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Tina M.

such fun! x


So glad you are getting back to your studio time! And so sad that you are coming to Vermont - the week AFTER me. Crazy! I may have to drive up just for the day!!


I love your designs, too, Nina. I still want to get you over to the U.K.

Ann S

I've just been introduced to your work through another blog. I'm so glad! It's lovely.

Lola Mayberry

Nina, I absolutely love your jewelry and am new to jewelry making. I live in southern Illinois and will be taking your October 17th class in Paducah. October 17th is also my Birthday, what a wonderful way to spend it, with you learning fun and beautiful techniques. I have been to Ephemera for 3 other classes and have enjoyed each one. Looking forward to meeting you in October.

Jenny Hanson

Oh how I wish I could travel to the US...or you could travel to Australia...sigh. Lucky people learning with you in October, one can only dream x

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