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Tina in McLeansville

this is a post beautiful in it's simplicity and quiet message. and on this day, especially, it went straight to my heart. lessons learned, blessings and gratitude....loving the simple things...appreciating life on a daily basis. your teaching will be superb, red shoes and all! ;) lucky, those folks who will spend time with you there! safe travels....hugs. xo


Disappoint? Never. It will all fall beautifully and naturally in place, and the teaching, and sharing of talents and creativity, will be wonderful.
vickie in kc

Judy Shreve

Oh how I wish I could be one of those lucky students - to have a teacher so blessed with talent and simplicity and red shoes.
I am new to reading your blog and in awe!


What a beautiful and poetic post, Nina. Your words, as always, worked their magic into my heart. This is what I needed, this little glimpse into the beautiful corner of the world you inhabit, the way you share your thoughts, your words, your silence. You will not disappoint. I come to your blog regularly and you always manage to move me in so many different ways with your words and your photos. I am sure the people who come to your classes are coming to learn from you but also share a unique experience with you. And I am sure that like me, they will be moved in ways that will surprise, excite and change them. Safe trip. We will all be waiting for you here.

Mary G.

Don't worry, teacher Nina! The bicycle might wobble a tiny bit just at first, if at all, then you'll be sailing off again on a wonderful adventure with your students. I'm sure your students will learn SO much and enjoy it all.


your centered heart has been a joy to behold these last few weeks. the intense depth of our own true self is so magical and when I contemplate this my heart is bursting open. it is a wonder when something simple like shared words and images can help make us more like we really are. you help do that. thank you Nina, another door opened in my heart today - and it is a good day.

kathy dorfer

really good post ! rumi has helped me in some of my most difficult times.I love this quote.
just have to say ... you will be a wonderful teacher , just bring your witty self .

Tina Gilmore

Good Luck and safe journey Nina - you'll be amazing, i just know you will. xx

MaggieD (Dianne)

Wishing you safe travels and a peaceful heart.


It sounds like you have had a very joyful, peaceful week, Nina. No need for worries,
your students will love you - and the lessons you share.
Wishing you a safe journey. We will all be awaiting your return.

xo dusan


My thoughts and meditations for your success have been released to the cosmos.
Take care now...


I love you Baaabe, enjoy your workshops and the change of place and weather! One thing I know when you teach, you do bring your knowledge, humor, and true heart, and that in it's self is delightful and gracious for any student. XO


You are so precious. You give me words all the time. I pray you will carry mine. You are precious. x

Carol Weiler

This post makes me feel peaceful.

Mystic blue creations

Thank you again for a beautiful and inspirational post. I absolutely love the quote by Rumi! I am hooked on your lovely work.

Lynn Davis

Nina, I'm thrilled beyond words that my little pewter winged Charlotte has worked its way into your hands, and you have given her a beautiful new life. You are wondrous!
Hugs and THANKS


It seems like you've been gone for an awfully long time. I'm looking forward to getting caught up on your news, and I hope you're having a wonderful time.


Dear Nina, thinking of you and hoping all is well - hoping you are having some lazy summer days.

xo dusan


I am not one to comment much, but thought I would delurk to say that I have been checking in, hoping to see new words and new works. I hope that your workshops went well!

Molly Vollmer

We're all concerned at your absence and hope that all's well and you're just on a break.

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