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Katey Deasy

Nina, What joys embraced me meeting you at Valley Ridge. You are a treasure, you are the heart shaped stone found among the round ones while walking the river. Thank you for giving of yourself and your talents so generously. Love you dearly.

fay beech

Sweetie, I am so glad you have surfaced again. I just knew something was wrong. I am so sorry to hear of your mother, I hope she gets better very soon. Please stay well and take care.


been missin' you...

Shamus, my first Springer, used to LOVE blackberries off the bush too. It cracks me up how Walter's eyes are rolling back in pure pleasure.

see you around, take care


Whew....the exhausting and exhilarating roller coaster of travels. I will say a prayer for your Mother's continued recovery and good health.


i admire your life.

Tina in McLeansville

hello my friend. i knew it would be worth the wait. you've done exactly what you were meant to do in this time. hugs to you and yours, especially the mama. safe travels. xo

Diana B

Sorry for all your ups and downs of late, Nina - I know it has to be very trying, coming as it does on top of all the emotional energy you put into your classes. Wish I could give you a big hug and a nice tall glass of icy Jamgria (well, I have to do something with all that jam I make, right?). Take care of yourself, m'dear.


Nina, it's wonderful to see a post full of LIFE in all its ups and brings to mind a song I've recently heard by an old jazz singer named Annette Hanshaw "If you want the rainbow, you must have the rain"

I'm so glad your mother is doing better and gladder still that she has suffered no paralysis from her stroke! I hope all goes well in the weeks to come and I look forward to seeing what transpires in the Breckenridge workshops - I'm sure it will be magical =-) Safe journey to you Nina!


Oh Nina, you are a beauty!


My Lord woman...your life is so busy! I came here every day and kept seeing "not to worry" but I started to. I hope both your son and your mother have great recoveries and that the bits of peace you find will offset your stresses. Your creations are absolutely lovely with those beautiful colors you worked with and the designs you used. Take good care of yourself.
vickie in kc


I was so happy to hear from you and what you have been doing and making. I hope your mother will be well soon. ina


glad to see you....we must be on a parallel Mom had same event then a tumor was discovered and had surgery.....stay centered :)
kindest regards,Missy from the bayou


So good to "hear" your voice on this blog again, even if it's only a short little conversation. So sorry that Mama was stricken but joyful to hear she has no lasting problems. That must have been such an emotional yoyo time for you and your sister---and Mama!
Have to tell you that I signed up for your class in March at An Artful Journey mostly so I could sit with you for three days and listen to your stories, dreams, thoughts and musings. I love your voice and what you have to say, your own sweet point of view.
Safe travels---and have a happy trip!


What a grace to read your words. I feel much the same about this summer. (Truthfully, the whole year.) I swear we were all just kissing at midnight to toast the new year yesterday. Time has gone into an exponential overdrive of sorts, that leaves me slightly dizzy. The more I linger, the more I feel the need to hurry.

Keeping you and your mom and your tender family in my thoughts and prayers.


Nina dear, glad you posted - kept checking in with hopes you'd show up soon and update us. Very sorry to hear of your dear mother's medical emergency, but really thrilled to know she's recovering well and without any long term problems. Hope Robin heals fast too.

Walter and I would get along fine - I LOVE blackberries and will eat right from the brambles alongside him, LOL!!!

The jewels are gorgeous - you are special.
Enjoy Summer wherever.
Hugs - Mary

Kathy Edwards Hayslett

I think of all your great gifts to your students, as I was on the receiving end at Valley Ridge. Have a safe and fruitful journey. Kathy


Good to hear from you.
Sorry to hear about your Mom...but good that she is recovering.
May God send both of you cool loving breezes to comfort and sooth you during this hot summer and trying times.
Love you much, Gail


Beautiful. My heart is with you and your mama.


It's good to hear from you again Nina, although I am sorry to hear of your Mother's stroke. Just info for future reference, years ago while working for an acupuncturist, he told me that if I or anyone I know had a stroke to get acupuncture ASAP because it will reverse the effects of the stroke. When my mother had a stroke, I was there and did acupressure for her. Since I spent days with her at the hospital, I was able to see first hand how healing this was. This said, may she be well!


Love the photo of your dog eating blackberries, love the jewelry and the love shown in your classes. Sending prayers for y'all all, to heal, to rest and endure.


So glad to see you and Walter. Hoping everything works out for your mom.

These ornaments brought peace to my soul...

Thank you <3


Hot time in the summer.........xox

Kathy Edwards Hayslett

Sometimes an old fashioned ice cream sandwich does the trick. Eat it and then drift in to an ageless peaceful sleep...

Lise Peeples

Been away, so I just read your post. Sending Hugs and good thoughts to you and your sweet mamma.

gloria martin

A warm, tenderly heartfelt, big hug to you, and your beautiful Mama!

Mary K McGraw

So glad your mama is doing well.


Just caught up on your blog...this post was beautiful. Hope your mom continues to do well.

carol m

So glad to have you back miss Nina - but what a month you have had! So glad to hear that your mother is doing so well, and Robin is mending. The pictures make me homesick for VR, but I loved the class and LOVED getting to see you again.
Take care and enjoy your time in CO.

Metal Wall Art

I love the vintage designs of the jewelry you posted. I like also the idea of adding an inspiring or encouraging word to the design of your accessory.

cathy @ ma vie trouvee

Your jewelry designs are simple gorgeous! I am also so inspired when I stop by for a visit! Cheers from Singapore -

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