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When I saw your dress photo on instagram I thought, what's the story behind the dress. I'm glad you shared it. I love too thinking about the history of things. If only they could tell us. Lovely pictures as always. I hope to never take the beauty you bring us for granted.

Tina M.

as i read this, i was reminded of the saying "beauty is all round us, but not everyone sees it." you, my friend, do.
thank you for sharing your gift. your stumbling upon that sweet little find wasn't an accident. it was time for it to come back to life for bit. it aligns perfectly with your beautiful new work....amazing, hmmm? ;) hugs...xo

Folk Heart

You are such a kindred spirit to me...on so many levels. You will not know what your posts mean to me.


Beautiful post by a beautiful spirit! It is wonderful to have you here again Nina.


I spy that little acorn it.


I adore that little dress. It is so lucky that you found it as I know it will be loved!
love & blessings,


I hope you keep the blog going too! The little dress is so adorable!

bev b

Such a great little dress find! I love out of the way thrift stores...they have the best stuff! I also love your silver saying. What a woman of words. Your blog is a calming part of my life...almost like reading a great book that someone has a talent not only hand crafted jewelry, but writing as well. Keep on writing (and making jewelry)....I'll always be reading (and drooling).


Light on a western that's poetry.


What a lovely little treasure the dress is. I collect just such scraps to dress old teddies in. They develop characters to match their outfits and I patch them up and hand give them away at old folks homes. It's amazing what a response they get.

I am sure the dress ended up in the shop during someone's decluttering. I believe life is a river, many things come to us, we keep them for awhile, care for them, remake them,and then they move along down the river, until they're found by the next caretaker.

I am glad to hear you are beginning to feel a little better. Have no regrets, everything you have done and experienced up until now has prepared you for the next step. You may not know what you want next, but have trust in yourself, the answers will come.


We all are in a "rough condition" sometimes and need someone to pick us up and cast us in a different light...


Pure poetry.... the dress, pictures, your words... So meaningful.


precious thing to have rescued.
your work looks sweet displayed against it.


One treasure finding another........


I cannot begin to tell you how deeply this post touches me. It is ... It is as if it was THE secret code that could unlock something inside I hadn't even known was there. Ooh, this makes me think of W. S. Merwin's poetry from "The Shadow of Sirius." Wow.

Carol Weiler

You have such a knack for seeking and finding beauty and then allowing us to see it thru you. Beautiful.


Oh my. What can one say after so many have summed it up so beautifully and so truthfully? Ditto? Well, that meant something so true in the movie "Ghost" so I will just offer up a heartfelt "Ditto."
Vickie in kc


I believe that sweet little dress was waiting there for you, Nina.
Everything happens for a reason.
You were standing in the sunshine on Saturday, and I hope those blue skies stay with you.
Thank you for this lovely post. Much love to you always.

dusan xo


Glad to know things are going better for you. Step by little step at a time is the only way we move forward, isn't it?

What a gorgeous photograph, that second one!


And I hope you continue for a long, long time, too.

So love this little dress...and all that you share.

christina b

I hope you continue for a long, long time too!

I so love this little dress, so sweet and obviously loved. I think it was waiting just for you. Two treasure's who found each other.

Blessings to you.


Beautiful writing and beautiful work from a beautiful woman!!! So good to know the dress has found a very special new home. I will be reflecting on your quote, "Gently polish every silver lining". How simple and yet so rich!


and i hope you continue as well.

jen (littlepart) are the most special lady i have never met..really and truly. i love having you in my life!

that little dress is such sweet perfection.


so glad you're getting back on your feet. it helps to have friends quietly waiting, knowing everything is going to be ok. Like reluctant midwives watching a new life come forward.

Martha A

*sigh. . .


Oh Nina, what a wonderful find for you ~ It's as if the dress said, Well, here I am, and together we can make it along life's highway. How absolutely marvelous the 2 of you (why do I feel like the dress is a person ~ maybe a little spirit of a girl..) oh, yes, will be discovering new methods of sharing your part of the world with others. I can't wait to see what comes from this partnership.

Fashion Design Program

I am grateful to listen to you are feeling a little better. Have no remorse, everything you have done and knowledgeable up until now has ready you for the next phase.


Please let me know when you make more of these I NEED one!! Also, I am looking for your address but it must be on my old computer. Contact me via e mail if you would so I can drop a little snail mail your way!!
Blessings to your dear heart.
Pattie Mosca

cynthia wolff

love this dress story and the look of your goes without saying how much I admire your the next post...looks like your pop flew a B17 Flying daddy did too. I thought wouldn’t it be extrordinary that they were in the same crew...i found you cause i was nearby you on a pinterest board...and i thought how wonderful that some people put me in a place where you are also at...i must be getting better...cheers and all the very best in the year of 2013

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