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carla fox

Yes! I do see the resemblance. Such good looking young men:)


Wonderful old photo of your father, Nina. And wow - it does look like Roy behind those sunglasses! Amazing!

dusan xo



x to the power of o

Ruby Blue...

Good looking man, your dad! Thanks for sharing the music.


Great photo! He is a very nice looking man--very sharp. I see family resemblance there, even with the shades. So glad you shared this with us. Have a great time river-walking with sweet Walter.
vickie in kc


Daddy was lookin fine....


Your Daddy is HOT!

Jenni Connolly

What a wonderful photo and yes your Dad looks like a very cool man at his age! Enjoy your day and the river.

Vickie in Oregon

we forget there was cool before our own generations. I have been thinking about my Dad a lot lately too. it has been years since he passed. happy river walking autumn beauty!

Tina M.

<3 for sure! happy weekend to you and w as well. hugs...xo


i have to tell you nina, we have been forever trying to decide where my son came from, as he looks like no one. i came upon a picture of my father and wow! there he is. love that sometimes we can't determine up front these things. i just came across this pic.

patti/altered attic

Your dad, wowee how handsome!! That song makes me cry for some reason, paused in this in-between spot...
I got my Japanese screw punch and am having fun making holes - ha - only an artist would say that, right?
I hope you are well - miss you


Oh wow! Gorgeous man. And he does look like your son, the resemblance is strong, even with sunglasses covering his face.

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