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Tina in McLeansville

such a bowlful of deliciousness, those lovelies are...and with that dewdrop hanging off, it makes me want to reach out and pluck one! the piece for your mom is stunningly, achingly beautiful. and the next time your dad flies in, tell him i said hello. ;) good job, sweetie, of persevering to treat all of us. thank you! hugs...xo


these are making me zen, so peaceful...and it all started from the "word"...


What gorgeous offerings you are sharing today! I am in awe. You are a poet, Nina, both with words and with your jewelry. Your new creations are just stunning. I could spend hours gazing at them. Thank you for sharing.


Your poetry jewelry is simply beautiful, Nina! And I love the clasp idea.
Such a precious gift for your mama (how lucky she is to have you - and you, her).

xo dusan

donna joy

stunning as usual!

Lynn in Tucson

You are a treasure.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

Gorgeous and I love the words that you've chosen to accompany your jewelry.


Your pictures are incredible. Thank you so much for your artful touch. I so appreciate reading your blog.


I love your knotty pearls and snippets, Daddy's humming tulip
and the surprise for Ma!


I love your latest creations. I went straight to your shop and they were gone - I knew they would be, they are so beautiful.
The background behind the art is always so interesting to me, knowing the words came from your tiny little book; it does change how I look at things, though they were already beautiful to me.


sigh x

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