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Denise S.

Onward we all go and love the rocks

Tina M.

i love this, your peaceful life. you have been granted such a gift of that place, both the one you walk and the one you feel. your angels check in every so often, you know....just to make sure. hugs...xo

Mary K

wishing you peace, love, and the wisdom
that comes with the solitude. The collection of stones is beautiful.!

Jacky Mcfarlane

congrats on elections. thoughts are with you


Sleep is good. In our dreams we often find peace and inspiration, and sometimes pointers towards our future. Big changes are coming, for you, for all of us. They will be positive if we are positive. Let this be your breathing space. Rest, breathe, do the things that make you feel good, remember that downtime is dream time, it will help you to fill the cup again. All will be well. Love and hugs.

Lori Anderson

I haven't been here in so long! I've missed it. And what do I see but my favorite heart-shaped rocks you find -- I'm still looking!


oh nina, life is constant management... or not.
i hear you oh so clearly.


pay special attention to your dreams...maybe your father is trying to tell you something.
take care and know that you are loved. i'm here if you want to talk.
love & blessings

Jamie V

Thinking of you! xo Jamie V in MT

Ilene Harris

Just checking in on you. With love...


You have come so far from long ago, in a good direction, to being a complete being of light and understanding.
I like this person.
Know that you are valuable, Nina, and gifted... and good.

I miss my father too, sweetie.


Rocks in the sky ;)


Dear Nina, you are making your way forward in such wonderful ways. It isn't easy, this life we go thru, but as you gather strength from complete rest at night, you can harness that and channel it into your days with more creativity. I live at the opposite side of the state (NC) from you, (Albemarle Sound area) and I gather shells and twigs, where you gather stones from the river. These are our greetings from nature, and with each one a gift. I know you will use the stones and your rest time for absolute good. Love to you dear.

Michele Unger



I am glad to hear these words from you. To read the loving words of your father and of Aspen...I remember when you would write of both..and posted pictures of both. I don't believe the weight of the world ever goes completely may lessen, or we may find ways to manage it river walks with dogs and finding stones..but we're all in it together. Wishing you peace and joy.
vickie in kc


River walks and sleep are good things.
I happy you are feeling better, Nina.

dusan xo


Wishing you find the connection you want...

Just wondering if one of your sons can hook you up with the app called "skype" on a smart phone or your computer.

Ask them the next time you talk to them. If they can hook you up, you'd be able for free to talk long distance and see who you're talking to at the same time.


Thanks for sharing with us such deep feelings. I do hope putting them out there for us to read makes you feel better. It does me feel better. So thanks again.

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