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Tina in McLeansville

i love the poem, the photos, the sentiments here....the quiet, full of life feeling. that artwork of roy's is beautiful! time does pass so quickly, and yes, moreso the older we get. no explanation or apologies needed, dear're spending the time you've been sure can't bank it for use later, so keep gettin' on with it. hugs...xo


Lovely post. I was thinking about how time seems to fly.

Your post reminds me to get still and notice the trail of beauty it leaves behind.

Thank you.


Fine poem. It speaks to us middle aged persons. I'm glad you got a visit from one of your sons. My husband and I got to visit our son in Boulder recently (seeing him get his Masters degree!). Now I miss him AND the Rockies! Your post contains so much of how I feel, how life is... quite resonant. Thanks.


Your words are so very true, Nina. This post brought tears to my eyes. Time goes quickly. And it isn't until we are older that we begin to understand how short a lifetime really is.
I love the photo of Roy and his sweetheart - they both have a sparkle in their eyes. So young, with years and years before them. I wish both of them happiness always.

xo dusan

MaggieD (Dianne)

I have been very moved by your recent posts. Postcards from Alabama... oh my. Thank you , Nina.

Mary G.

Beautiful pictures. Beautiful poem. Captures so well how quickly time moves when we are older.


Thank you for the thoughtful poem at the end, but I felt like I was already reading a poem from your post. Your personal story was utterly beautiful, every single word.


I love the way you really tells what is in your heart! What a gift to be able to express yourself in this way.


Always such heart-felt posts and lovely pictures. I love to come visit you.
vickie in kc


I'm not sure why I think I post responses on your blog and then can't find them. Last post about your precious mom and her new companion brought me almost to tears. I wanted to share with you another blog that I read that features a Corgi who is loved fiercely by her human mom and she (the dog) almost always seems worried about that. The blog is:

Isn't it an honor to meet your son's beloved? I like her already!

diana giambrone

Oh Nina!
Thank you for bring you and sharing.

Folk Heart

Oh, my! Thank you and thank you again. I have once again been moved by your words and expressions. This blog is one of the greatest gifts of my life...sincerely.

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