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Stunning and beautiful sentiments for such a heartfelt retreat.
I vannot wait to dive into myself and see what will be created....

Love this on every level.
Thank you Nina!

Brightest Blessings,
Dawn Close


....that would be cannot wait.....:)

Tina in McLeansville

...just sent my wish list off to the stars....this was on it. now if that lottery ticket would just pan out.... :)

Hope Amen

What a lovely way to wrap up ones hopes, dreams, and prayers!


I love this beautiful box of wishes and prayers.
My wish is that I could be in your workshop. Oh well, maybe one day...

xo dusan

Cindy Woods

Oooh, I want to sign up! Oh wait. I'll be busy Seriously SO thrilled to have you back to teach, offering your open heart and talents to those lucky students! Such a beautiful post—can't wait to see you again! xoxo


What a fantastic box! The perfect container for hopes and dreams! I have a "God box" at home in which I store my wishes on scraps of paper too. They get taken out and burnt when they have come true. You are inspiring me to create a better box than the simple one I have. Thank you for sharing this with us!

And how I wish I could join you on this retreat...I believe it's time for a "winning the lottery" scrap of paper to get added to my "God box"...


Nina, your artistry is so fascinating........


You have the most wonderful of ideas Nina, brought to life as art. I would love this.


Gasp... a new home, outside the soul,for prayers, intentions and dreams...
Luv this idea.

Katherine Langford

Nina, I want to live in your pocket. Absolutely soul-opening beautiful -- your new work is truly a door to growth that can only sing long arias of praise. Hugs and cheers to you and your creativity.

Marie Grace

Hi Nina, Haven't met yet but I'm a friend of Cindy's here in Los Gatos. I have you on my calendar and am ready to press go! Love this prayer box. Been too long since I worked with intention.
Going to look at the supplies and start to gather. yay.

Nancy Ortowski

I stumbled on Art Retreat at the Presentation and saw your class. It just sings to me and I keep humming along. One of my scrolls in my box would be taking this class.

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