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The Cullowee class looks dreamy......... sigh.......One day I'm going to get to take one of your classes, when my daughter gets out of film school and my money is my money again! Isn't green the most amazing color in Spring?!


OH! Spring sure does look beautiful where you are Nina and your new jewelry offerings look equally gorgeous...
I am excited to learn that you will be coming to the West Coast to French General - I hear it is not too far from me so maybe I can participate in your workshop!!
I am SO GLAD to see you are doing well and creating more beautiful work for us to drool over =-)

Tina M.

such lovelies...and happy spring! good things a'bloomin' all around! hugs...xo


growing wise has never looked better...

Pat Beglin

Thank you for sharing your walk and beautiful
photograph with us . Last week it was so windy
here that I couldn't take a walk I needed so badly.
Today armed with your lovely post and my camera
I will think about you while I walk into spring
love Pat


Refreshed and uplifted after reading your post -- even in the torrential rain and howling wind we're experiencing in my neck of the woods.


Love the leather cuff. It's beautiful!
Hope all is well and that Spring brings you a bluebird of happiness.


How lovely your creations are and what a lovely spring picture. I so enjoyed reading of yours and Walter's adventures in the rain. We have had a rainy spring here in kc and now we will be getting several inches of snow!
Hope all is well with you. Have a lovely spring!
vickie in kc

Lauri Perry

The rain is making me feel like I'll be developing gills on my neck sooner than I think! ~ So glad you & Walter had the excursion into your woods, you must have been so filled with what Nature was able to show you that day. Your new works are marvelous, and the toiling has been well worth it! ~ This side of N.C. is windy, as it has been for the last week or more..the poor Irises are falling over, and must be dismayed, after all their fighting to bloom in the rain. I think they may be grumbling out there, but I'm too chicken to go out & see ~


Your newest peices are lovely! As always, I love our style. I'm hoping one day to make it to one of your classes! For now, still settling in after moving, and wishing we could get a house of our own (whole other story). Wishing you a great weekend!!

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