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Thank you. The best thanksgiving card are the ones from your heart...

Tina M.

Thank you dear friend. May Thanksgiving hold for you and yours those very same things you wished for us. It truly is a wonderful life, is it not? Hugs...xo

Katherine Langford

Nina, I knew the silver linings charm was speaking to my heart and soul too. I think many of us are in the same funktastic state and you are a light for us too! May you continue to be blessed by the best and the brightest! Much love!

Jamie V

Dearest Nina - What an awe-inspiring post! I LOVE it. I thank you for this! I know I missed Red Thread (new job) and wanted so much to see you there. I promised Lesley that I will be there next year. But I am happy to have a new, wonderful job! Can't wait to see the Ken Burns program. My grandma came from Oklahoma during the early years of the dust bowl. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! XO from Jamie in MT


Thank you, Nina, for your posts, your photography, your jewellery. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your moods and muses.
Thank you for just being there. You make a difference. Happy Thanksgiving.

Michele Unger

Happy Thanksgiving to you, dear Nina. Happy travels, 'over the river and through the wood.' I'll be arriving in Delhi on Thanksgiving and you can be sure I'll be counting my blessings there. Listing our gratitudes is such a good way to put things in perspective. The more often I study all the bounty and joy and just simple "good things" in my life, the more humble I become. I count my friends to be my real


Thank you for this lovely post, Nina.
I love your gratitude list. I need to make one too, but I'm sure mine will be very similar to yours (just not worded quite so beautifully).
Life is good. We all need to stop every now and then and realize just how truly blessed we are.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Safe travels to Alabama.

dusan xo

Carol Weiler

This was beautiful! Blessings abound when we seek and receive, open our eyes and hearts and see. A wonderful, safe, happy Thanksgiving to you.


Just now catching up on your recent blog posts, Nina. I just love that quote you created: 'gently polish every silver lining'...

This makes me think of a practice I have taken up in the past few months, of keeping a gratitude journal. It DOES feel like I polish the silver linings that make up my life, whether small linings (leftovers from a wonderful shared meal) or big linings (my creative skills, that I don't dare take for granted). Polishing is important to keep the linings shining brightly as we make our way in the world. Thank you for this beautiful quote Nina!!


Your gratitude post was simply beautiful. I am very grateful for your presence, for your generosity in sharing your thoughts, photos and jewelry and for the way you remind me that beauty is everywhere. Thank you for being in my world.


Thank you, Nina, for always sharing a bit of yourself with me, no matter how difficult or easy the expression is, I understand the "silver lining". May this Thanksgiving be filled with happy memories for you.


Thank you Nina. Love and hugs and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours... and an extra hug for that four legged wild child.


Wishing you and yours a wonderful, love-filled Thanksgiving. So much for us all to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing your.
vickie in kc

Folk Heart

I have a huge lump in my throat having just read this post. I am grateful for the lump. Thank you...and Thanksgiving blessings to you and yours. Travel safely.

Vickie in Oregon

amen sister Nina! silver linings for all. and gold too...


Happy Thanksgiving Nina to you & your family! Leroy & I will
be in Alabama for Thanksgiving too. A rare event! Hope your
holidays will be fun and peaceful. bonnie


the most beautiful words. have a lovely time with your family. safe travels, my friend.
love & blessings


Thank you for your thoughtful words of gratitude. After a miserable week this is a good reminder for me to enjoy some quiet moments of reflection. Stay safe.

MaggieD (Dianne)

Safe journey, and warm Thanksgiving wishes.

Gloria Martin

Dearest Nina,

A healthy, happy, blessed Thanksgiving to you, and yours. XO

Nancy Krampf



Nina, your post was beautiful. It reminds us all of how much we have to be grateful for. I count your blog full of beauty, honesty, and creativity as one of my blessings. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Thankyou, Nina. Love and blessings and safe journey.


Wishing upon you a peaceful spirit as you and Walter travel to Alabama. Thank you for opening our eyes to all the blessings that we tend to take for granted in our quickly passing days. You give us cause to rethink the beauty that surrounds us. Thank you my friend.

bev b

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

kim beller

hoping that your thanksgiving has been filled with many blessings. i love coming here to your blog and have for a while now. i'm inspired by your words and your jewelry...your photos and your truth. thanks for always posting the raw and real here. after so many visits i had to take the time to leave a comment of gratitude.

Teresa in California

I come to your blog with awe. Your poetic posts are so profound, yet down-home, and gentle. We all need that guidance for our souls appreciating the less traveled road. This post is awesome and the myriad of nuances to have gratitude for is abounding in your telling of it, and flows straight from your heart.
This is why people love you...
Teresa in California

Vickie in Oregon

where fore art thou Nina from Carolina? December is here and I wish you well and more! sometimes checking your blog to see if there is an update makes me think of my Mom when I was a younger girl , she must of wondered about me when I didn't call for awhile, off on my adventures as I was...


I too am in need of a "nina fix" altho I hope you are enjoying some good and productive blog free time.
vickie in kc

Richelle Post

Come back.. We miss you!


thinking of you today, nina. and hoping you are ok. and just caught up in holiday stuff, as we all are.

dusan xo


Dear Lady....your blogs warm my heart, cause my lips to curve into a smile, bring grateful tears to the corners of my eyes, and remind me that I am not the only one. Thank you!

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