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Diana B

You have a lovely mama's day with your mama, Nina!

Kathryn Stripling Byer

Happy sweet Mama's day to you and your mama, my dear Nina. What grace to have you call to me Friday afternoon as I was striding into Ingles, in a snit over all kinds of stuff, feeling thoroughly disgusted with myself, mostly. And to share with me your plunder, all those beautiful jewels and the toran embroidered by some mother, no doubt, in India. The "wildings" are geting some soft mother's rain today. Hope you are getting the nurture you need, too. And what good squishy little (and big) feet in the sand!

Tina in McLeansville

well done, my friend. enjoy the day...and the next and the next...with your mama. hugs to you both...xoxo


You are a cherished mentor of life. I love you xxoo


Love this. I wrote much the same today. Admiration to you for raising those boys so well... BY YOURSELF.
It's hard enough when two people do it... for one, a monumental feat.
Best wishes my dear one.

julie whitmore

You two just enjoy your day anyway and anyhow you can. Two wonderful mamas!

Jamie V

Happy Wonderful Mother's Day, Nina! I adore that photo! Jamie V in MT


that's my favorite kind of mama-the one depicted in that picture is wholly in the moment at kid level
Happy Mother's Day, Nina

Lorri Scott

Nina, I always amazes me the bond between you and your sons. Job well done my friend!


Bonnie Moench

Even though we can't be with our children today...they all live so far away....I think we must have done a good job, to raise such happy, independent children. Children that are not afraid to go out into the world on their own....

Happy Mothers Day...

xoxo Bonnie

Roy Henry

Love ya maw! What a timeless picture.


Happy Mother's Day to you, Nina - and your mama. I love the photo of you and your boys.

xo dusan

Lindy McClellan

We have some things in common, you and I. Our boys are about the same age (I only have one) and was a single Mom from the time he was four. There is no one on this earth that I have fought with, fought about or fought for more than my son. I admire him and am so inspired my him. I love him more than anything else and I like you, look at him and say well done! Happy Mother's Day sweet Nina and well done, We are so blessed to have our boys.

Lynn in Tucson

How simply lovely. Happy Mother's Day!

Katherine Langford

Amen. Well said.

kathy dorfer

Happy Mother's day to you and your mom.
i hope you both had a wonderful day .


love that photo......happy you were able to be with your mom.....

Carol Weiler

Hardest and most rewarding job on this earth! Hope you had a lovely day.


Momma you did it. Yes you did.


Ah yes...mothers. Wondrous, nurturing, loving, all-encompassing creatures. Motherhood...what a glorious gift. Your memories are sweet as mine and what a fine post this was. As always, I look forward to every word you put to paper, or in print. Thank you for the fine wishes and right back at ya!
vickie in kc

Karen Cannon

Such a touching picture, Nina. I hope that your Mother's Day with your sweet Mama was lovely.


Frankie Kins

Love the photo of you and the boys, Nina. Hope all is going well.


rusted wings

love this pic and your words so much! as a single parent of six daughters i agree... it has to be the highest calling that takes and gives to the heights and depths! love endures forever~
xo abigail


Hello Nina,
A dear friend of mine opened my eyes to your endearing blog. Thank you for sharing so much of you.

Folk Heart

This is such a dear and wonderful post. I was right there with you at a similar beach in that very year. You took me right back to that moment in time...and the sounds and even the scents come back to me now. This is quite possibly the best Mother's Day posting ever. Many thanks!


It seems harder to be a mother when they are grown men. To not be too intrusive...To not see them often enough. To love them just as much, but not able to cuddle with them.... At least it is for me. I struggle.


Sweet photo!


we just back from seaside....our favorite place in the world to go....and the neighbor of seagrove.

for the past four years, we've been spending part our winters down there...we're up to six weeks at a time, which is heavenly.

i know you are so busy, and that blog reading isn't what you have time for, but i've been posting many of our beach photos from this trip if you'd like to see them.

the best part of the trip....our daughter was proposed to and i'm going to be a mother-in-law. so fun !!!

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