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What a powerfully magical place! So glad you got to experience it, especially with Robin. Your new creations are beautiful as well. :)

Tina in McLeansville

I am so glad this door opened for you, that you walked through it to experience something so tremendously awesome, that you are able to share it with your son. Continue on down that road....such an amazing adventure! Hugs...xo


I would be willing to bet those ancient and wise trees are cherishing the memory of your song and wishing they could always wear your creations!


ooooouuuuuu...what an experience. Those trees have the sinew of humans. I could feel the life. Thank you.


Red Rocks is the best place to see a concert. My husband was there Wednesday night to see Jack White. I could not go : (
I have never seen the bristle cones --shame on me!
I do believe all of life's answers can be found from trees.....
Glad you are enjoying your time here Nina.


Its roots are bristling in the air
Like some mad Earth-god's spiny hair

( poem I learned in high school)

Carol Weiler

Have been to Red Rocks with my daughter and family and it is truly amazing. Sounds like you are on a lovely journey. Those trees are lucky to be adorned by your jewelry.

Kathy Edwards Hayslett



So beautiful.

Diana B

Oh, those bristlecones set your stuff off beautifully, and I envy hearing Neil Young in such a setting - wow! Just wow...


We are indeed blessed to live vicariously through you.....

Jennnifer Thornton

Absolutely beautiful

Jacky Mcfarlane

what a special spiritual place to spend with such a special person, hi dear friend...

V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios

Since I was a child, I've been drawn to trees. Like you, I live in a house tucked in the woods. My visits to the desert left me disturbed and unsettled because There Were No Trees and trees in some mystical way are my spirit animals. So I can imagine what this experience meant to you, how profound it was.

I'm also a huge Neil Young fan. His old stuff, his new stuff. He is an artist who is unafraid to experiment and create for the sake of creating and that's almost unheard of in the recording industry. Acoustic, punk, rock, country, Americana, electronic--he's done it all. His album Le Noise has a song on it called Someone's Gonna Rescue You. If you haven't heard it, find it on YouTube next time you're feeling you're at the bottom of the well. It is the best song for anyone who deals with depression.


Neil Young at sunset in such a beautiful setting--how awesome is that. Such beautiful, ancient tress that you communed with--what a rare and wonderful experience. To share it all with one's child....priceless. How lucky you are.
Vickie in kc


I can only imagine what a beautiful concert it would have been, with night settling all around you, and the moon rising. I like Neil Young's music too and can't imagine a more perfect setting.
As for the trees - I've never heard of them but am completely entranced now. Your photographs are so beautiful, and show how enduring and strong they are. Like your art Nina, in many ways and I think it was wonderful that you photographed some of your pieces with the trees. You may not have been happy about it at the time but I think some day you may be glad you did it. I am.

sharon palac

what a beautiful and sacred experience, and i'm sure those ancient trees enjoyed your adornments.


Love too much Baaabe! Fill your soul, XOXO!

fay beech

Mmmmm, looks so nice. I have been to that arena in the rocks, it is a beautiful place. I love Colorado, unfortunately the altitude does not love me back. Have a great time there with your son.


Ah. Humming Nina tunes to the bristlecone is good for you now. I like that very much---it makes me smile.



Ancient rocks and ancient trees with visions and stories of past and present,,, how amazing this must have been! Thanks for sharing this beauty.

Katey Deasy

Your loving spirit singing to the giant ents is beautiful image. Thank you for sharing of your sacred time with Robin in this amazing place. It is spiritual times like this that keep us charged for the journey ahead. Love you dearly.


WOW! A Neil Young concert AND a special grove of beauteous, magnificent trees! This post is jam packed with much gorgeous imagery, whether by photo or by word...

I hear you in regard to photographing your work in such a setting and choosing to stop - I think both options make sense considering your amazing work in such a setting and your feelings toward Nature =-)

Thank you for a wonderful blog post Nina!


Thanks so much for sharing your photos and experiences in Colorado. Wonderful. I, too, love my phone cam. <3

jen (littlepart)

beautiful! your words, your!

reading this was can hear the excitement in your glad you are enjoying your time in colorado and with robin...

Marilyn Weyman Kegg

Colorado is the home of my spirit. Concerts at Red Rocks with the city of Denver spread out like so many jeweled bracelets strewn across a glittering table. Cool, fresh air, majestic rocks glowing in the sunset. Thank you for taking me back to where I want to be and cannot for now.

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