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Kathy arrives
Early birthday walk
Driftwood heart
Birthday girl
Distant glass beach
Artist at work
Art on the beach
Beach glass
Early morning jubilation
Still enthusiastic
Beach glass 2
Glass for 32
Birthday glass
Hang gliders
Cottage tulips
Bird feet
Before first day began
Precious friend
Cori kindred
Cori's wee book with handmade mushroom
Cori's wee book cover
I think patty's wee book
Wee book with netting
Wee book with lace 1
Wee book with lace
Cori's friend's wee book
Wee book gothic window
Wee book cover
Kim's wee book pages
Gatherings, keisha
Gatherings with lisa, candice, keisha, me, julie
Renee, lisa, julie in gatherings
Julie good's gatherings
Lani's gatherings
Lani's second gatherings
Unknown gatherings
Proud gatherer
Cheryl foster's gatherings
Kathy peterson's gatherings
Julie collings' gatherings
Gatherings of candice
Sweet lisa call in gatherings
Judy derickson's gatherings