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Tina M.

this post is one to read again and again with deep contented sighs as we, too, sip. this is one for the book. how do i know that? because having read only a few phrases, i was there...transported to the mountain. and it was goooood! hugs and cheers to you and to that handsome walter! x....indeed. :)


Your words are always so eloquent. Miss them and the pictures...and you most of all.


Nina, you have moved me from the Shore, up onto your wonderful world once again. And Walter!, oh, dear sweet Walter, just look at the hearts that pour from his eyes for you. He knows "Mommy" is busy, but I think he also knows that this time of year almost encourages the concentration for the work that your doing. Enjoy the quiet warm enveloping of the trees and nights that surround and keep you working on these pieces that are simply wonderful.

Vickie in Oregon

wrist wraps - love, Walter - love, your coffee mug - love! misty mountain romp with winter's white wings enfolding. so glad all iswell.


It's nice to see you - to know that you're doing the same things there that I am here. Sadly, there is one less pair of eyes watching me, but still I am busy - making and primping and hanging little things from the tree.

I love your bracelets and can appreciate all of those little stitches and pains in your hands.


Ginger Davis Allman

Your words paint pictures that teach me how to be, how I want to be, how I will be when the world moves to a time when I have my own space and place to create and be. Sitting on the sofa near the tree, drinking coffee with a beloved animal as you start the day. I want that. For now I'm in the world where you used to be, with kids underfoot and silences all too rare. Your blog is like a treasure to me, each word and idea a scene of beauty. Thank you!

Linda Warlyn

A beautiful post oh-so worth waiting for from a beautiful soul. Love to you and wonderful Walter. xox


There is nothing better than a mug of lapsang souchong in the afternoon on a cold winter's day. I raise my cup to you, Nina, Walter, and the wee Christmas Tree. Happy Holidays!


:-) thanks


Beautiful images dear one. A true christmasy feel to them and Walter is such a Dude!
Hope my little gift reached you safe and sound.
Susan xo


Oh Walter!

Beautiful bracelets, beautiful post, Nina.

Love following you on Instagram, too.


I'm captivated by what you have to say - whether you share it 3 times a week or 3 times a month. xxx

Jamie Vowell

Good to hear from you, Nina, and the bracelets are wonderful! Jamie V in MT


you are a beautiful soul.


p.s. and i am grateful to the internet that i get to read your words:)


Welcome back! xoxoxo

Amy Evans

You are living in a wonderful creative place... I wish you such joy, peace,and happiness!

Carol Weiler

Such a beautiful and soothing post to read after spending
a day in this hectic world right now. Thankyou.


Lovely post, Nina. I'm always inspired. Wishing you a wonderful Happy Christmas. xox

Kathy Pennekamp

WOW your words are like a beautiful painting. Great to read first thing in the morning. You are a inspiration to so many. I sure hope you realize that. Merry Christmas!

P.S. My son is coming home for a visit from Colorado. We have not seen him in a long time. Christmas is magic!


Balance is so important and it looks like you've found some. Keep sharing your world with us but when the spirit moves you. We will be here and like today enjoying the gift of Nina and Walter!


Christmas blessings to you and dear Walter!


Thank you, Nina - what a wonderful surprise to wake up to you this morning! Lovely post, lovely jewelry, and LOVELY WALTER! You seem to be enjoying some peaceful days. Merry Christmas to you, dear one.

dusan xo


Yes you are here, and I'm here for you as you are,and when you appear... for your thoughts, here for Walter's story as told through his eyes

... Here for the x's in your ornaments...



Always such a blessing to see those words "still here." And then that blessing extends to the written words and endearing photographs. The adorable Walter, who reminds me so much of my own love, Bosley. Your lovely wrist gracefully adorned with your lovely creations, holding a tiny tree. The beauty that glows from the Christmas tree. The ambiance that pervades from the entire post. For this I am grateful. Thank you.
vickie in kc

Lori Anderson

I love the name!


perhaps one day I will have the time alone, as you and Walter do, to bring my thoughts together as wonderfully as you. for now, they fly around, land, and fly off again taking color, smells, and images of thoughts, feelings and dreams with them.
to only have to work my dreams into my art and sleep without having to mind any other is a gift I hope to have one day.
keep well dear Nina.

Elizabeth Woodford

Nina- have you ever heard of a Stitcher or Sailors Palm? It is a tool that sits in the palm of your hand and has leather straps that wrap between your fingers to hold the metal piece on our hand and cupped into your palm. My step dad gave me his which he used for stitching sail canvas. You use the metal palm part to push the needle thru the canvas- in your case leather. You might want to investigate- to save your poor hands- as I know that your Bracelets of 1000 stitches are going to fly out of your shop!!
I love the image of Walter bounding around the bed with his new toy!! Every Springer I have ever known has acted that way!! love it and your pictures of the dear boy!! Happy Christmas to you!

Elizabeth Woodford

Found a source for you:


again I bow in gratitude...marvelous darling, just marvelous.

Jen Crossley

Another beautiful bracelet Love to you and Walter.


Nina, I' so glad you are still here. Your words were such a joy to read after a long hard week. The photos of your " thousand stitches" project look amazing, making me wish I could see them in living color. Continue to enjoy this season in peace and quiet, my thoughts are with you. Lorrie


"It's worth the work. It's what I do". My how those words mean so much to me right now and translated perfectly to my current situation, even though it has nothing to do with making jewelry. That's what I love about reading your blog Nina. Your words hit me hard, in all the right places.

christina b

I am so happy you are back....missed your posts. Glad to recieve whatever time you have to share with us.


Your posts are long, cool drinks of water in a forest of pictures and words. I want to sit by that tree with you in the dusk and stitch away at some old fabric and scatter it with seed beads of stars. Glad when you surface; worry when you're gone; know ultimately that you are doing what is right for your spirit. Glad tidings to you, old friend. xx00xx

Kathryn Stripling Byer

Nina, there are times when we need to go inside ourselves, our wordless and imageless selves, and wait. I have had to let go of blogging for awhile, because I needed to be quiet. I don't know where this will lead. I'm hoping that in the new year more poems will begin to surface, or if not poems, then words and rhythms that energize me and make me want to keep going. We do need each other, though. And we should consider a collaboration, my deep Southern sister in art and spirit.

voile panels

Wonderful wristbands, beautiful publish, Nina.
Love following you on Instagram, too.

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