light pouring through them is a gift for us. Brightened and sweetened my day. Thank you Nina!


Today it was cold,yesterday rainy a few days before that the weather was great,i remember the light on my face as i look up to fill another bird feeder its so bright i can hardly see the the nail or ring for hanging on my tree.And the wind is blowing like it always does in nd.this was my experiance with the light of spring.I get so inspiried when i hear you are enjoying the new spring light too,and i dont know you in person,but i can read it in your writing the enjoyment you have with this light.Take care Nina,i dont come often,but when im here i so enjoy!!!

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