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Amen to that, Nina. Thanks for sharing with us.


such a special treasure. lucky you to find it. lots of wonderful memories in that little river marble.

dusan xo

Tina M.

life's little unexpected gifts! reminds me a bit of what i think the aurora borealis might look like...hmm? and lucky you, getting to carry it around with you wherever you go! ;) xo


it is beautiful, almost as beautiful as you are.
love & blessings

Michele Unger

Lovely. I surprise gift that fits in your hand and captures your imagination. Thank you for sharing!

Jamie V

Thank you, sweet Nina ~ I needed that today! xo Jamie V in MT

sharon palac

You are truly blessed with such peace in your surroundings, and thank you for sharing that little miracle marble!


soft and swirly, simply the best!


This little gift nugget is so special. Not only the object, but the feelings it evoked. Hope it can bring you lots of inspiration.


Nina! ~ What a treasure you have discovered. I can't imagine how it made you feel when your eye first caught the glitter of that marvelous special item. You have some wonderful little forest faries who bring you the best and most magical things. And you are a dear to share them with us. Thank You.


Just the calm I needed last evening.


What a lovely treasure find; what a lovely post. Every now and then over the years in my own back yard a glint of glassy color surfaces in a bare spot in my yard after it rains. Lo and behold, it's an old marble emerging from way back when. I'm like a kid in a candy shop when that happens. Thanks for the wonderful reminder.
vickie in kc

Carol Weiler

A reminder that we may find the most beautiful treasures when we are aware and observant in the moment - a souvinere of that moment. Thank you ffor the reminder.


What a gift from Mother Nature to find a treasure such as your tiny luminous marble. I imagine a small child frolicking along the shore of your lovely river countless years ago and dropping that tiny marvelous marble for you to serendipitously find all of these years later. Thank you for sharing!


Life: the world in a marble and your words. Just what I needed today. Thank you.

Monica looks like a little planet you can keep in your pocket and I'm imagining a WHOLE LITTLE WORLD on that tiny planet! Thank you for sharing this little bit of beauty =-)


I love it! Thank you for sharing this gorgeous gift with us, Nina. It is truly beautiful.


Amen, and Amen. Breathing out now...........


So beautiful. I feel like I was right there at the river beside you - the sun, the water and the little treasure. You were meant to find this.

Robin B

beautifully spoken
the simple things
of light & love

barbara karr

I feel the peace you write of and I am so glad you were graced by it.


What an awesome treasure you uncovered. Thank you for sharing it and your soothing thoughts with us.


~ thank you ~

Deryn Mentock

How sweet that the dotted swiss is going to your mama in the form of a lovely valentine. You're making me want to get my carving things back out, not to mention my long, long neglected sewing things!

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