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Julie Whitmore

I thought maybe you were still out of town, decided to plant yourself on a riverside and go fishing for awhile.
Looking forward to seeing your new things, and glad you are such a sensible girl and hiding as best you can from the heat!


Nina, thank you for letting us know that you (and your family) are okay - just taking some time for yourself in this unbearable heat. Enjoy these peaceful lazy summer days.

xo dusan


Ohh, ohh, with the hottest summer and all that life throws at us I so relate to just being quiet in the coolest parts of our lives. Be well and enjoy whatever cool you find. It is good for the soul to do what we need at the moment.

Diana B

Glad to know you're still upright and takin' in nourishment; I was about to email you and find out what's up. Have a lovely time in Colorado - hope it's cooler than Western NC.

We'll leave the light on for you...


Thanks for the update, Nina. I've been hoping everything's well with you, and I'm glad to hear you're taking some down time --just for you.


Enjoy your time in Colorado. What a beautiful place!


Glad to know everythig is Okl, or at least sort of OK. As mucg as we miss you we understand your need for peace.

Tina Gilmore

Good for you - as for an unbearable summer (weather), what's that? All we have here in Wales is rain and rain and rain, oh! and slugs, zillions of the little (or big) blighters....take care :)

Carol Weiler

Good time for peace, quiet, and cool. Enjoy.


Happy creating, stillness and coolness. :)


I come here every day. Thanks for the update. Enjoy your time.
vickie in kc


Thanks for taking the time to let me know. It's well worth the wait(I'd wait a're the best...)

Tina in McLeansville

sometimes the seed just needs to be left alone so it can grow. no matter how much we stand over it and watch...and doesn't grow any faster. can't wait to see the fruits and flowers! ;)

Charlotte Bezzant

Nina, I read but never comment. Today I have linked to your blog from mine with a Kreative Blogger Award which is a lovely way to discover interesting new blogs. I hope the new people who find you love your words and pictures as much as I do, and leave your blog feeling calm and serene as I always do. Charlotte x

deryn mentock

Hope you're having a wonderful trip...


ok - now it's 20 days - when should we worry?

Tina in McLeansville

Too funny...LindaE, I was just wondering the same thing! :) I have a feeling once she shows what she's been working on, it will have been worth the wait.

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