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The aftermath of storms can be beautiful. There's a flip side to everything. It just doesn't seem like when we are going through it.
I can see you were busy during that storm. I like the idea of versatile ornaments.
Enjoyed your post today.


meant to add: the colors on the jewelry remind me of change...


My sister in Atlanta emailed me about the storms there overnight. (We're having them here now.) But today she's able to get out and garden, and guess what! She found her first ever HEART ROCK while digging up a hosta to transplant. About a month ago, I had sent her pictures of the few I had and told her about your collection. She had never heard of heart rocks(!) and now that she's found one she is on top of the world! Yay!
vickie in kc


These pieces are amazing! Just gorgeous!

Tina in McLeansville

just think how green it will all be after the fresh it will seem and how wonderfully clear the sky will be! the new pieces look soooo good....hugs...xo


You just reminded me, I picked up some tiny things at the flea market in Raleigh last weekend that you might like, if you will email your mailing address I will send them to you :)
There is no better thing than rain in the NC mountains... sigh.....


Oh Nina - to be safe and warm inside while the rain pours down - I love that cozy feeling.
Wish we could have some of those rainy days here in New England. It's been so dry these past couple months. We've had only one day of steady rain - and it was magical how everything turned green with just a bit of water.
Our snowball trees won't have flowers for quite a while yet - so I truly enjoyed seeing yours. I love those tiny white petals when the flower starts to fade.
Thank you for this lovely post (and your new jewelry with the tiny clipped words is just beautiful).
Keep dry.

xo dusan


how I love a rainy day at home!

Carol Weiler

Rainy days are the best when you can be in the studio. Lovely work.

Robyn Ayaz

Oh, snowball trees! I love them, the shape of the petals, their blousy abundance. What a treat after the storms - I love being safe and cozy inside while Nature plays rough outside. Also liking the words you cut out!


The energy of the storm and the silence of new growth in your natural surroundings has produced some lovely jewelry.
Beautiful post!


What a lovely awesome post Nina. Nature, a wonderful life force continues to breathe her self into this world of ours. Love the snowball tree fallen blossoms. There's a haiku there at your feet. *smiles* Norma
p.s. love your design ideas of taking and rearranging elements within the pieces you make. And yes time in the studio allows the muse to really speak. Magical.


We had moderate rain here and the land is longing for so much more...but rain from my window, pouring down on concrete pavements and tarmac doesn't have the same poetic quality as yours does... or perhaps I just need to see rain through your eyes to appreciate its beauty! I am looking forward to seeing your new creations. What you have shown us here really speaks to my heart. Thank you for sharing.

diana giambrone

I love the rain and You and Walter!


My dear Nina, you are such an amazing writer that I was there beside you, listening to the drip, drip, drip of the rain, feeling the deep rumble of the thunder, breathing in the fresh air after the storm. And there are your gorgeous jewels, poems made manifest. As always, inspiring, my dear...
-Karen xo


Oh I know all about rain. It's been raining for days here in England. I so long for some warm sun when I can kick off my boots and socks and wear my sandals.

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