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Tina in McLeansville

oh coming up for air, this is. love the bits and pieces....can't wait to read (and see!) the article.....this is good....this is verrrrry good! :) hugs...xo

Deborah Gregg

I'm passing onto you the Kreativ Blogger Award because, face it, you ROCK and have endless talent, and i love how you combine materials. I also like that you have the same first name as my youngest daughter, who also loves to sew and make cool stuff as well. (

Grab the baton from my post here and pass it to your favorite Kreativ bloggers:



I love these tiny remnants, Nina - and the whole attaching idea is very cool.
Also, I'm excited for you that your workspace will be featured in Cloth Paper Scissors Studio Magazine - how much fun is that?! Can't wait to see it!
Sending love and happy thoughts always.

xo dusan

Mary G.

I bought one of the charms that you made to fund your trip to Ecuador, and these look even more amazing. I also have always loved your studio photos (and I subscribe to the regular Cloth Paper Scissors) so I am going to have to look up that mag when it hits the newsstands. Double congrats on the studio article . . . good fruits of that excavation you undertook at the end of last year, I am sure.

Robyn Ayaz

Hello Nina, have I said I love your writing? I am always happy when I see a new post from you. Your jewelry is so beautiful it makes me swoon.

cynthia regan

And we are ever so grateful for you pushing that mountain so faithfully. I hope someday you realize how important your beautiful images and words are to all us Nina followers!


Can't wait to read your article. Attachments: isn't that what life is about? Luv these attachments.


Oh yes...Can you ever push mountains! And yes, I am grateful, too, that you do-that you are willing to do that. So excited about the article coming out and, as always, what beautiful narrative pieces you have created. I know that it feels so good to do what makes you feel so good.
vickie in kc


I'm excited by the passion I hear in your voice and I love the idea of small pieces that make up the whole. Its always exciting when a new corner is turned in our work and lives. New horizons. That bottom photo makes me sin. I am coveting it a whole lot! hahaha. xxx

Sue chesley

Lovely, lovely, lovely....your work and your writing. Makes me covet, too. I am so loving those pyrite drops...I just bought 5 or 6 strands of different cuts and shapes of pyrite beads, but I haven't done much with them yet. I will as time permits. I also am looking forward to your CPS article, congrats on getting published again!!!


What beautiful offerings you are showing us today! I too have fallen in love with your new creations! How could I not! I really love the idea of being able to add or remove from a necklace. Thank you for moving mountains and posting this for us.


Your offerings are soooo beautiful as well as your photographs! Thank you for sharing!

Cathy Cullis

your work & images are always a pleasure to see - you have been so very busy and I wish you a very happy May x

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