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Katherine Langford

Rainy day - just came home from a LONG day at school tending learning and scaring away the crows who want to eat the seeds of learnng! Fixed my cuppa and thought, "oh, I wonder what Nina is up to these days?" Voila - a posting that lifted my spirits, warmed my heart's cockles and purely lifted me out of a tired mood. Thank you Nina - your words are as lovingly laid out as your stitches and it was heartwarming to feel and know your contentment. May you continue to bask in love, in walks, in stitches back and forth through time and space. May March blow in the winds of the muse of MUSES! May you find your heart's delight in repayment for the joy you give to me. Blessings upon thee, oh friend I know only through these words that gladden my spirit. Thank you, oh THANK YOU!!! I am blessed because you make art!


What a treat. Sometimes just chillin and relaxing, having fun with friends and family brings out the creativity. I love your new found soft ornaments. Thanks so much for this post. You put your heart and soul in it. I enjoyed this so much.


What a tender and heartfelt post Dear One. Finding your words here has brightened my morning.


It certainly did not feel like 10 days - the time went so fast, as always. We always make the best of it doing the crazy things we stitching? Who knew?!!! Skull and crossbones take one almost finished. xxx

Tina M.

skimmed it once, got tea and came back for a more in depth immersion into this blessed loveliness...the photos, yes, but the words...and joy of's to saying yes and doing it. hugs...xo


pure sweetness my teeth hurt...
its all like a dreamy dream....xox


Our lives crossed in such a way that our friendship was meant to be and I am blessed to call you a friend. You are a gift and I was so eager to share with my family knowing they would see that in you and feel the same way. You make people feel as though they have known you forever. Thank you for sharing your time with my family. It's treasured time. Love you much. Katey

Tina Zappone

What a beautiful post! I have been an admirer of your work for many years and your blog always warms my heart.

jamie v

Good to hear about your recent adventures! And the stitching...I love it! So much inspiration! Thank you. Xo. Jamie in mt

Patricia Walters

Thank you for sharing your February with us. I love all things fiber and fabric. Your embroidery is beautiful and fun.


Thank you for this gorgeous offering! As always your poetic words have struck some deep chords in me. I love what you are doing at the the carved stamps and am in awe of your stamped/stitched piece. Thank you for this poetic moment in my day.


What a gift this morning to wake to your words and art as you had been on my mind. Love the stitches. Spring is almost here. Much love.


Always a treat to get a Nina post! You always transport me right along with you. Stitching and stamping--you make them seem so very appealing. Now I want to do both. It is obvious that giving yourself the gift of private time along with sharing time with beloved friends and family is a recipe for renewed creativity. Thank you for giving us a glimpse now and again of your creative process and how living a gentle artistic life can be so fulfilling.


I am SO GLAD I came by to see if you had posted anything lately - this post is BURSTING with juicy creativity and joyful remembrances of time spent in the company of loved ones! Thank you for sharing these beautiful events with us here, Nina, seeing the lovely tea table is inspiring me to start utilizing the tea service I have and seeing your lovely embroidered goods is infusing me with energy to pick up my own needles and threads collected by my grandmother to create some of the designs you have linked to. I may just bring along a little embroidery project while at Artful Journey...and I will be thinking of YOU during my stay! It will not feel the same without you there, but it looks like you have a LOT happening and all of it looks WONDERFUL!
Looking forward to seeing you reveal the new designs you have in store for us all...=-)


beautiful. every word, every image, every stitch. thank you again for sharing :)


I was glad to read what you have been up to lately. I really love your rabbit stamp and what your created with it~ina

sandi m

Wonderful post, Nina. It makes me want to find my old linen and break out the needles. Your stamping has me itching. I've always wanted to try making my own stamps. A must is to check out that book.

As always, thank you for sharing your beautiful words and creative treasures.

Tina Gilmore

There is a much loved and much used Welsh word we use here (Wales(UK), it's "Cwtch" (pronounced kooch), meaning; snuggling, cuddling, heartfelt hug, protecting safeguarding and your lovely post brought it to mind - you sounded very Cwtchy/cwtched :) It chucked it down in my Montgomery too (UK), non stop although for hours rather than days, i watched it from the counter of my shop, drinking rose tea and sewing brooches - very cwtchy too! Beautiful post Nina, thank you xx


What a lovely surprise to read your lovely post Nina. You brighten up my days! xo


How beautiful - your valentine, your mother, the tea, the miraculous heart-shaped rock, the fuzzy nose. It's always a treat to catch up with you.


Sigh. I have so so so missed these posts of yours. My heart aches at the Valentine weekend with your Mom. I so miss mine. Fills my aching heart to read of your time with yours and the quiet stitching. Loverly.


Oh Nina, you have been using the winter hours so fully, it's like you just pulled energy from inside the earth and broke thru the cold crust of Winter, and made it possible to have softness and peace in the middle of raw, stinging cold. The new projects are so wonderful, it looks like you have just been filled with possibilities that are beginning to bubble up and form each piece. So nice! Enjoy the last days of Winter, and welcome each lengthening day.


My first love-embroidery, I taught myself to do this when I was 10 or 11. I still fall back to the needle, thread, and comfort of the fabric. I just wish that #$%! needle hole wasn't so small these days! Your work is a joy to see.


Wow, so glad I was able to stop by today. I have been so busy making arrangements to take care of all sorts of damage around my place from a huge snowstorm that just hit us here in the Midwest. Being able to read your wonderful post and see your wonderful pictures and beautiful creativity took me so far away from the mess outside my window and lowered my stress level. Thank you!
vickie in kc


Beautiful. This is what keeps coming to mind every time I read one of your post. However this one is deeply beautiful. I was deeply touched to see you beatutiful through your words.


I'm in love with the quilt as a tablecloth on Katey's table! Glad you had a nice time with her. I've always wanted to to learn to stitch. I have so many sewing projects brewing in my head but I get so intimidated, even with sewing machine projects. I can't wait to see yours!

Kathy Pennekamp

Thank you for the post. We all love hearing from you!

Jennnifer Thornton

so happy to hear from you again. i fully understand about TIME!

Jacky Mcfarlane

exquisite as is everything you create, lovely photo of your mum, you sound content with your world.


Your writing is like a balm for me. Once, a long time ago when my dad was very ill, I sat down with some embroidery floss and a piece of cotton and I stitched something that came out of the depths of my fear. I've never done anything like that before or since.

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my 19 year old cat. It was so hard and so painful. I read your post and it inspired me to pick up the needle again. I will stitch away my sorrow. Maybe.


Nina, thank you for this inspiring post. I especially love the photos and those lovely hands holding the embroidery needle. Truly a lovely post on so many levels.
I went to the the website and ordered the bird banner and started it last night. It will take me awhile, but I'm inspired by your post.
Thank you for posting.

julie whitmore

gorgeous, newsy, loving, post full of tenderness. Your mother is beautiful; yes!
your stamp efforts are amazing for firsts and that heart rock! Go Julie!


what a rich and lovely post! such beautiful makings, friendship and love. thanks so much for mentioning my samplers and blog. you are a giving soul, Nina! xoC

Just Jane

That picture of your mother is so very dear. Thank you, as always, for sharing.

Cherie Wilson

Nina, your generous words and images of heart is such a blessing! I am so glad I caught you here in a very spacious place beyond instragram. XO


What a wonderful post! I hear happiness in your words and that warms my heart. You have touched on two of my favorite artists and things to do - stitching and stamp making. Charlotte had me hooked on her artwork ages ago when she and Mary Engelbriecht created together. I still love her style and romance. Be happy!


Quite simply, you have filled my heart with this post! There is some big juice in this!
Love you Baabe! XOXO!

Beautiful post. So lovely to have found your blog again after so long away. Nel

What a always. If you words and photos had calories, I would be in big trouble!


Judy B

I feel like long away...but now back to your "home" and your heart that you open so freely and warmly to us wanderers..

With love and gratitude, Judy

Carolyn Dietrich

February gone. . .March gone. . .Nina gone. Please come back. I miss you.


I was just going to write February gone, and now March is gone, but I see another reader beat me to the punch. I hope you are well, and that you've been able to share special Easter memories with family and friends. You are thought of and missed -- but without any pressure to write when it doesn't work for you.


Unlike the gentle reader above, I'm TOTALLY putting the pressure on you to write to us. Or at least make Walter do it.
xo S


Just catching up after a long time away, dealing with life and taking care of my mom.
I loved this post, Nina - thank you for sharing your February days with us. The most wonderful storyteller, you are. It's such a joy reading your words and studying all the litte details in your photos.
I hope you are having happy days.
Sending love as always.

dusan xo


we miss you


Sure am missing you. Hope all is ok.
vickie in kc


What to say, what to say? Thinking of you.




Thank you for sharing your love. I feel and see your joy.


We miss you, Nina! Hope all is well.

Jennnifer Thornton

Miss you! I know I'm being selfish, keeping up with a blog takes time and dedication. Trust you're ok! Jenny in SA.

Vanessa Hall

Hi, hope all is well, we miss your stories, & we miss you, glad you're stitching, please come to see us soon. what a beautiful time you had, I'm jealous Vanessa in KY

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